Tip: ‘Ove Glove [Minding Yeast Starters & Brew Day]

I use an Ove Glove when I’m making yeast starters in an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It’s really handy (pun intended) to swirl around the flask or to quickly remove to keep the flask from boiling over.

These are also handy on brew day for handling war, (but not wet) ball valves and such.

These are not waterproof.  Safety Note: Always use caution when handling hot items or ingredients and always read and follow manufacturer directions.

Ove’ Glove Hot Surface Handler, 1 Glove – via Amazon

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1 thought on “Tip: ‘Ove Glove [Minding Yeast Starters & Brew Day]

  1. Anonymous

    Keep in mind that if it does boil over while you’re holding it the liquid can still burn you through an ‘Ove glove.


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