25′ 1/2″ ID High Temp Silicone Tubing

White Silicone Tubing, 1/2"ID, 5/8"OD, 1/16" Wall, 25' Length

25 Feet of 1/2″ ID, 5/8″ OD Silicone Tubing.  NSF-51 food equipment material certified.  Made from high temp silicone (-150 to 500 deg F).

Use for transferring water and wort on brew day and more.

White Silicone Tubing, 1/2″ID, 5/8″OD, 1/16″ Wall, 25′ Length

At 1/16″ wall thickness, this is a bit on the thin side.  Looking for thicker walled tubing?  Consider – White SiliconeTubing, 1/2″ID, 3/4″OD, 1/8″Wall, 10′ Length

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