Hands on Review Blichmann 1/2″ Linear Flow Valve – Install in any kettle

Blichmann 1/2" Linear Flow Valve

To me, this is the most revolutionary part of Blichmann’s new G2 BoilerMaker KettleReview is the Linear Flow Valve.  This valve replaces standard ball valves and offers great control (linear flow), flexibility (adjusts to any orientation) and superior cleanability (center pops out with no tools).

Bryan over at Great Fermentations is my go-to Blichmann guru.  Bryan says Blichmann’s Linear Flow Valve can be installed in any kettle with the aid of Blichmann’s Dip Tube Kettle Fitting Bulkhead.

I’ve received questions about whether this would be released as a separate product and I can tell you that I’m very glad Blichmann has released this.

Hands on Look at the Linear Flow Valve (a portion of my G2 Review)…

Here’s the “wow shot”…

cln_img_4522That’s light you see through the Linear Valve’s body.  No tools are required to take the Linear Valve apart.  The valve simply unscrews and the entire inner workings pop out.  No tools.  When the thing just came off, it was a near jaw dropping moment for me.  I’ve got my fair share of 3 piece ball valves that can be taken apart for thorough cleaning.  How often do I take those apart for thorough cleaning?  I wouldn’t use the word… often.  The Linear Valve comes apart so easily that it will be cleaned every time I use the kettle.

cln_img_4515The inside of the linear valve.  There isn’t much to it.  Easy to clean and sanitize.

cln_img_4518Side view of the inside of the Linear Valve

cln_img_4536The valve body

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8 thoughts on “Hands on Review Blichmann 1/2″ Linear Flow Valve – Install in any kettle

    1. admin Post author

      You know what…. maybe. That’s a really good idea. I just ordered one today, so I’ll be able to try it out. Great idea!

    2. Chris Bellina

      I use a 3 vessel system with two pumps and I have one of these valves on the output of my wort pump and it works perfectly to control flow during the sparge.

  1. Christian Frank

    Seeing that this is the only major update between the G1 and G2 pots, now is the time to get a Scratch & Dent G1. Thanks for the writeup!!


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