New: The Oxywand Stainless Oxygenation Wand

The Oxywand

This just popped up over at MoreBeer.

The Oxywand… 26″ stainless wand with sintered stainless steel oxygenation/aeration stone.  The two meet via a 1/4″ flare fitting for easy removal and cleaning.  The 26″ length allows you to easily reach the bottom of most carboys, Speidel Fermenters and other fermenters.

Description: “Yeast across the World have a new best friend, the Oxywand™. Insert the Oxywand™ into your fermenter and pump in thousands of microscopic oxygen bubbles for 1-2 minutes to improve the health of your yeast. Healthy yeast produce amazing flavors and have the stamina to completely finish fermentation.” (keep reading)

The Oxywand™ FE393


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