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Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer - Top Find - Review

Facebook Friend Brian 8/20/2013: Have one from last time you posted. Works great!

Facebook Friend Eric 4/24/2013: My kegerator is one of those old style 1 door fridge with the ice box inside that always iced up. Since I've been using this dehumidifier, the ice buildup is very minimal! Great product, thanks!!!! Cheers!

Facebook Friend Jason 4/24/2013: Mine is 4'x3'x3' (holds ten cornys -huge), and one of these works fine. It took over four months before I needed to recharge it.

Google+ Friend Kieran: Works great, I have one in my keezer right now. 5/5 stars, would buy again.

Google+ Friend Chris: These are great. I highly recommend this product over damp rid or any other similar dehumidifier.

Winware Professional Aluminum Stock Pot 40 qt  - Top Find

Twitter Follower Jacob 6/18/2013: Bought 2 of the 'Top Find' 40 quart aluminum pots. Pretty much the greatest investment (in homebrewing) I've made thus far. Thanks!

Anonymous 5/31/2013: This will make your turkey fryer pot feel like a soda can. I coupled this with a weldless valve, couldn't be happier.

AnonymousGreat pot. I make five gallon brew-in-a-bag batches with it, so I had to add on the lid to be able to mash in the kettle too, and it works awesome. It's much sturdier than I expected for $40, especially compared to the turkey fryer aluminum pots I had been using.

Facebook Friend Josh: I've been using the 10 gallon version of this kettle for years and have been very happy with it. Very sturdy.

Facebook Friend Jon: I have done about 25 batches in mine and it is still going strong. Great price to make the leap to full boils and all grain. I recommend getting the lid as well

Facebook Friend Jim 2/11/2013: I have this pot and it is fantastic for full boils (6.5 - 7 gals) for 5 gal batches. Of course, I "seasoned" it first by boiling water in it first...and for 20 more bucks you can get a really FLIMSY SS pot...this one is commercial grade.

Bayou Classic 1044 44-Quart Stainless-Steel Stockpot

Dana 3/6/13: Had this pot for a while and like it. Good size for long boils and sturdy.

Facebook Friend Shane 1/29/2013: I just brewed an 11 gallon batch of Mild Ale in one of these today. I also mashed in the pot, BIAB. It's a nice pot.

Google+ Friend Kevin 1/20/2013: I have this exact kettle. Its fantastic quality.  It rules.

Facebook Friend Tom 1/29/2013: 8 gallon brew pot showed up today. Awesome buy!

Google+ Friend Kevin 2/2/2013: I bought this a couple weeks ago. You definitely get what you pay for. It doesn't come assembled and using only the parts provided, the kettle will leak. Make sure you go to a hardware store and get some o-rings. Also, the lid isn't stainless and it looks like a child made it. I'm not unhappy with the purchase, because it's a great deal, but it's not perfect. Keep that in mind if you plan on buying.

Heavy Duty Brew Kettle - With Ball Valve (60 Quart/15 Gallon) BE315 

Anonymous 2/1/2013: I own this kettle and LOVE it. Very high quality construction and great heat distribution. Whirlpooling is a cinch with the welded fittings. After boiling, I just stir my wort and let it spin for ~15 minutes. When I empty the kettle afterward, there's a nice cone of hops and hot break at the center of the kettle. Highly recommended!

Josh 2/1/2013: I also have this pot and its awesome. The triclad bottom lets you crank the heat without getting hot spots and the welded fittings are so nice compared to dealing with weldless fittings. I'd love another for a HLT. 

Bayou Classic KAB6 Bayou Cooker with Hose Guard

Erik 5/14/13: I have 3 KAB6 burners in my brew tree.  I can bring 15 gallons of tap water to a boil in 15 minutes and... no scorching of wort.  Simply the best.
Facebook Friend Ed 8/13/2013: I own this stand, it's a great value if you don't have the scratch for a big system. It's light and portable. I'm also planning on welding on a 3rd tier and burner.

Drew 5/18/13: I have one of these and it easily supports a full Keggle and another 8 gallon brewpot. Seems like it could do two keggles with no issues at all.

