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Wyeast Private Collection Yeast Strains Released + Free Glass with Pliny

Private Collection Yeast

from Great Fermentations:  “Each quarter, Wyeast has a special release of 3 yeast strains called their Private Collection. These strains are very unique and are only available while supplies last for that given quarter. Sometimes these strains will come back in future releases, and other times they will be gone forever! Check back here each quarter for the latest Private Collection yeasts, and make sure to order yours while they’re available.

Q1 2016 Strains: This quarter, Wyeast is featuring 3 unique British Strains for those who love beers from across the pond! Take your favorite recipe and change it up a bit with a new strain from Wyeast!”

Selections include 1026-PC British Cask Ale, 1768-PC English Special Bitter and 1882-PC Thames Valley II Ale Yeast.  Check out the full lineup – Q1 2016 Wyeast Private Collection Yeast

Also from GF: Free Rastal Craft Master One Glass with Piney the Welder Purchase

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Brewing: Great Fermentations Dark Side Robust Porter


Great Fermentations Dark Side Robust Porter is a rich, roasty and robust traditional English style porter.  It is available in both all grain and extract versions.  The all grain version features Maris Otter for the base malt, a generous amount of brown malt and Simpson’s Medium Crystal and Chocolate Malt.  It receives two charges of Fuggle hops.  Yeast Suggestions are Wyeast #1098 British Ale, Wyeast #1275 Thames Valley, Wyeast #1099 Whitbread Ale, Imperial Yeast A01 House or Safale-04 dry yeast.


“A true English style robust porter, straight out of the pages of history! The Dark Side Robust Porter uses a healthy dose of Brown malt, a malt that porters traditionally used as their base, to add a heavy robust character to the beer. Notes of coffee flow forth in the flavor profile, aided by some chocolate malt and balanced by some crystal malts from the U.K. Add some English Fuggle hops on top, and you’ve got a robust porter that finishes big with a hint of sweetness. Once you go to the dark side, you may never go back!”

Here’s a look at brewing the all grain version of Dark Side Robust Porter…

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Maris Otter Malt Syrup – made with Crisp Maris Otter – up to 20% Off

Maris Otter Malt Syrup

MoreBeer has all sizes of their Maris Otter Malt Extract Syrup on sale. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 lb sizes are available.  Shipping is free with a $59 order.

Note that you need to click on each size to see the sale price.  If this is still kicking you should see “On Sale” after clicking your desired size.  Most sizes are marked down 20%.  The “sweet spot” – Did you see what I did there 🙂 – on a per pound basis is actually the 8 lb size.  With the sale that figures to $2.74 per lb.

Check it out – Maris Otter Malt Extract Syrup – Made with Crisp Maris Otter

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25% Off All UK Grown 1 lb Pellets at Bell’s Brewery!


Bell’s Brewery General Store is discounting their entire lineup of UK grown pellet hops in 1 lb sizes by a whopping 25%.

Currently available varieties include Pilgrim, Admiral, Northdown, WGV, Bramling Cross, Kent Golding, First Gold, Fuggle, Target and Challenger.

Check them out – lb bags of UK grown hops – no promo code needed, discount reflected on each product page.  Related: Muntons Maris Otter · WLP002 English Ale Yeast

Also… Bell’s currently (as of this posting at least) has hard to find Citra and Amarillo in stock – Full Selection – Sorted by popularity

More from Bell’s: Sale Items · Hops – Great Prices and SelectionBell's Homebrew Supplies

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Guest Post: A Look at Bairds Carastan

Bairds Carastan

Many thanks to Bill at Great Fermentations for this special Guest Post!

Late in 2014, Great Fermentations introduced a variety of products from maltsters we don’t normally carry including: Thomas Fawcett, Bairds, Best Malz, and several others. Since then, we’ve continued getting requests for some of these malts. Here’s a closer look at one of those malts… Bairds Carastan.

At it’s core, Carastan is a British Crystal malt, at 30-40° Lovibond. You can use it in your recipes up to 20% of the malt bill, and expect to get caramel/toffee flavors, along with a slight character reminiscent of toasted bread. Bairds Carastan is going to differ slightly from your American crystal malts in that it will contribute a deeper flavor than you might expect. That’s pretty typical of the British crystals, and why I like them so much! Bairds Carastan can be used to add both flavor and color to many recipes, including (but not limited to): English Pale Ales, Mild Ales, and Brown Ales.

The dominant flavor profiles that come across are caramel, toffee, and bready; that just screams ESB to me. I would use Carastan at a rate of about 10% of the total grain bill, along with a good, UK pale malt like Maris Otter. If you need to darken it up a bit, an ounce or two of UK black malt will do. Bitter it to about 40 IBUs with your favorite British hop, and add a bit more at the end of the boil for aroma. White Labs English Ale Yeast or Wyeast London ESB would be a good choice for fermentation.

Check it out – Here

Great Fermentations Bill

About the Author:  Award winning homebrewer, Bill Jimerson, came to Great Fermentations in 2010 after spending over a decade in the motorcycle and power-sports industry. When he’s not tending to exploding fermenters or dangerously addicted to something on Netflix, Bill spends his off time working on Indy Beer News, a craft beer news and events calendar/podcast.

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Omega Labs Yeast – 150 Billion Cells


Omega Labs includes 150 billion cells (50% more yeast vs a more typical 100 billion cell homebrew pitch).  They also have some interesting strains including an “Ale strain isolated from a famous double IPA brewed in Vermont”.  We’re probably talking about the “Conan” strain used in the Alchemists’s nearly impossible to find Heady Topper.

Some Omega Labs Strains

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.

Check out the full lineup – Omega Labs Yeast at Brew Hardware

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Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter Malt- $1.41/lb


RiteBrew has just started stocking Fawcet’s Maris Otter Malt.  2.3 to 3.0 L.

It is available for $1.41 per lb or $1.21 per lb for 10+ lbs or $1.05 per lb if you buy a 55 lb bag.

Check it out – Per lbFull Bag

Thomas Fawcett is one of the few malsters that still practice floor malting…

via Thomas Fawcett & Sons: Fawcett’s has kept abreast of technological progress in the malting industry without losing sight of traditional and proven methods. Today, Fawcett’s remain as one of the few Maltsters still operating a floor maltings in conjunction with a saladin maltings and a state of the art automated germinating kilning vessel (GKV).

Also Consider: RiteBrew’s Bargain Bin

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