20% Off StrutStands Brew Stands


StrutStands is offering 20% Off Brew Stands.  This is a new vendor for me.  Leave a comment if you have any experience with StrutStands leave a comment.

EDIT: This sale has ended

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3 thoughts on “20% Off StrutStands Brew Stands

  1. glen regan

    I contacted strutstands.com with a question about a system I wanted. I was taken care care of the same day. I got the response I needed, and ordered the system I wanted…
    In less than a week I received what I ordered, and had it built, with NO ISSUES!!! I love my Brew Stand. I am able to move it around as needed. I added wheels, that they provided.
    If anyone has any questions about strutstands.com, feel free to contact me…..
    I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the system I got and strutstands.com.

  2. newalmadenbrewer

    I emailed strutstands.com with a request for a custom system–answered with lots of enthusiasm and the whole order went very smooth after I approved the CAD drawing. Since taking delivery and assembling my system, I’ve done 6 brews and have found the gravity feed to be a huge benefit. And the wheels are a great feature that allows me to move the stand for cleaning or doing a “guest brew” somewhere off site. If you are thinking of buying your own struts and doing a system yourself, don’t. Strutstands will do all the cutting, order the fittings, and have everything shipped to your door. I’m glad that I did it.

  3. zac

    i bought my strutstand pretty recently and love it ! i have all different size kettles and he custom made all the sizes for free and i received all the parts in about a week after i ordered. i was pretty intimidated by all the metal parts (mostly because i am pretty handicapped when it comes to putting stuff together) so i emailed him asking for help and he sent me helpful instructions with pictures and then putting it together was a breeze! defiantly a must buy if you are looking for a brew stand and don’t know how to weld one together and don’t want to pay over a grand for one online! if you have anyone has questions feel free to email me!


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