14" Propane Burner - 220,000 BTU - Top Find

Google+ Friend Justin: I have the original 14" version. It's light but sturdy and the burner works really well.

Camp Chef SH-140L High Pressure Single Burner Cooker with Detachable legs and Clover Leaf Surface, Black - Top Find
Anonymous 7/23/2013: This is much sturdier than the banjo burners and turkey fryers on the market. I've had one of these for almost 10 years. My bro bought a 220k BTU unit from somewhere and it can't boil 15 gallons half as fast as this unit and it's not nearly as sturdy. 

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer

Facebook Friend James: The Brinkman has served me well. Easiest and cheapest 5 gallon system to get into. I'm in the midst of expanding to a keggle system, but recommend it.

Jeffrey 4/23/2013: Have this burner. Love it. Use it with my keggle on 10.5 gallon batches regularly (pre-boil volume is regularly in the 12-13 gallon range).  There's 6 ridges on the gas dial, spaced evenly around the perimeter. I call it a "click" when I turn it 1 up ridge, or 1/6th turn of the gas dial. I've found: 6 clicks to light the burner, 10 clicks for average boil (1.30-1.40 gal/hr boiloff rate), 12 click for extra powerful boil (1.55-1.65 gal/hr boiloff rate).

Google+ Friend Bill 1/30/2013: I just got this last week - it's a serious burner. Very stable, with an air flow valve, and tons of heat. It seems like it will be perfect.

Bayou Classic SP1 Jet Cooker
Anonymous 7/22/2013: Quick review: great low cost model. Gets 5 gallons to boil in about 10+ minutes. People complain it eats propane. At full blast it probably does but you can tune it down for the long boil and a single tank has lasted me quite a few batches. It is loud at full blast but so are most others and the prolonged boil volume is fairly quiet. It looks ugly after a few batches but still happy with it at this price

Andrew 7/23/2013: I love this. Quick tip: Let it run for about 20 minutes before your first batch. The paint burns off an emits an awful smell. 

Cereal Killer Adjustable 2 Roller Grain Mill Top Find

Anonymous 3/31/2013: Bought this a few weeks ago. Love it. Much better than a corona mill.

Google+ Friend Kieran: Just used our Cereal Killer for the first time last month on a clone brew recipe. This thing is lights-out! We did not spring for the optional handle, and instead used a power drill.

Google+ Friend Chris: Used mine tonight, great deal, great mill.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG321800CLR 4-Quart Bouncer Measuring Cup  Top Find - Review

Dave 7/27/2013: Picked this up last time; it's a quality pitcher and cleans up easy.

Thunder Group 4.0 Quart Liquid Aluminum Measure Cup Top Find - Review
Anonymous"These are excellent. Something I never even thought I needed until I read your blog. Now I use it all the time."

Facebook Friend John 2/21/2013: These really are handy.  I have a 1 gallon pitcher and 2 of the half gallon pitchers - handy, sturdy, easy to measure, easy to clean, and you don't have to worry about leaching anything in.  One of the better equipment purchases a brewer can make - no matter what level of brewer you are.

Facebook Friend Tim 1/31/2013: Order arrived today. Great scale and such an incredible deal! Thanks!

David 4/15/2013: I bought this exact scale from Amazon. It works great. I think I paid full price, tho, but it was still worth it. I use it for measuring priming sugar and hops.

EchoTonyGot this one, thanks HBF! Scale seems very accurate. I used this to break up some bulk hops. Great unit. Made my bag, put it on the scale, hit the Tare button, zero'd out, and then added the hops. Eazy. The stainless tray is nice, has a small lip to stop things from rolling off. Uses two included (GP brand) AAA batteries. This is much better than button cell batteries for price and length of use. Should last a long time with these batteries and can be replaced with my eneloops. The 3 minute auto off is great. Just the right amount of time to stay on, but still turns off automatically if you forget to shut it down. GREAT FIND.

JeremyI have this scale and I really like it. Even after I warped the plastic casing by getting it too close to an open flame, the scale still works correctly. I use it to weigh hops and grain. Works fine for both.

