100 Ft – 3/16″ ID Tubing

ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Food Grade Plastic Tubing, Clear, 3/16" ID x 5/16" OD, 100 feet Length

100 Feet of 3/16″ ID  Tubing by ATP.  FDA Approved and NSF Certified.  3/16″ ID, 5/16″ OD.  Rated for a maximum pressure of 55 PSI.

NSF 61 compliant for use in potable water and food and beverage applications.

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ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Plastic Tubing, Clear, 3/16″ ID x 5/16″ OD, 100 feet Length

Also available in 1/4″ ID: ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Plastic Tubing, Clear, 1/4″ ID x 3/8″ OD, 100 feet Length

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3 thoughts on “100 Ft – 3/16″ ID Tubing

  1. Grayson

    Had no idea about the difference… figured when it said “NSF 61 compliant for use in potable water and food and beverage applications” that included beer. Well, I ordered some… I’ll let you know how it tastes.

  2. Dustin

    I noticed this tube is NSF 61 certified, but it seems that most draft lines are typically NSF 51. It is tempting to just assume that 61 is better than 51, but I don’t know that’s the case here. 61 is for potable water use, 51 is for food and beverage industry. Is 61 acceptable for beer, something more corrosive than potable water?

    1. Anthony

      Here check this out. 51 is beverage line and made to stand up to non water beverages. 61 is potable water only. If you are sensitive to plastic flavors you may notice more of a plastic “taint” from the 61. Most people can’t tell the difference.


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