Beer & Wine Hobby: 15% Off Chugger Pump – Stainless Steel Inline Model

from Beer & Wine Hobby:

Chugger Pumps are the next generation beer pump for homebrewers. Probably the most economical brewing pump on the market. All the materials are FDA food compliant and the components are UL Recognized.

This is the inline version where the inlet and outlet are 180º opposed to each other. Can handle liquids up to 250ºF. Stainless Steel pump head. Designed and built by fellow homebrewers these pumps provide an excellent addition to any brew setup.

This low velocity pumps is magnetic driven and therefore should not be run dry. They will require the pump head and lines to be full before the pump is started.

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7 thoughts on “Beer & Wine Hobby: 15% Off Chugger Pump – Stainless Steel Inline Model

  1. Anonymous

    $20 off the regular price but then add $10 back on for shipping, where are regular price its free shipping. I would of bought one if it had free shipping in addition to the discount.

    1. Anonymous

      In my case it was a better deal to use their “PREHOL” code which is 10% off, this made the total price $125.10 so you still get free shipping.

    2. Adam

      I am not getting free shipping even with another item bringing the price to $139

      I am also not seeing free shipping even without the coupon, so I’m not sure what is up.


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