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Brewing “1 Hour” IPA – from grain to glass


Great Fermentations has a number of great Recipe Kit Offerings.  Included in the bunch is their continuously hopped “1 Hour IPA”.  I was excited to see that as I am a huge fan of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA and generally cannot get that beer where I live.  The recipe features Simpsons Crystal Malt, Carapils, Amber Malt and Warrior, Amarillo and Simcoe Hops.  It’s available in both all grain and extract versions.  Here’s a overview of the beer from grain to glass.

cln_img_2660Taking the temperature of the recently crushed malt bill.

cln_img_2770I brewed this beer BIAB style.  Here’s a look at the mash.

cln_img_2778Stirring to get everything mixed up well.

cln_img_2785The mash is settling in at around 152 deg F.

cln_img_2827Here we are at the end of the mash.  If you take a look at the thermometer on my BoilerMaker G1 kettle (GF has a great deal on some slight cosmetic damage G1s right now) you’ll notice I’m up in the 170 deg F range doing a direct fired mash out.  That’s one of the dandy parts about BIAB.  Easy step mashes and mash outs.

cln_img_3050Hey that’s wort!!

cln_img_3061This recipe features 5 total kettle hop editions.  A 60 minute Warrior bittering addition starts it off followed by 4 Amarillo/Simcoe blend additions.  Those start at 15 minutes and happen every 5 minutes up until and including knock out.  There is one dry hop addition of the hop blend.

cln_img_3102After an early hop addition

cln_img_3143After a late hop addition

cln_img_4323It’s kegging time.  Beautiful clear beer going into one of my kegs.

cln_img_5312The finished product.  Of course, in a Spiegelau IPA Glass.

I wish that I could have done a side by side comparison of 60 minute vs 1 hour.  I did some searching, even out of state, and didn’t come up with any.

This beer, much like 60 minute, is a tasty and drinkable IPA.  IBU and alcohol-wise it’s on the lighter end of the scale for current push-the-limit American IPAs (that I also enjoy).  The keg went quickly, I almost did not get the finished in-the-glass picture at the end.  I think this was the second to last pint.  I enjoyed it very much and the speed at which the keg was depleted is a testament to that.

The taste that I walk away with, from 60 minute, more than hops is the great nutty, roasty flavor of the British Amber Malts.  I do get that in 1 Hr IPA.  As I said, I like that flavor, so, next time I would add another quarter lb or so.  Not that this beer needs it to be more like 60 minute.  It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those, so I can’t tell you that for certain.  I just like the flavors that that malt adds.

Check it out - All Grain and Extract

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A First Look at M-80 IPA


I received a recent More Beer order yesterday afternoon.  That order included the all grain version of More Beer’s newer M-80 IPA.  That recipe features American Pale Malt, Crystal 15, Columbus for bittering, followed by Simcoe, more Columbus, more Simcoe and a generous dose of Centennial for dry hopping.  I’m using WLP-001.  More Beer’s recipes also come with Priming Sugar, and a Whirlfloc tablet.

The directions call for three medium sizes oranges to be added a couple of days into fermentation.  That’s both the zest and the fruit (discarding as much of the pith as possible).  Sounds delicious to me.

From the beer description: “… Because of the similarity of hops, one MoreBeer! staffer dubbed it a mini “Pliny The Elder... but with orange”. High praise indeed.”

M-80 was designed by fellow homebrewer Carlos Musquez.  Carlos is also a graphic designer and designed matching labels to go along with M-80.

M-80 is available in both All Grain and Extract Versions

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1 Hour IPA Kit – All Grain and Extract

Looking through Great Fermentations Recipe Kit Offerings last week, I was happy to see their continuously hopped “1 Hour IPA” as I am a huge fan of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA.  The recipe features Simpsons Crystal Malt, Carapils, Crisp Amber Malt and Warrior, Amarillo and Simcoe Hops.  It’s available in both all grain and extract versions.  I placed an order via GF’s Flat Rate Shipping last Friday and it was at my door on Saturday.  It’s on the schedule to be brewed this coming weekend.

