High Precision Scale 500 g x .01 g for Hops and Water Salts – $49.95

Large High Precision Scale - 500g x 0.01g MT353

This scale weighs to 1/hundredth of a gram.  Includes (2) 200g Calibration Weights.  Detachable lid to protect weighing surface.  Includes weighing boil.  Runs on included AC adapter or included batteries.  Tare, auto digital calibration and counting mode.  10 year warranty.

Great for hops [Recent Hop Finds], water salts, small amounts of specialty grains and other ingredients.

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Large High Precision Scale – 500g x 0.01g MT353 – $54.99 $49.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

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1 thought on “High Precision Scale 500 g x .01 g for Hops and Water Salts – $49.95

  1. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mess with some scale like this for hundredth gram increments. What works better, and more accurate is to get a scale for reloading. Bullets that is. I have a Lee Safety Scale. Cost me $25. Measures up to 100 grains. If you are doing small additions, this is what you want. There are 7000 grains to a pound. So being 100 grains it will accurately measure to the nearest 1/10th of a grain up to a max of 6 or so grams. 1/10th of a grain is 1/70,000 of a pound. That’s the kind of accuracy you need for adding water salts or hop additions for small batches.

    If you need to measure under 6 grams to sub gram accuracy, a reloading scale is a better purchase.

    I trust my life and my guns to it when I reload bullets, so I think it’ll be good enough for beer.


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