Vacuum Sealing Mylar Bags

Vacuum sealer bags are great at sealing out oxygen, preventing freezer burn, etc.  FoodSaver bags, vacuum sealers and the like are a great way to store hops, grains, spices and more!

But.. Mylar bags are more resistant to oxygen.  It’s my understanding that Mylar has no oxygen permeability.

Mylar bags are not expensive, so that’s great!  The problem is vacuum sealers that can seal Mylar bags ARE expensive.  Well over a thousand dollars.  That’s not great!

There are some techniques out there that allow you to seal Mylar bags using a standard FoodSaver type sealer.  All these techniques make some use of channelled vacuum bags.

I have found the existing techniques, that I’ve run across, to be cumbersome.

I’ve developed two possible solutions.

Technique 1  Just seal a Mylar bag inside of a FoodSaver bag.  The Mylar bag will be completely reusable, the FoodSaver bag will be almost completely reusable.  You’ll just lose an inch or two each time you cut the seal off.  This technique evacuates the air from the Mylar bag and all but makes it oxygen impermeable.  The top of the bag is the only entry point for oxygen.  This is now a very, very small opening that’s protected by the outer bag.  That’s good enough for me.

Technique 2  Cut a strip of vacuum bag about 1 inch wide from the top off a vacuum bag.  Insert the strip into filled Mylar bag and trim the strip off so only 1/2″ or so is sticking out of the bag.  Now insert that whole mess into the FoodSaver.  Vacuum, Seal and trim off the excess vacuum bag.

There is a trick here.  Notice I didn’t say FoodSaver bag.  I, initially, tried this with a FoodSaver bag and it wouldn’t seal correctly.  FoodSaver bags  are a bit thicker than most others that are on the market.  If you use a slightly thinner bag, like the VacMaster bags recently featured on Homebrew Finds,  The FoodSaver can seal the whole mess.


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3 thoughts on “Vacuum Sealing Mylar Bags

  1. Kelly

    I know this post is old, but I stumbled across it today and I thought I would share what has worked for me. The Foodsaver type machines WILL seal the mylar bags, but the seal will not hold. So I put the food in the bag, vac/seal it with the vacuum sealer, and then use a cheap flat iron (for hair) to reinforce the seal. I’ve had bags retain their vaccum seal for at least a year this way (I’ve not tried keeping anything long than that, but I imagine it would last as long as the food would.)

  2. Anonymous

    You need to get a Snorkel Vac VS-280 from for $99.00. They have many, many different bags for various needs. The sales staff is very helpful and they have a bundle package of bags you can buy. 10Feb2013


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