Weigh Masters ProChef Kitchen Scale (Black)

Facebook Friend Brenton 7/24/2013: I have this scale. It's a solid scale worth the purchase.

Google+ Friend Craig: This is the scale I have. I like it. It works very well.

Weigh Masters ProChef Kitchen Scale (Silver)

Facebook Friend Tony 1/15/2013: I love this scale... So easy to use, well made, and uses AAA batteries.

American Weigh Ship-Elite Low-Profile Scale 110lb x 0.1oz Shipping Postal Digital Platform Scale

Facebook Friend Ryan 4/28/2013: I have this scale and it works great.

Anonymous 4/30/13: I have owned both the Ultraship 55# scale mentioned here and the American Weigh 110# scale mentioned yesterday and I can say that the one from yesterday is much better for homebrewing. The platform is larger so it fits a bucket, whereas the bucket is unstable on the 55# scale. The 110# capacity also allows me to use it to measure my strike and sparge water (I don't have a sight glass on my HLT). The 110# comes with a AC adapter, whereas you need to buy it separately for the 55#. And this is a little subjective, but I think the quality on the 110# feels much better than the 55# (which broke on me). The only place the 55# beats the 110# is the ability to clip the display on to the platform. With the 110#, you always have two different parts.

Adam 4/26/2013: I have this scale for homebrew weighing (hops, priming sugar, etc) and for the price, it simply cannot be beat. Love it.

Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans Plus FREE Pure Organic Ground Beans 
Anonymous 3/8/13: Got my vanilla beans in just a few days ago. Packed well, in airtight plastic, and they actually threw in a free pack of organic vanilla powder which quickly went into an aging oaked stout. These beans look great, and the cost was half of what I paid on my last order from another popular site. Good find!

Andy: I used 6 of those exact beans soaked for 5 days with some oak chips and added it to 10 gallons of imperial porter at kegging... the beer was harsh when I first carbed it, but after 2 weeks of mellowing/aging it has become one of my favorite home brews of all time. Also used the beans for some home made caramels and vanilla sweet potatoes... great beans with great flavor.

Powdered Peanut Butter - 85% Less Fat and Calories

Bell Plantation Peanut PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter has most of the oil removed.  If you're looking to add peanut butter flavoring to your beer without all of the head retention damaging oil, this is the way to do it.  This is the same type of peanut butter powder that's recommended by Midwest Supplies for their Chocolate Covered BEAVR Nutz Kit (Extract - All Grain). 

Twitter Follower Greg 4/26/2013: Love this stuff.

Google+ Friend Corey 3/21/2013: Just got done making BEAVR Nuts with this. Nice product that makes me want to use it in so many more recipes!

STC-1000 Multiple Sources - See STC1000 Tag  - Top Find

Google+ Friend Jeff 5/20/2013: Every homebrewer needs one of these along with a small chest freezer and a fermwrap. 100% control of fermentation temps.

Facebook Friend Tim 3/18/13: I'm very happy with this controller. Dual-stage, easy to wire, accurate probe, programmable temp deltas and compressor delays. Only uses celsius, but I just printed a small conversion chart that I tape next to it. A hair too big for the wall plate, but I enlarged that opening with a rotary tool.

JasonGreat controller!  Love mine.

JonI've built two controllers with these units.  They work great.

ChrisMine works great.

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg New - Top Find - Review

Facebook Friend Jeremy 6/13/13: We ordered one of these a month and a half ago for a mini keg system for my friend and he loves it!

Facebook Friend Jon 6/13/13: I've got a couple of these to go along with other "standard" kegs and they are fantastic. You can tell they are a bit thinner gauge, but I haven't had an issue with them denting or otherwise failing. I guess if you really abuse your kegs (toss them off the roof or some such nonsense) they won't stand up as well as the Cornelius or Firestone kegs, but they are definitely good enough for my use.

Google+ Friend Easan: Got this the last time it came up, and the kegs are great!

