Homebrewer’s Gift Guide!

Looking for that perfect gift for the Homebrewer or Craft Beer Lover in your life or… for yourself.  Here’s some of our favorite gear!

Got a question or looking for a particular gift for your loved one?  Email me and I’ll do my best to help.

1. The BrewSSSiphon Stainless Steel Siphon – Recommended For: homebrewers.  This is more expensive than easy-to-break plastic auto-siphons.  Maybe more than some homebrewers would generally spend.  Perfect gift material, in my opinion.  A high quality, long lasting and beautifully designed piece of gear that would be a treat for any homebrew loving recipient.


2. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit – Recommended For: craft beer lovers and homebrewers.  An assortment of three craft beer glasses that’s sure to please the beer lover in your life.

3. Cheap Inline Regulators – via William’s Brewing | via MoreBeer – Recommended For: homebrewers or craft beer lovers that have a kegerator.  This cheap little upgrade ads a big ole bunch of capability to your kegerator.

4. Growlers – Recommended For: Any kegging homebrewer and/or craft beer lover that refills non-branded growlers at a local brewery.  Recommended features: Stainless Steel Construction and Vacuum Insulation.  Consider these models… Stanley Classic Growler [See: Hands On Review – Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler] and available as a gift pack with stacking pintsKlean Kanteen 64-Ounce Insulated Growler With Swinglok Cap

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler

5. Intertap Forward Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Faucets – Recommended For: homebrewers or craft beer lovers that have a kegerator.  Intertaps are awesome!  Check out my Hands on Review of these great faucets.

6. The Very Many Varieties of Beer – Recommended For: homebrewers and craft beer lovers with a home bar or beer room.

7. Ancient Brews: Rediscovered and Re-created – Recommended For: homebrewers that are looking for a new book and like to experiment.

8. Thermapen Mk4 by ThermoWorks – Recommended For: All homebrewers and home chefs – this recent update to the beloved Thermapen series includes auto rotating display, backlight, uses (easy to find) AAA batteries and… waterproof.  Add that to extremely quick response times and amazing accuracy and any homebrewer, bbq-er or home chef would love to have one of these.


9. CDN DTQ450X – If you’d love to give or get a great thermometer but don’t quite have the budget for the Thermapen Mk4 consider the CDN DTQ450X.  This is a great homebrewing thermometer!  See: Hands On Review – CDN DTQ450X

10. Brooklyn BrewShop Beer Making Kits – Recommended For: Someone who has expressed a general interest in trying to brew beer.  If they have considered giving homebrewing a try whilst walking around Bed, Bath and Beyond, give this kit a try.  The recipient will get nearly everything they need to start brewing all grain beers at a very reasonable price.  A variety of options are available.

11. Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit from MoreBeer – Recommended For: Someone you know wants to start brewing.  They have brewed with a friend or are otherwise sold on it.

This kit is one of the most complete on the market.  It gets you nearly everything you need to start homebrewing including a kettle and ingredients.  Just save up some pry off bottles and you’re off and homebrewing.

Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit

12. BrewBucket Stainless Steel Fermenter – Recommended For: A committed homebrewer that’s looking to move beyond buckets to a stainless conical style fermenter at a reasonable price.  These are awesome fermenters!  Check out our Hands on Review


13. Speidel Fermenters – Recommended For: All homebrewers.  Ranging from 3.2 gallons all the way up to 132 gallons, these quality fermenters are packed with features and reasonably priced.  See: Hands On Review – Speidel Fermenters

Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 60L (15.9 gal)

14. An ingredient kit from your loved one’s favorite local homebrew shop – Recommended For: People that hang out at their LHBS

Does the intended gift recipient spend time at your local Local Homebrew Shop (LHBS)?  If so, swing in and ask the shop owner for advice.  If they are spending a good bit of time there, odds are good the shop owner will have a good suggestion on an appropriate ingredient kit or piece of equipment.

15. PBW and/or Star San – Recommended For: The person who wants socks for a gift.  If your gift recipient is no nonsense and practical, this one’s for you.  First… check to see if they use PBW Star San in the first place.  If you notice a container lying around and they are a socks-for-a-gift person… bam.  For PBW, get a least the 4 lb size or the 8 lb size if your budget allows.  Avoid the 1 lb size.  Generally speaking, that size isn’t a good value.

pbw16. Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener – Recommended For: Any person.  This is tool quality bottle opener with a lifetime warranty.

