GrogTag: New Artist Spotlight HopBeard Template

from GrogTag:

We all know hops and malt were made for each other, right? In fact, beer isn’t really beer unless it’s hopped. In the same way, a brewer just isn’t a brewer unless he (or she, let’s be fair) has a big old beard. Seems that way, at any rate. Our latest addition to the Artists Spotlight program, Eric, feels the same way, so he created the HopBeard template for us.

Even we have to admit, a bearded hop cone is sort of creepy, but it does scream out “I brew my own beer, dang nabbit!”, and we like that. Nice work, Eric. Creeping us out isn’t easy to do. I mean, it’s no exposed beer gut with a GrogTag on it, but it works. coupon

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