Co2 Cornelius Keg Charger
Google+ Friend Paul 8/16/2013: I highly endorse this product. The mini-regulators that are out there now sound nice, but expensive.  At a recent party, I kept two cornys flowing with a single keg charger + disconnect. I kept the charger quasi-hidden nearby to discourage curious partiers from wasting / abusing the cartridges. I'd keep an occasional eye on the fluid output and charge when needed, which wasn't nearly as often as I needed refills on beverages and snacks anyway. A couple of times I was prompted with "Paul? The thing's...
Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set, 6-Piece

Google+ Friend Stephen 1/15/2013: I got this for Christmas this year. The glasses are top notch.

Matt 1/10/13Received two of these for Christmas, they're awesome.

Spiegelau 2-Pack Beer Classics IPA Glass, 19-Ounce

Google+ Friend Rich 4/26/2013: Great glass! I've had one for a few weeks now and cannot wait to get some more. Definitely retains a good head, keeps the beer nice and cool, and accentuates aroma. I agree it is not the most visually appealing glass, but well worth forgoing looks on this one. Try it and smell for yourself. 

Google+ Friend NJ 4/26/2013: Love my glass for IPAs, really does bring out more hop flavor and aroma in a hoppy beer. The only drawback is how quickly it warms up your beer. Just make sure not to hold it in between sips or it will warm faster than you expect. Overall a great glass!


Anonymous 6/12/2013:This 16 OZ Double Wall Stainless Tumbler rocks!!!!!

CDN DTQ450X ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer - Top Find - Review

Anonymous 6/1/2013: Bought one on your recommendation and it is great. Thanks and keep up the great work.

David: I have 3 or 4 other thermometers and this is the only one I really trust. Turns out I had been brewing with one that read an easy 10-20 over. No wonder it was taking me so long to get down to pitching temps!

Twitter Follower Philip: I use it every brewday. I love it. Way faster than my old 20sec thermometer. Speed is important to me when calibrating mash.

ThermoWorks RT600C - Top Find - Review

Aaron 5/12/13: I got one of these for Christmas and it is such a nice thermo. I highly recommend.

Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen - Instant Read Thermometer, Perfect for Barbecue, Home and Professional Cooking

Luke 8/9/2013: I really like my Thermapen, if that means anything to anyone.

Google+ Friend Dustin 1/18/2013: I love my Thermapen!

Google+ Friend Mark: These are awesome. Every kitchen should have one.

Taylor Professional 9306 Dual Temp IR/Thermocouple Thermometer

Wally 4/12/2013: I have one of these - love it. I use the probe to get my mash temp - takes about 3 seconds. I use the IR to take the temp of starter wort, yeast before pitching, etc. 

LCD Digital Thermometer for Refrigerator/Fridge/Freezer

Alex: I found these a while back, and I bought a bunch at $2.49 each. I use one for my keg fridge, two on my mash tun, one on my HLT and one in each of my beer and wine cellars. They only show Celcius, and their range is -50C to +70C, so they're good up to the top of mash range. Free shipping from Hong Kong took about two weeks.

Anonymous 4/13/2013: I ordered two of these and just got them today, took about 2 weeks to get here. I put one in my kegerator and it seems to be reading the temps correctly, it gives the same reading as the other cheap digital thermometer that is posted on here, I got this one bc I like that it reads in F and C. From what I understand on the packaging the thermometer can read up to 70C and the display unit itself can operate in temperatures up to 50C. So as long as you don't stick the entire unit in something above 50C you should be good. 

Acu-Rite Home Comfort Monitor

Dual temp feature.  Use to monitor ambient temps and kegerator or fermentation freezer/refrigerator temps.  Keeps a 24 hour high and low mark for each reading.

Scott 5/16/13: I have the Acu-Rite thermometer and I really like it.  I use it to get the ambient temperature of my various fermenting areas around the house. I really like the high temp and low temp feature of this thermometer.

Lowes: Frigidaire 12.9 cu ft Chest Freezer (White) ENERGY STAR Item #: 287017 | Model #: LFCH13M2MW
Anonymous: I have this freezer, and can confirm that it holds 6 pin lock kegs unmodified, and will hold 2 more on the hump with a collar.

