Full Pounds of Simcoe and Citra!

Nikobrew is offering full pounds of hard to find Simcoe and Citra Hops!

Starting at 10 AM MST today, Nikobrew will have full pounds of Simcoe and Citra hop pellets!  Available while supplies last.  Niko expects these to run out relatively quickly.

Nikobrew offers $5 flat rate shipping to all 50 states, this also includes APO/FPO addresses!

Citra 2oz – $5
Citra Full Pound – $35
Simcoe 2oz – $5
Simcoe Full Pound – $37.50

Check out Niko’s full Hop Selection here

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2 thoughts on “Full Pounds of Simcoe and Citra!

  1. graymoment

    $37.50/lb. Is that even legal? It would be nice if at some point the owner of this hop would: (A) allocate more farmland to its production; (B) license it to more hop producing companies; and/or (C) put in place fixed prices that all retail companies must adhere to regardless of scarcity (due to the lack of implementation of points A and B.

    1. Homebrew Finds

      Supply and demand. I would think/hope that they are working on some more supply. I know it takes a few years to get a hop going in any particular field.


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