60 lb Stackable Vittles Vault Container [Grain Storage] at Petco

The Vittles Vault line of stackable containers are very popular for bulk grain storage.  They are food grade, airtight and pest proof.  They also have a large easy access opening and the ability to stack makes them space efficient.  The 60 lb size easily holds a 50-55 lb bag of grain.

Check Petco product page for current price and availability.

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable, 60 lbs at Petco

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6 thoughts on “60 lb Stackable Vittles Vault Container [Grain Storage] at Petco

  1. Anonymous

    Just ouy of curiosity, how stackable are buckets with gamma seal lids? I’ve been thinking about going that route but haven’t found any feedback of people stacking them full of grain.

    1. Chris Brewer

      buckets and gamma lids are very stackable. I go 4 or 5 high. You could probably go higher if you’d like although I’ve never tried.

  2. Adam

    How much can you reasonably store in these and still be able to stack them (without grain spilling out when you open it)? i.e. what is the volume from a lip of the lid down?

    1. Chris Brewer

      I’m not sure as… I use buckets and gamma seals, but a couple things that I have heard – the 40 lb size will hold 50 lbs if you put the lid facing up. These are completely unstackable in this configuration. 60s will hold 50 lbs easily, but if you load them up, they don’t stack well because the lower containers start bulging under the weight. If I were going to use these I would get 60s and either not stack them or underfill them.


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