Kenmore 13.7 cu. ft. Upright Freezer, White

Anonymous 4/9/2013: I have this freezer and it makes a great fermentation chamber. It holds 4x 6 gallon Better Bottles w/ airlocks if you make your own shelf. Caveat, it is by far the loudest refrigeration device in my home (out of 4). The blower fan that circulates the air is just really obnoxious.

Igloo - 5.2 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - Seashell White FRF452 5038556

Homebrew Talk thread on the 5.2 Cu Ft freezer, Model FRF452 - Here.  It has layouts of what should be able to fit inside of this thing.  This particular deep freeze has a refrigerator mode.  It can be set to up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  That means you can use this is a kegerator or lagering deep freeze without the use of an external thermostat.

Anonymous 6/5/2013: I have it with a 3 1/4" collar (made from PVC trim boards), and it functions flawlessly. The fact that it works without an external thermostat makes it that much better. I can have either a sixtel or two or a pair of corneys and a 2.5 or three gallon going at the same time, as well as chill glasses and keep bottles cold. Since I can't make beer fast enough for my drunk friends, this thing is ideal. I seldom have more than three beers ready to go at any given time anyway.

Anonymous 6/5/2013: I picked this up one of the previous times it's gone on sale for this price-- I've used it for months now reliably as a Keezer/Kegerator, and also for cold crashing my brews.

I keep 2 corney kegs going at a time in there with a 5lb Co2 tank. What it lacks in capacity it more than makes up in value-- being able to get it for ~$150, and have it immediately set up at a perfect 38-40 without a temperature controller is awesome. You can actually get a little control with the thermostat in the refrigeration mode as well if you are willing to be patient and goose it a little till it's where you want it-- it can go a little warmer than 40 in my experience.

I bottle from the keg with some brews, then keep two taps going at a time, so this works great for me.

Stainless Commercial Work Surface With Undershelf 35(H)x 60(W)x 24(D)". Stainless Steel
Brett 7/9/2013: I just received mine yesterday. It is very solid and is perfect size table surface for my needs (eBrew setup with 3 keggles). It has two channels under the top layer between leg posts that are reinforced to support weight.  One thing of note, it is tall. I'm 6'3" and it is still tall with the keggles on it. I can see into the kegs but I might have to use a foot stool for convenience purposes when doughing in and stiring in the boil kettle.  I will have to see how it goes on brew day after I get the electric brewery up and running but I foresee me shortening the legs so I can put castors on.

Rust-Oleum 7881830 Appliance Enamel 12-Ounce Spray, White
Google+ Friend Kyle 5/24/2013: I used this stuff on my keezer and it works, and more importantly looks, great. I used the black.

Gamma Seal Lids: Leaktite5 Gal. Screw Top Lid - Review

Scott 5/14/13: I have about six of these purchased from home depot and I love them.

Anonymous 5/14/13: Picked up two last week from Home Depot. The lids were $6 each and the buckets were $2 and change, not a bad option at all.

Vittles Vault Stackable 40 LB
Airtight, Food Safe and Stackable grain storage container that offers a large, easy access opening.  40 Lb capacity rating is for pet food.  This container should hold a full 50 lb sack of grain.

Facebook Friend Sean 3/21/13: I use these for my grain. Simply perfect for storing a sack of grain!

Jeff 1/12/2013We use these at the homebrew shop I work at. These containers are awesome!

Edsal UR185L-BLK Black Steel Heavy Duty 5-Shelf Shelving Unit, 4000lbs Capacity, 36" Width x 72" Height x 18" Depth

Twitter Follower Binary Brew Workds 5/28/13: Organization day at the brewhouse. Got these shelves due to a tip from @homebrewfinds they are great!

Google+ Friend Rod 5/9/2013: These shelves were easy to put together and are quite sturdy.

Spiegelau Beer Classics Stemmed Pilsner Glasses, Set of 2 - Set of 4

Google+ Friend Marlon 1/17/2013: Best glasses ever.

Luther 1/17/2013: I have a lot of glassware and this exact glass is by far my favorite go to glass for all styles of beer. Its the only glass that showcases smell, color, transparency and flavor.

32 ounce Mini-Growler/Growlette.

Facebook Friend Rodney 1/24/13: Love these. We just got them at out brewery and they're perfect!