Check it out – All Grain and Extract

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Patagonia Malts – with Patagonia IPA Recipe from NHC

One of the homebrews that stood out to me while attending the recent National Homebrewer’s Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan was an IPA that was served by Brewer’s Supply Group (BSG) at their booth at the Conference.  It was… delicious.  Roasty, great hop character and easy to drink.  I swung by for two samples and shortly returned… for a third and it was gone.  After the conference, I got a hold of BSG to ask about the beer.  I learned that it was formulated and brewed by Juno Choi.  Juno kindly shared the recipe with me and I’d like to share it with you.  Thank you Juno!

The recipe features 100% Patagonia Malts from Chile.  Those were new to me and I think relatively new to the homebrew market here in the US, because… I had a very difficult time sourcing the grain for this recipe.  After looking around a bit, I contacted Bryan at Great Fermentations.  They already carried Patagonia, just not not all three varieties that this recipe calls for.  Bryan kindly sourced the remaining grains and has stocked them at Great Fermentations.  Thank you so much Bryan!  My order is… on the way.  I’m also going to try GF’s “1 Hour IPA” Kit.  

On to the recipe…

All Grain:


10.8 lbs Patagonia Extra Pale Malt
.6 lb Patagonia Caramel 90L
.6 lb Patagonia Caramel 190L


60 Minutes – 2 OZ Motueka
10 Minutes – 2 OZ Pacifica
1 Minute – 2 OZ Nelson Sauvin

Mash for 60 Minutes at 152 deg F

Ferment with Safale US-05 at 68 deg F

About The Beer, Estimates:

OG: 1.061 at 70% Efficiency
FG: 1.017
ABV: 5.76%
IBU 73.31
SRM 17.78


The all grain recipe features Patagonia Malts from beginning to end.  Extract Patagonia Extra Pale Malt doesn’t exist.  You could still get the same idea by substituting 8 lbs of Liquid Malt Extract for the Extra Pale and steep the caramel malts.  That gets you the same gravity and pretty well everything else, although the SRM does go up to 18.74.  Again, not the exact same beer, but you will get a lot of the great roasty flavors from the Patagonia Caramel Malts and all of the hop character.

Brewing More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale

Brewing More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale Kit

This recipe is built on Rahr Two Row along with some White Wheat, Carapils and a lower lovibond Crystal.  The bittering addition is Magnum followed by Citra, Citra and more Citra.

My Top Find Thermapen (review) checking the grain bill temperature prior to mashing in.

Grain and strike water combined in my mash tun

Mash thoroughly stirred using my 24″ Stainless Whisk (review).

First and second running combined and heating up.

Hey, the thermometer on my 10 Gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker says I should be boiling.

For drama: about to boil-over.  Notice the 24″ Brewer’s Whisk watching all of this.  Will the injustice of a boil-over happen while this whisk idly sits by?

Bam… boil-over averted

I came out with a Brix reading of 15.7 on my Atago PAL-1.  That translates to an OG of 1062.8.  I was a little high as the recipe calls for 1.055.  Something I just learned:  I’m told that stated efficiencies of More Beer’s kits are based on grain milled by their shop mill.  They mill a little on the course side and that effects efficiency.  The upside of that you’re less less likely to get a stuck sparge, and less likely to pull tannins.  They also make up for this efficiency loss by including more grain when needed.  Since, I mill my own grain, I got a slightly higher efficiency.  Not a big deal in my book and not an issue at all if you’re getting pre-milled grain.  Next time, maybe I’ll leave out some of the base grain to hit it right on, or… maybe not. :)

 I had an odd thing happen with the sight glass on my Boilermaker… it plugged up.  That hasn’t happened before or since.  Fortunately I was able to get a volume reading based on the condensation line on the side of the kettle.

In the fermenter

 This settled in at 69 deg F.  I chilled it another degree in my fermentation deep freeze and pitched US-05.


 Straight out of the fermenter

The finished beer in a Spiegelau IPA Glass!