Craftsman Bottle Cap Wrench Bottle Opener, 9-44500

17. 24″ Stainless Whisk – Recommended For: Any homebrewer that is making at least 5 gallon batches of beer.  See: Hands On – 24″ Stainless Steel Whisk – Extract, All Grain and Whirlpooling41sPJrnHioL

If the homebrewer in your life doesn’t walk around with one of these on brew day (and they make at least 5 gallons of beer at a time) I think they should.  This upgrade has made a lot of difference for me.  Check out my Hands on Review.

18. Personalized Tap Handles, Labels, Coasters or Signs from GrogTag – Recommended For: Any homebrewer or craft beer lover.  Homebrewer’s should like personalized labels, coasters and signs.  Craft beer lovers would enjoy personalized metal signs and customized coasters.  As a bonus this link should save you 10%.

19. Yeast!  William’s Brewing has a great selection of dried yeast at hard to beat prices.  Get fancy and pick up some newer SafAle BE-134 Belgian Yeast.  Recommended For: All homebrewers that use dry yeast


20. Hops!  What homebrewer doesn’t want hops?  Hops @ Adventures in HomebrewingBell’s General StoreMoreBeerWilliam’s Brewing – MoreBeer’s Hop Market is a good place to start when you’re hop shopping.  When it’s open, it features rotating deep discounts on hops.

Hop Union Citra Pellet Homebrew

21. “The Gift Basket of Homebrewing” – A complete Brew Day Box – Recommended For: Home brewers.  For those of you that want to put a little more work into a gift.  Consider putting together a complete assortment of tools to make your gift-givers brew day a little smoother.

22. Stuff to Build a Spunding Valve – Recommended For: The DIY-er that kegs or ferments in kegs.  Our Spunding Valve Build Post is one of our most popular posts of all times.  When completed, this device is extremely versatile and helps with a number of tasks.  You may earn some serious street cred when you give your handy homebrewer a box full of fittings.


23. Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer – Recommended For: Any homebrewer that wants to save time and frustration.  This is one of my favorite pieces of homebrewing gear.  I highly recommend it.   Check out my Hands on Review.

mark ii keg and carboy washer

24. Cereal Killer Grain Mill – Recommended For: The all grain homebrewer that’s not yet milling their own grain.  We regularly hear good things about this mill from it’s users.  See: Hands on Review – Cereal Killer Grain Mill

Milling your own grain… 1. Gives you control over the crush of your grain. That’s a big factor in efficiency. 2. A mill allows you to fine tune for your equipment and process. You know what the crush is going to be since you set it. 3. A mill allows you to save money by buying whole bags of grain at a discount, and 3. The shelf life of unmilled grain is longer than pre-milled grain. Freshly milled grain = better tasting beer.

25. Inkbird ITC-308 Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller – Recommended For: Those who are putting together a temperature controlled fermentation chamber OR a kegerator.  See: Hands On Review – Inkbird ITC-308 Dual Stage Temperature Controller

Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat, 2-stage, 1000w, w/ Sensor

26. Pliny the Elder Recipe Kit – Brew one of the most popular beers in America using a recipe from the creator.  Available in extract and all grain.  See: Brewing Pliny

Pliny the Elder Recipe Kits via MoreBeer

27. Kegs, kegs and more kegs [Recent Keg Finds] – Recommended For: Kegging homebrewers that are short on kegs.  Pay special attention to whether they are looking for “ball lock” or “pin lock” style kegs.  Many homebrewers use one type or the other.

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock

28. Stainless Steel Dry Hopper Filter – Recommended For: Kegging homebrewers.  These allow you to add hops directly to kegged beer.


Beer Dry Hopper Filter,Stainless Steel Hop Strainer Micron Mesh Beer Filter Cartridge (2.8 x 11 inch)

29. Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil:  For homebrewers looking for lots of features and easier brew days at a (relatively) reasonable cost. Also:  Hands on Review: Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil Electric Brewery

Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil System

30. Gift Certificates and Cards – Recommended For: A homebrewer, prospective homebrewer or craft beer lover.

Some Options:

31. Beer T-Shirts from CRAFT’R – Recommended For: homebrewers and craft beer lovers

32. Stocking Stuffers/Small Gifts from Homebrewers and Beer Lovers!

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