Full Sail Amber Clone – from $28.99 + RiteBrew “Packed On” Date


RiteBrew has a clone recipe kit for Full Sail’s Amber Ale.  The recipe features Caramel 80, A little bit of Chocolate Malt and Mt Hood and Cascade Hops.  These are extract recipes and they are available in both Dry Yeast (Safale US-05) and Liquid Yeast (Wyeast 1056).

Check them out: Dry Yeast (Safale US-05) and Liquid Yeast (Wyeast 1056)

I recently made my first RiteBrew recipe kit purchase.  I was impressed by… How quickly my order arrived, how well it was packed, by the overall price delivered and by how the kits were put together.  I was also very impressed by the “Packed On” date.


I placed my order late in the afternoon on the 17th.  I received word that my order shipped on the 18th and I received it on the 19th.  Check out this Amarillo HopBurst Box.  You can tell by the “Packed On” date in the bottom right hand corner that this kit was packed on the day that it shipped.  That was true for both of the recipes I received.  It seems RiteBrew is concerned about freshness.  This goes along with their periodic Fresh Wyeast Pre-Order.  Bravo!

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