New Oak Barrels from Mexico – variety of sizes, worldwide shipping

Oak Barrels 20 liter Steel Hoop age whiskey, wine or spirits - free engraving

eBay Seller nopal_verde sells a variety of oak barrels in a range of sizes.  Free engraving is available on some offerings. These ship from Mexico, but shipping charges are generally reasonable to the US.  They also ship worldwide.

Check the seller’s eBay listings for current price, description and availability.

The smaller sizes could be dual purpose.  You could mature a whiskey in it first.  After that you have a used whiskey barrel you can use to age a barrel stout or other homebrew.

nopal_verde’s barrel offerings

Also: Check AIH’s lineup of Oak Barrels – they have sporadic availability of new and used barrels

Note from HBF: Depending on your location, you may need to obtain a license to distill alcohol


2 thoughts on “New Oak Barrels from Mexico – variety of sizes, worldwide shipping

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty good sales pitch. Take the fact that they’re used and thus have surrendered a significant amount of oak flavor and character. Instead of saying that they’ve just a little bit of life left, say that you “don’t need to worry about over oaking your beer.”

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. But if you like the flavor of whiskey dregs…you know, all that stuff the oak is supposed to remove.


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