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A rather crisp malt, Kölsch malt will provide a slightly sweet, biscuit flavor and aroma. An excellent malt to use as the base in your next Kolsch, however at around 4.5° L, may brew a darker Kolsch than intended. If looking for a lighter colored Kolsch, you may want to incorporate a German pilsner malt into your recipe.

Castle Belgian Pale Malt from MoreBeer

3.2L Castle – Château Pale Ale malt is a Belgian base malt. It imparts a rich malt flavor and golden hues to wort. It is deeper in color and better modified than Château Pilsner malt. It has higher protein content and diastatic power than most English pale ale malts. The enzymatic activity is sufficient to supplement large proportions of non-enzymatic specialty malts. Château Pale Ale malt is well suited for use in pale ales and most English beer styles. It performs especially well with strong yeasts to produce amber and bitter beers.

Castle Belgian Pale Malt

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