Northern Brewer $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Northern Brewer’s Flat Rate Shipping Promo was set to end on Christmas Day.  I just checked… and as of this posting… it’s still working.

The home page banner ad disappeared, on schedule, but the landing page is still up.  On a personal note, I hope they make this their standard shipping policy.  At the very least, it’s working today.

Check out the details of NB’s Flat Rate Shipping Promo

News!: I’m excited to relay the information that ZX Ventures has sold it’s stake in Northern Brewer, LLC (also Midwest Supplies’ parent company)

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1 thought on “Northern Brewer $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

  1. Tony Coulombe

    I used to order exclusively through them, then they cut the flate rate. Being on the west coast, it was no longer viable to order from them. Would be nice if they kept the flat rate. I’ve Ben ordering from MoreBeer, and while they are great, I find myself spending at least 59 bucks each time to get the free shipping.


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