4 Way CO2 Manifold – $33.99

843674 - 4-way Gas Distributor

via RiteBrew.  This is a great deal for a four way manifold.  3/8″ Barb fittings.  Each of the four runs has a ball valve with an integrated check valve.  The check valve ensures that liquid doesn’t backflow from one line to another.  It’s not common for beer to backfeed up a line, but it is certainly possible.  I prefer barb fittings on CO2 lines as they don’t loosen over time.  Even a small leak could mean an emptied CO2 tank.

Use to run multiple kegs off one CO2 tank.

843674 – 4-way Gas Distributor – $33.99

Check out RiteBrew’s lineup of manifolds.  All have integrated check valves and either 5/16″ barbs (fits 1/4″ and 5/16″ ID tubing) or 1/4″ MFL connections.  2 to 8 way manifolds are available starting at just $19.49.

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