GrowlerWerks: Force Carbonating and Serving with the uKeg Growler

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6 thoughts on “GrowlerWerks: Force Carbonating and Serving with the uKeg Growler

  1. chris m

    In my keg system, it takes about 5 days to force carb at more than ten psi at 37 degrees. This growler is a fantastic looking and will be a fun serving vessel. It should keep already carbonated beer fresh and cold. I think its all you could want in a growler. It does not have to force carbonate and I dont think they should promote it as one.

    You should review the fizz gizz. That puts out some massive psi allowing you to force carb cold beer in a minute. The carbonator cap never worked as well for me and I own three of them.

    1. admin Post author

      The point is that you have options. It a double wall growler (up to a gallon) that has a built in tap, co2 source and regulator. If you want to, you can force carbonate. Of course, if you have a full kegerator, you’re probably not going to do that, but some people don’t (or can’t) have a full setup. I think the force carb feature could even be handy if you do have a kegerator. If you want to do a small batch or your kegs are full.

    1. admin Post author

      I think it’s a pretty amazing small draft solution for those who don’t have the desire, (maybe) the money and (especially) the space.

  2. Luke

    10psi at what temperature? Without knowing that, it’s impossible to know how many volumes of co2 are in solution, which is how carbonated the beer is.


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