5 Gallon Cooler via Menards – $9.99 After Rebate!

Thanks to HBF Readers Travis and Joseph for this tip!

This lists for $19.99.  It’s on sale for $17.99.  Put in your zip code and select pick up at store and an $8 mail in Rebate is shown.  That’s makes this $9.99.

I usually recommend a 10 gallon cooler for a mash tun, but this is a screaming deal.

5 Gallon Menards Cooler – $9.99 after rebate, in store pickup (here)

1 thought on “5 Gallon Cooler via Menards – $9.99 After Rebate!

  1. EdZ

    Got mine a couple of days ago. Size is perfect, hole is great for a 1/2″(W) x 1.5″(L) nipple. Already cleaned and set for next batch…


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