Valuebrew: 10% Off all 5 Gallon Ingredient Kits

from Valuebrew:

Valuebrew is offering Homebrew Finds Readers 10% off all 5 Gallon Ingredient Kits. No exclusions. Valuebrew specializes in quality homebrewing supplies at the best prices. Strictly selling online, we offer all grain kits, extract kits, equipment, hops, grains, liquid malt extracts and much more! Our inventory is always changing so it’s best to check our prices and deals often!

Use promo code KITSAVER to get this discount.

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4 thoughts on “Valuebrew: 10% Off all 5 Gallon Ingredient Kits

  1. Valuebrew

    Hi Steven, Adam from Valuebrew here. Our shipping prices come directly from the carriers and do not have any markups or handling charges. Please contact us and let us know what you were trying to buy and where it was being shipped to so we can double check the shipping costs you were quoted are accurate. We can be contacted here:

    1. Steven Schwartz

      Hey, thanks for the response. Always good to see companies respond.
      I just added 3 kits and used the discount code.
      For the $50 dollar order, the cheapest shipping was 32 bucks to the west coast. I see you guys are in MN which is probably why.


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