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William’s California Wine Kits on Sale – Kits from $33.99 Each – Stacks w/Free Citra!

From William’s Brewing:

Making your own wine is satisfying and easy. As long as you ferment quality juice, keep everything sanitary, and give it enough time to age (3 months or more for whites; 6 months or more for reds), you will get great wine.

Here at William’s, we have developed our William’s California Wine Kits with this philosophy in mind. Our Winemaking Kits include 192 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate, condensed at temperatures that never exceed 180 degrees fahrenheit from Central Valley wine grapes picked at their ripe peak in the late summer and early fall. To complement the varietal juice, specially selected dry wine yeast, oak chips, and nutrient are also included as needed. Unlike many wine kits featuring added sugar, this 192 ounces of pure concentrate is all that is needed (except for the yeast and additives) to produce 5 gallons (or, about 24 bottles) of varietal wine.

As of this posting, William’s is discounting their entire selection of exclusive wine kits by 15% when you buy two.  That means wine kits start at a scant $33.99 each.  Considering these are already some of the best values out there, this sale makes for some outstanding deals.  No promo code is required.  That means you can get in on this and stack it with the free Citra offer that’s going on right now!

William’s California Wine Kits | Free Citra

Visit William’s Brewing – Web Only Clearance Sale

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First Looks: RTIC Stainless, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Growler! – $17.75 + Free Shipping

Here’s a first looks at RTIC’s Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler.

This is a 64 oz stainless steel, vacuum insulated growler by RTIC.  It keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and features a no sweat design.

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Spring Cleaning Sale at Adventures in Homebrewing – updated selection

For a limited time, Adventures in Homebrewing has a Spring Cleaning Sale going on.  That sale discounts lots and lots of stuff by up to 50% including kegs, used whiskey barrels, beer recipe kits, cider kits, wine kits, extract, bottles, growlers and lots more.

Update: This great sale has been going on for about one week.  I’ve seen no stated end date, but my guess (only a guess) is that it will be drawing to a close soon.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, there are some great deals to be had.

Spring Cleaning Sale at AIH


Classic Thermapen… $59 – Best Price Ever


Classic SuperFast Thermapen from ThermoWorks

from ThermoWorks:

“The Super-Fast Thermapen is a professional tool (originally designed for commercial kitchens, labs and manufacturing plants) that has become the top consumer cooking thermometer for home use. Its popularity among celebrity chefs, cooking magazines, top foodies, bloggers and competition BBQ teams has made the Thermapen into an essential tool in the best-equipped home kitchens and backyard BBQ rigs.”

  • 2-3 second readings!
  • High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
  • Water-resistant design
  • °F to °C reconfigurable
  • Auto on/off—no buttons!
  • 1,500 hour battery life

I have a Classic Thermapen and Love it.  Check out my Hands on Review – includes time and accuracy trials

As of this posting, ThermoWorks is marking down the Classic Thermapen to just $59.  This is the lowest price they have ever offered for new Classic Thermapens.  This is a great deal on a great thermometer.  Check ThermoWorks for up to the minute price and availability.

Classic SuperFast Thermapen

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CDN DTQ450X Thermometer… $12! + Free Prime Ship

CDN DTQ450X ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer

Quick Read DTQ450X Digital Thermometer by CDN.  NSF approved for commercial applications, -40 to 450 deg F, 5 inch stainless stem, Quick read: 5 to 6 second read time, Digital, Food Safe, Waterproof, Easy re-calibration, 5 year warranty.

This is a great homebrewing thermometer!  Check out my Hands On Review.  That includes accuracy and response time trials.

4/21/17 10:30 AM Central: This awesome thermometer has dropped to just $12.  As of this posting, it is actually more expensive if you buy the two pack (currently $28.04 or $14.02 per thermometer).  Shipping to most US addresses is also free with Prime Membership [Try Prime for Free] or a qualifying order. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  See Recent Amazon Finds and our Amazon Fillers Resource Page to help you put together an order that qualifies for free shipping.

CDN DTQ450X ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer

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1 lb Citra – $19.99/lb


About: Citra HBC 394 features higher alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of co-humulone. Comprised of Hallertau Mittelfrüh, US Tettnang, Brewer’s Gold and East Kent Golding.  Aroma: grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passionfruit and lychee.

As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing has marked their 1 lb Citra Hop Pellet offering down to just $19.99.  This is a great deal for Citra.  Check the product page for up to the minute pricing and availability.

Citra Hop Pellets 1 lb

Two Recipes from Upcoming – How to Brew by John Palmer, 4th Ed [Pre-Order]

Fourth Edition of the Homebrew Classic How to Brew by John J Palmer.

4/18/17 3:30 PM Central: This is available from pre-order from Amazon with their pre-order price guarantee.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time

Recipe #1: HBF Reader Jeff (thanks Jeff!) points out that the Amazon product page has a recipe from the book.  It’s called “Victory & Chaos English IPA” both extract and all grain versions can be found in the product description.

Recipe #2 – “Leaked” by the AHA:

Brewer’s Publications has leaked one of the recipes from this pre-release title.

The following is an excerpt from John Palmer’s newly updated book How to Brew:

“The original Oktoberfest celebrated the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese in 1810, and they have been celebrating ever since (some beers are worth it). The hallmark of the Oktoberfest/Märzen style is a rich maltiness but high attenuation to make it less filling. If you plan to polka for 12 hours straight, then this is your beer.”

Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest (All-Grain) via the AHA and Brewers Publications

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