Northern Brewer: Beat the Heat with Wort Chillers

From Northern Brewer:

If you brew beer, you’ve got to chill wort. How you do it, though, is a matter of much homebrewer invention and debate. Whether you use an ice bath or a plate chiller, you can improve your chilling with these simple techniques. Cooling your wort down quickly and efficiently is vital for making great beer! By chilling quickly, you’ll reduce off flavors and the risk of infection. As the summer heats up, it’s even more useful to have a wort chiller to save time and make better beer. Get one today!

Check out these wort chillers-
Standard Wort Chiller w/ Vinyl Tubing – $69.99
XL Immersion Chiller w/ Vinyl Tubing – $149.99
Blichmann Therminator – $199.99
Shirron Plate Chiller – $99.99

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