60-Pound Capacity Vittles Vault Stackable, Airtight Storage Bin [Grain Storage] + Hands on Review

60 lb Stackable Vittles Vault Container.  The Vittles Vault line of stackable containers are very popular for bulk grain storage.

These are.. food grade, airtight and pest proof.  They have a large easy access opening and their ability to stack makes them space efficient.  They feature heavy duty construction and have easy spin off and on lids with gaskets.  The body includes molded handles for easy carrying.  Made from Food Grade Plastic that is BPA and BPS free.

This 60 lb capacity Vittles Vault easily holds a 50-55 lb bag of grain.  Stock up on bags of malt to save money, have fresher grain and be ready for your next homebrew.

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1 thought on “60-Pound Capacity Vittles Vault Stackable, Airtight Storage Bin [Grain Storage] + Hands on Review

  1. Anonymous

    Not a terrible idea, but look at the payback period. A 50 lb bag of 2 row is maybe $48 on any random group buy. So is it worth paying $30 for a container to store a $48 item? If you were buying something like malted millet or sorghum or crap like that then absolutely. If you got some custom malt or something rare then for sure. But I really doubt its going to pay for itself over a tupperware or rubbermade thing.

    However, there is the cool factor. Then if you’re a Prepper Freak, then you can have all the malted barley to make beer after the rapture. That’s worth something.


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