Google+ Friend Scott 1/22/2013: I love these. I have a few. Perfect size for one person.

Facebook Friend Randi 1/8/2013: Great bottles!

Maverick 5/29/13: I grabbed this last time it was on sale, and must say it's a welcome change in cleaning kegs and buckets! Easy to use and does a great job. I even use it for sanitizing.

Facebook Friend Stephen 1/27/2013: This thing is awesome! I dont know what I would do without it!

The Brew Hauler

Facebook Friend Stephen 4/8/2013: These are awesome. There's no other way to safely carry a glass carboy.

Speidel Fermenters

Facebook Friend Zac 7/24/2013: Just kegged from my Speidel for the first time - so amazingly simple. No more siphons!

Google+ Friend Kyle 5/31/13: Mine is full right now! Love this fermenter, no more differences in flavor because I had to split my batch to ferment. Easy open top makes is a breeze to clean. Should be on every homebrewers wish list. 

Muncie 5/31/2013: I have the 30L and it is my "go to" fermenter. Just a great product. No 

need for a blow off tube for this 5 and 6 gallon batches.

Anonymous 5/30/2013: I have the 60L and it is awesome. Very high quality and easy to use / clean. The handles are sturdy even completely full, but if you do fill it up all the way, be prepared to get a friend to help you move it.

Tony 3/26/2013: Gotta pipe in on these. I have the 20L and 60L tanks. The quality is high. They come with a bung and airlock made for these larger tanks. They also have spigots and big lids to make cleaning a snap.  The spigot on the 20 is about 1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the tank. On the 60 it is closer to 3". This allows for transfers with the spigot without pulling in too much of the yeast cake.  I just line up the spigot and pour directly into my keg. No hoses, siphons, funnels, etc. Easy.  The handles are great. You can lift the huge 60L one alone, but it's really heavy, even with only 11 gallons... there's lots of room for more, so you could easily make a 12 gallon batch in there too without needing a blowout tube.  Headroom is great on these. With the 20L, it has room for the 5.5 gallon batches I make, and I have no issues with blow-outs, even with big IPAs. NOTE: I do use defoamer, which I think helps a lot. On the 60L, there's tons of room above an 11 gallon batch. My current batch of amber ale had only about 2 inches of foam and another 6" of headspace.  There are other cheaper options, and you can find nice HDPE tanks on ebay that are similar, but they won't have it all together, purpose built like these. 

Hanna Magnetic Stir Plate Y700

Facebook Friend Dick 6/17/2013: I've been using this model stir plate for about 3 years, and it has served me well.

Karter Scientific 208J2 Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml, 30x115mm, Blue Cap, Skirted, No-Leak (Pack of 50)
Twitter Follower Daniel 8/20/2013: These things are great to have around. I mostly use them for yeast but they have so many convenient uses.
Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage High Voltage Digital Temperature Controller
Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller.  For your reference.. user manual & wiring guide.

Wally 4/3/2013:  I have one of these on my fridge - I highly recommend it. It's the least expensive controller with a dual stage option, Fahrenheit readout,and short-cycle protection.

Facebook Friend Ray 1/25/2013: I bought one last year and it's great!

Anonymous 8/13/2013: I use this for my BIAB set up. It surprisingly works very well. One of my better purchases.

Scott 3/4/2013: I used this for the first time yesterday with 11.5 pounds of grain and it worked like a champ! No dough balls at all - mixes the grain so quickly!

Facebook Friend Kirk 3/3/2013: I used mine yesterday. I have dubbed it the Dough Ball Decimator!

Ricky 3/3/2013: I got one of these the last time it was posted. They work great. You stir your mash differently. You can't really muscle your mash the same way. It works better despite this. It's much easier to break clumps up. A little two handed whisking gets everything is evenly mixed.

Facebook Friend Andrew 4/20/2013: I have used one for my last 2 yeast starters to mix the DME before boiling... Amazing.

Jared 2/27/2013: After following your site for quite some time now, and purchasing many items because you let me know about them, I just received the 24" whisk. I can't believe how awesome this thing is just by pulling it out of the shipping package! I am so excited about this I might just have to brew this weekend even though I don't really have the time. Not only would this piece be awesome for the mash, but dissolving LME and DME and keep it off of the bottom. What a great piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it!