Of Citra, Hop Union Says: “Strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee”

I’ve brewed one other Citra Beer.  That recipe was of my own creation.  I had just gotten a pound of Citra and wanted to try it.  That recipe used copious amounts of this hop and it was too much.  Coming away from that beer, I thought, what’s the big deal about Citra, it kind of doesn’t taste great.  More Beer’s Citra kit placed me on the other side of the fence.  With the exception of the bittering addition, this beer is all about Citra down to the dry hopping and it comes off really balanced, tasty and very drinkable.  This was one of those beers that kicked fast… really fast.

This beer is getting all 5 star reviews on More Beer and I can see why.  It’s a great beer.

More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale is Available in Both Extract and All Grain versions.  

Check it out Here

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    Back in Stock: Zythos IPA Recipe Kits – All Versions

    This kit has been out of stock.  As of this posting… all versions are back in stock.

    I brewed the extract version of this kit as part of Brewing Your First Extract Beer post.  It’s a great beer!

    Here’s what this looked like right after the final, very late Zythos hop addition…

    Hopunion’s Zythos IPA – Extract Kit KIT163 - $39.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

    Hopunion’s Zythos IPA – All Grain Beer Kit KIT463U KIT463M - $28.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

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    Brewing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!


    For the fifth year in a row Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Elder has topped Zymurgy Magazine’s Best Beers in America List.  Update: Make that the sixth year in a row as of June of 2014,

    More Beer has has kits (All Grain - Extract) for Pliny. The recipes for these kits came to More Beer directly from Vinnie Cilurzo, owner and brewer at Russian River Brewing Company.

    It’s worth noting, that generally speaking, More Beer has a difficult time keeping this kit in stock.  If it’s available and you’re wanting to brew it… I’d suggest picking it up while it’s around.

    I brewed the All Grain version of this beer.

    Recipe Contents

    Crushing the grain with my Barley Crusher Mill

    Crushed Grain

    Starting to warm up strike water in my Blichmann Boilermaker

    This beer contains a lot of hops

    Taking the grain temperature using my Top Find - CDN DTQ450X Thermometer - Review

    This recipe gets whole Cascade hop cones right in the mash.

    This was my first full scale brew in the bag batch.  I’ve brewed a lot of smaller batches BIAB and I love it.  I used More Beer’s 29 x 29 drawstring bag, which fits great in my 10 gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker kettle.  All the math worked out, but I was a little on the nervous side seeing just how little space I had left over prior to adding grain.

    For Fun: Making a whirlpool just because I can, with my Top Find - Brewer’s Whisk - Review

    Grist bill just in the kettle.  It fit!

    Grain nicely incorporated with my brewer’s whisk

    Whole Cascade Hop Cones in the mash.  I love this picture.

    Front view of Boilermaker, Bag and Mash

    Hops incorporated into mash

    The mash settled in at 154

    Drinking a Summit Saga while time passes

    After an early hop addition

    After a later hop addition

    Wort chiller in to sanitize

    After the last hop addition

    Getting a whirlpool going

    Here it is fermenting away!  Yay… yeast win again!  I fermented this in More Beer’s 6 Gallon PET CarboyReview

    Fermentation activity is staring to slow

    Dry hops added.  Reiterating… this beer has a lot of hops.

    After cold crashing

    In a Spiegelau IPA Glass

    The finished product

    I’m not big on superlatives or favorites.  I will use both, but I hesitate.  I can’t definitively say that this is the best beer that has ever come out of my homebrewery.  I can’t remember them all.  This has to rate highly though, if it’s not at the top, I’d like to have more of the beers that have bested it.

    What I can definitively tell you is this… This beer turned out amazingly well.  Lots of hop flavor and aroma.  It is delicious.  I can highly recommend this beer.

    Vinnie’s “Pliny the Elder” Double IPA – Extract Beer Kit KIT774 - $49.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

    Russian River’s “Pliny the Elder” Double IPA – All Grain Beer Kit (Advanced) KIT776M KIT776U - $45.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order