Cooling Fan – 99 Cents [After Rebate] – DIY Stir Plate or Fermentation/Draft Circulation

PC Case cooling fan for 99 cents delivered (EDIT:Shipping is an additional charge) after rebate.  Check it out – Here

You could use this for a DIY Stir Plate or, possibly, to circulate air for consistent fermentation or draft temps.

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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5 thoughts on “Cooling Fan – 99 Cents [After Rebate] – DIY Stir Plate or Fermentation/Draft Circulation

  1. Josh

    So circulating the cool air in the keezer should help with foamy pours? My first pour always results in a half glass of foam, but very little foam on subsequent pours.

  2. David Watson

    +1 for the cooling fan in kegerator – I was having major problems with foamy pours and bought a cheapy CPU fan and wired it up to an old cell phone charger. I just taped it to the lid of my keezer, and it’s helped a ton.

  3. Adam

    Keep an eye open for fans from tiger direct. They offer shoprunner shipping (free if you have an amex card), and frequently have free after rebate fans.

  4. Anonymous

    This item doesn’t ship for free unless you are part of their paid club. Shipping estimate for this item to me in Virginia is $8.32.


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