New Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Online Course – $9 (Save $10)

Brew Like a Bachelor Udemy

from Garret Hohn, I Brew U Brew Course Author

“In the first course, the main goal is making 10 gallons of beer and I provide a lot of theory and options on how to make, store and dispense this beer in DIFFERENT situations: apartment, off-grid, 5 gallon versus 10 gallons etc.  I realize not everyone is comfortable with this freedom, especially the neophyte brewer, and wants a more structured plan.  In “Brew like a Bachelor” I give the brewer a shopping list of only the parts needed to make, store and dispense 5 gallons of beer made by the brew in a bag (BIAB) method.  From start to finish, most people should be able to piece together their brewing rig within a week,  allowing the brewer not to stress over the acquisition of wares.  We make 5 gallons of beer with the BIAB method as well as touch on some tweaks that one could employ if they were looking to save some time and go down the road less traveled, or just get alternative with the whole brewing method.”

Follow this link for a discount coupon as well as access to a few free “Brew like a Bachelor” lessons: I Brew U Brew : “Brew Like a Bachelor”

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