Aaron 2/14/2013I have this exact same French Whip and love it, works way better than the old mash paddle I used before. It really cuts through the grain and helps ensure no dough balls etc. Definitely recommend this above any other stirring tools I've used!

Facebook Friend Wayne 2/14/2013: I discovered using one of these about 3 years ago. Don't know how I ever got along without it. Never have a problem with doughballs. Just make sure you get one that is stiff enough.

Update International BSLD-21HD Heavy Duty Solid Basting Spoon, 21-Inch

Google+ Friend Will 3/6/13: I have had this spoon for a long time. It is great! I may pick up a couple more so that I don't need to use it everywhere!

Messermeister 8-Inch Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors Top Find - Review

Anonymous 5/2/13: Love these scissors. My wife bought them for me several years back as a Christmas gift. Super sharp, great for cooking, and my primary bottle opener. A fantastic price for a multitasking for the kitchen.

Lifeline 7500 Silver Stainless Steel Growler - 64 oz. Capacity Top Find - Review

64 oz, 18/8 Stainless, Double Walled Growler.  Vacuum insulation keeps beer cold.  Also Available in White and Black.

Facebook Friend Dave 8/9/2013: I have the plain SS one, and honestly I don't know how I've gotten along without it.

Twitter Follower Greg 6/17/2013: These rock! Filled Sat afternoon, lost only 20 degrees in 27 hours! Thanks again for the tip - love these growlers, I've ended up with 6 of them now.  

Facebook Friend Matt 6/16/2013:  I have one of each (40 oz and 64 oz) they are awesome!

EchoTony 6/5/2013: Got my SS 64 oz last week. Used it once so far and the beer was still very cold after 6 hours. Great item.

Twitter Follower CL: These lifelines work great!

Twitter Follower Dave: Bought mine last week after the price drop, love it!

Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Drinking Bottle
Google+ Friend Stephen 2/27/2013: I have one and they are great.

Jeremy 2/27/13:  I have two, they are great

True Fabrications Wood Professional Corkscrew

Google+ Friend Jeff 4/18/2013: This one's pretty awesome. I bought it a few weeks ago and it works great.

Google+ Friend Tom 2/27/2013: I used mine tonight for the first time and it is outstanding. This thing will outlast cockroaches in a nuclear blast. If it doesn't, then Craftsman guarantees their tools for life.

1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full Port WOG1000 SS304

Anonymous 6/2/2013: I received in the mail on Saturday. Slight smell out of the box but after a soak in PBW they were good to go. I'd highly recommend to anyone. I will post again after a brew session. Very solid construction and locking unlike the picture. I'm now completely stainless thanks to Homebrew Finds!

Kevin 2/18/2013: Just received mine.  Mine came with no oily residue. They are a bit stiff but even three or four valve turns helped. A little backing off the nut should help quite a bit. I have no issues with these so far.

Pliny the Elder Recipe Kits from More Beer KIT774 KIT776M KIT776U

JW 3/29/2013: Pulled the first fully carbonated pint out of the keg a few days ago - I haven't had the real thing, but this is far and away the best homebrew we've ever made. We used the all grain kit.

Facebook Friend Matt 3/29/2013: Just brewed (and drank) this. Great kit and great results!

Anonymous 2/4/2013This is an excellent kit. I just had my first taste of the extract kit Saturday and it's the best beer I have brewed so far. The 2 6-packs I brought to a Superbowl party last night vanished almost instantly.  I don't have access to the real deal to do a side-by-side comparison unfortunately but I'm still beyond pleased with this kit and how it turned out.

Columbus IPA Kit from More Beer KIT162 - All Grain KIT462M KIT462U

EchoTony 8/20/2013I have made this before from the All Grain kit. Great tasting beer. Worth a look if you haven't made it before.

Zythos IPA Kit from More Beer
Facebook Friend Randy 3/20/2013: If you have not tried the Zythos hops, I highly recommend them. Got this kit a while back, and everyone that has tried it gives it two thumps up.

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