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Hands On: Snapware 17 Cup (4 Liter) Airtight Container – DME and Grain Storage

Snapware Container Review Homebrewing Malt Extract

I picked up the Snapware’s 4 Liter Airtight 17 Cup Airtight Container by Snapware primarily to use for DME storage.  I think it would also work well to store specialty grain, other ingredients or for use as general storage around your brewery.

This container is part of the Snapware MODS Rectangles series.  It is 100-Percent airtight and 100-percent water tight.  It features easy to open and close latches that work together with the silicone seal to keep foods fresh and to prevent liquids from leaking.

Front view

This container carries a lifetime warranty

Click for a larger photo.  This container is made in the USA, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, Airtight, Leakproof, Stackable and BPA free.  It has a capacity of 17 cups or 4 liters.

The label easily peels off to reveal care and use directions.  No residue.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  Why do manufacturers make labels that don’t come off easily?  It’s not like we don’t have the technology!  We’ve put a man on the moon!  Or have we??

Lid with Gasket

Gasket is removable for easy cleaning

This holds right at 5 lbs of this particular grain.  The weight of the container itself is excluded from this reading because I used the tare feature on my Escali Primo Scale.

This is going to define a new rule of thumb for me when evaluating containers with a known volume for grain storage.  1.25 lbs/liter.

You can see that the lid easily closes with 5 lbs of grain in the container.  I think this is a good size for storing specialty grains.  Obviously, this isn’t going to be dandy for storing a sack of base grain.  You’re probably not going to want to buy 10 of these containers.

Here’s the container holding 3 lbs, 13 ounces of DME.  That’s all the DME I had on hand.  I estimate that this can hold a total of 4.57 lbs of DME.  See the next picture for the math on that.

This container is about 6 1/2″ tall without the lid.  This is all the DME I had on hand.  If there are 5″ of DME in the container that figures out to about .7625 lbs of DME per inch.  Let’s say there is another 1″ of usable space.  3.1825 (measured weight) + .7625 (estimate for additional inch of DME) = 4.575 lbs.  That gives you a spare 1/2″ to easily close the lid.

img_purchasedateThis is a great container.  I purchased this back in April of 2013 and as of this edit (September of 2015) it’s still working great for me and in use as my primary DME Container.

Snapware MODS Medium Rectangle Storage Container 17 Cups

Also available in a two pack…
Snapware MODS Medium Rectangle Storage Container 17 Cups (Set Of 2)

Also: Storage Options – Base Grain, Specialty Grain and DME

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Guest Review: Bouncer Inline Beer Filter

Special Thanks to Jerry at AdventuresInHomebrewing.Beer for this Guest Post

by Jerry at AdventuresInHomebrewing.Beer:

Have you ever paid attention to any of those” suggested posts” on Facebook? More often than not, I just swing right by. One did catch my attention though, it was for the Bouncer. I am glad I took the time to really check it out, and contact Tim and Doug about what looked to be a really cool product. Homebrewing is filled with gadgets, and guys find really cool ways to to fix problems we run into. The Bouncer and the Bouncer MD solve all sorts of floating issues! It is two different beer inline filters that accomplish great things! So here is my product review of the Bouncer and Bouncer MD home brew beer inline filters. If you want the cliff notes, the answer is yes….go buy it….you won’t be disappointed. Oh wait, you want more details? Read those below.
In order to use the Bouncer or the Bouncer MD, you do need to put them inline with your tubing. For the regular Bouncer, it needs to be between your bottling bucket and the bottling wand.

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Hands On: Cereal Killer 2 Roller Adjustable Grain Mill!


The Cereal Killer Grain Mill from Adventures in Homebrewing gets consistently great feedback and is one of our Top Finds.

This homebrew mill is a two roller adjustable grain mill that features a 7 lb capacity hopper and a wood base.  The current version of the Cereal Killer sports a ball bearing design for the rollers, marked settings for the adjustable rollers and a new improved handle.

  • Includes a handle, but you can also easily use a drill.
  • Hardened steel roller size is 5″ long and 1.25″ diameter
  • The crank shaft has a 10mm diameter
  • It is suggested to run @ 300 RPM if motorized
  • Body is anodized aluminum for a lifetime worth of use
  • Two adjustable rollers
  • Rollers will adjust up to .100″
  • Rollers have a ball bearing design
  • Marked adjustable roller for easy adjustment
  • 7 lb capacity hopper
  • Wood base designed to fit snugly on the top of a 5 or 6 gallon bucket
  • 1 Year warranty from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Hands On: Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler! – Includes Temperature Trials


Stanley’s Stainless Steel vacuum insulated growler features vacuum insulated body and foam insulated lid to keep beer cold for 16 hours.  Made of 18/8 stainless steel and BPA free.  The heavy duty handle makes it easy to carry and allows you to pour smoothly with one hand.  Steel inner lid means no plastic is in contact with your beer.

It’s available in Hammertone Green and Hammertone Navy in 64 ounce/2 Quart/Half Gallon capacity as well as in a smaller 32 oz size.  It’s also part of a Gift Pack Set that includes the growler along with stacking pints.  Stanley makes a non-insulated version version as well.  The 64 ounce variant is mentioned in this review, although it comes in 32 ounce as well.

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Hands On Review: German Made Speidel Fermenters

German Made, Speidel Fermenters are available in a range of sizes 3.2 gallons all the way up to… 79.3 gallons.  Check out the full lineup including accessories and replacement gaskets.

I’ve owned a 5.3 gallon Speidel fermenter since October of 2011.  I use it for small batch BIAB beers.  I’ve been very impressed with that fermenter.  More recently, I picked up the 7.9 gallon version so that I can ferment full 5 gallon batches with all the same advantages.  This is a hands on review of both fermenters.

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Hands On: More Beer’s Inline Thermometer + Whirlpool Chiller Time Trial

Here’s a look at MoreBeer’s inline thermometer setup.  This is an all stainless setup, with stainless quick disconnects that allows you to place a thermometer inline at any point in your system.

The heart of this unit is a Fermentap Dial Thermometer

Top View.  You can see the all stainless construction and the stainless quick disconnects

Thermometer Calibration Screw

I found the inline thermometer to be well built.  It also served it’s purpose well.  It allows you to check the temperature at a specific point in your process.  I think because liquid is moving past this thermometer, you’re getting a great picture of what the temperature actually is at any given point.

I used this to monitor my chill progress.  Video…

My apologies that this video is a bit shaky at points.  You can watch it for 9 minutes and 12 seconds or just realize that it took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to get to pitching temp.

My batch was about 5.25 Gallons.  It took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to get to 68 degrees.  Add a couple more seconds on from turning the hose on to starting the video.  Ground water temp was 57.7 degrees.  I’d say those are dandy results.

Results will vary based on groundwater temp.  In my initial trials, I was able to get 5.25 gallons of boiling water down to pitching temp in 5 minutes.  Of course, water is easier to chill than wort.

My setup is a 50′ copper immersion chiller (similar to this one) with a recirculation arm along with a this high flow March pump.

Inline Thermometer with Stainless Quick Disconnects WC420 – $64.95 + Free Shipping

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