Hands On Review: American Weigh AWS-100 – 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale

Here’s a Hands On Look at American Weigh’s Model AWS-100 Digital Gram Scale.  The scale has 1/100th gram resolution making it great for accurately weighing hops, small amounts of specialty grains and water salts.  It has a 100 gram (3.52 ounce) capacity.

cln_img_6812The front of the box.  Reads: Hundredth of a gram accuracy (0.01 g), 100g Maximum Capacity, Flip-Open Protective Cover, Includes two AAA, 10 Year Warranty.

AWS-100 Side of the box.  Reads: Capacity 100 g, Readability .01g, Power Two AAA, Platform Size 2.5 x 3″, Auto Off 60 Seconds No Activity.

AWS-100Front of the scale when closed.  The protective cover is a nice feature.  You don’t want to store a scale with any weight or pressure on the platform.  The built in cover keeps that from happening.

AWS-100Back of the scale

AWS-100Front of the scale when open

AWS-100 Quick User GuideClose up of the inside of the protective lid built into the AWS-100.  This includes a handy Quick User Guide.  Click the picture above to zoom.

100g Calibration WeightI purchased this 100 gram Calibration weight at the same time I got the AWS-100.  It’s worth picking up one of these.  You’ll see why next.

AWS-100 100 gramsThe 100 gram weight reads 100.12 grams.  The manual states that “calibration and adjustment are performed at the factory.  However, the weighing range can shift slightly during shipping”.  If the scale is weighing within an acceptable tolerance the scale should be left alone.  If it is outside of tolerance, it should be calibrated.  The manual says that the tolerance for this scale is .02 grams.  .12 is 6 times acceptable tolerance.  Calibration is required.

AWS-100 CalibrationTo calibrate you hold the mode button until CAL appears on the screen.  Press Mode again and it prompts you to put a 100 gram calibration weight on the platform

AWS-100 calibrationPut the weight on and the… wait 🙂 and the scale will pop up pass.  I’m guessing it calibrates itself using the weight and then re-tests the weight to ensure that it’s within tolerance.  If it is… whammo… pass.

AWS-100 100 gramReads 100.01 with a 100 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 100 gramThis is a different 100 gram weight.  It reads right at 100.

A note on accuracy: I don’t have lab quality weights.  Slight variances in accuracy tests could be a reflection of either the scale or the weight or both.  My guess is both are generally to blame.  If 1/100th (one one-hundredth) of a gram is an issue for what you’re doing… you’re going to need a lab quality scale.

AWS-100 50 gramReads 50.01 with a 50 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 20 gramReads 20.00 with a 20 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 10 gramReads 10.00 with a 10 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 2 gramReads 2.01 with a 2 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads 1 with a 1 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .50 with a 500 milligram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .21 with a 200 milligram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .11 with a 100 milligram calibration weight.  Getting a reading on this light of a weight verifies that this scale is good for both hops and water salts.  It’s not really necessary (at least in my book) to get down to tenths of a gram for hops (although it’s nice to be able to do).  It is necessary to get down to this range for water salts.

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewWeighing 28 grams (about one ounce) of calibration weights using the AWS-100.  Hops and water salts are a couple of things that I like to weigh in metric.  The other is… yeast starter wort.  That is very easy to formulate using liters and grams.  1 liter of water goes with 100 grams  DME.  If you need a .5 liter starter it would be .5 liter of water + 50 grams of DME.

AWS 100 nickel calibration weightTip: a US Nickel is right at 5 grams

AWS 100 sizeFor size reference… next to a 3 piece airlock

AWS 100 refractometerSize reference… next to the RSG-100ATC Dual Scale Refractometer

cln_img_6910Weighing a stainless sample cup (part of my Brew Day Box).  This is a good example of the beauty of the Tare Feature.  Notice that the scale reads 39.45 grams.

AWS 100 tareA press of the Tare button effectively zeroes out the scale.

AWS 100 hops scaleBecause the container is subtracted, I’m weighing just the contents.  That means I have 35.22 grams of Amarillo hops here.

aws-100 gram scale reviewOne thing I have wondered is… Can you weigh more than the capacity of a scale using the Tare Feature.  The answer, at least for this scale, is yes.  I put a 100 gram weight on the scale, Tared it and then put a 50 gram weight on the scale.

I’ve owned this since December 2014.  I can tell you that it is a great scale with excellent resolution and accuracy that is perfect for hops and water salts.

American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

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  1. Adam

    I’ve had the 2kg version on my wishlist for a while, but at half the price, this is still perfect for hops and other things around the kitchen (coffee, etc).

    I do want a “full grain bill” scale, my current scales are ~6lb limits.

    Are you able to differentiate who clicks through your amazon links? I’m just curious how much referral credit I’ve generated for you. 🙂


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