Valuebrew: 10% Off All Orders Over $70

Use promo code 10off70 to get $10 off site wide at Valuebrew with your order of $70 or more.

Check it out – Here

About Shipping:  Valuebrew charges exact shipping.  You pay, to the penny, what Valuebrew gets charged.  Local pickup is also available if you’re in the St. Paul, MN area.  Carriers have minimum thresholds for shipping.  That means the first item is always going to cost x amount or more.  For me, on one test extract kit, the first one cost about $14 to ship, but the second one only cost $1.55 more.  The third was just $1.23 more.

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3 thoughts on “Valuebrew: 10% Off All Orders Over $70

  1. Anonymous

    Prices are good sans shipping. But they only sell a handful of grains and hops and pretty much no equipment. And the teeny bit of equipment they sell they are all sold out of. I think I have more stuff than this entire shop in my garage.


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