Last Minute Homebrew and Craft Beer Gift Ideas!

home_transparent_fullPictured: Brewer’s Friend Premium Gift Subscription

Looking for a last minute gift for a home brewer or craft beer lover (or yourself)?  Here are some ideas.  Also check out our standard gift guide: Homebrewer’s and Craft Beer Lovers Gift Guide

Electronically Delivered Gift Cards

In some cases, both physical and electronic gift cards are available.  Make sure to choose electronic versions if you’re in a hurry.

Electronically Delivered Items and More

Online Homebrew and Craft Beer Related Classes


Online learning provider udemy has several brewing related courses available. including “Brew Real Beer”, “Beer Making 101”, “Beer and Cellar Management” and a course on small space brewing.  Most courses offer lifetime access, allow you to take a course preview and have a gifting option.

Check them out – Search Beer – Also: Wine – Biology – Chemistry

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