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Periodic Table of Beer Styles Poster – $8.03 Shipped + Reader Photo

Thanks to Twitter Follower Aaron for a picture of this poster!  Got a photo of a great find you found on Homebrew Finds?  Send us an email

Periodic Table of Beer Styles Poster

36″ x 24″ Periodic Table of Beer Styles Poster.

Was (Default Offer – as of January 22)…


1/26/2015 10:25 AM Cental: This poster is selling for $8.03 with free shipping.  Check out the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

NMR 24155 Periodic Table of Beer Styles Decorative Poster

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Reader Tip: Igloo Kegerator – $159 In Store @ Home Depot – YMMV

Thanks to HBF Reader Daniel and Adam for this tip!

Home Depot KegeratorThanks to Daniel for this photo – taken in NE Ohio

Apparently some Home Depots have discounted an Igloo model of Kegerator (maybe this one?) by quite a bit.  Reports have it at $159.  Daniel’s photo shows it at $199, but apparently it’s discounted an additional 20% through a clearance appliance sale.  This is a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) sort of thing.

Also, check out our tips and gear for putting together your kegerator below.

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Tips and Gear for Your Kegerator:

First Looks: Brand New, 5 Gallon Keg from AIH – On Sale for $75

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg

Adventures in Homebrewing recently-ish introduced a brand new 5 gallon ball lock keg.  Check it out – Here.  They recently put those on sale for… $75.  That’s a stellar deal for a brand new ball lock, so I… picked one up.  These are stainless steel and in the process of being NSF Certified.  Although, this first run did not get the stamp – guessing that may be why they’re clearing these out at $75.

Ball Lock, Stainless Steel, Double Rubber Handles.  Specs say these are 25″ tall and 8.5″ in diameter.

Here’s a first look…

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewA look at the top of the keg

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewStamp on the side of the side of the keg reads… Max WP 130 PSI [900 kpa], Cap 5 US GAL [19].  Guessing WP = working pressure,

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewBottom of the keg

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewThere was a little bit of what I would call rubber residue.  Not a lot, but some.  Guessing this will wear or scrub off.  Maybe this is common for brand new kegs, I’ve never owned one before this.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfInside of the keg.  Looks great.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock Keg PartsParts and pieces.  Left side is liquid, right side is gas.  The lid oring is white.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a white silicone.  It doesn’t feel like Buna-N.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegLiquid drip tube

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfClose up on the gas side

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfThe keg uses universal style poppets.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegClose up of the lid.

I’ve just had this keg part of today.  First Impressions are great.  I’ll say at this point, that this is the nicest 5 gallon keg I’ve owned.  At it’s current sale price of $75, I’d call it a stellar value.  Shipping is additional.  Play around with different quantities as minimum shipping charges make those costs a bit odd.  It usually doesn’t cost much more to ship a second, third or forth keg.

From  Facebook Friend Michael… “Have one from their Black Friday sale and am very happy with it. It’s a Steal!”

Check it out - Here

Reader Photos…

B6sz-YJIgAABwFnThanks to Twitter Follower @dseibel88 for this picture!

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Back in Stock: Perlick 650SS w/Flow Control – $47.99 + Reader Photo

I posted about his toward the beginning of January and it sold out.   Doing some checking this morning, I noticed that it came back in stock sometime yesterday.

Perlick 650SS and Growler FillerThanks to Twitter Follower @jeffdebruin for this photo of the 650SS and Compatible Growler Filler

The Perlick 650SS is a redesign of Perlick’s 545PC Flow Control Faucet.

This faucet is forward sealing, made of 304 Stainless Steel (the 545PC was chrome) and includes a flow compensator.  That flow compensator allows you to adjust the resistance your faucet is exerting.  This means less tubing and potentially less foaming and wasted beer. The compensation feature also makes it easier to serve higher carbonation beers as you can set the faucet to provide resistance to offset the increased pressure needed to store these beers.

843179 – Perlick Perl Faucet – Stainless – w/Flow Control - $47.99

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Reader Photo-Palooza!


I’m a big fan of pictures of things.  Professional photos can be good, even great, but sometimes their sterility removes context, scale and real world helpfulness.  I like pictures of stuff out in the wild or at the very least with something as a reference.

A recent example of this is a littlebits order that I received.  I’ve purchased some of that gear with the goal of making some homebrewing-helpful contraptions using this electronics toy rapid prototyping platform.  Anyway, I ordered some toggle switches and at first glance on the website, they appeared standard size.  When I got them and they were, for lack of a better word,… little. :)  Closer examination of the stock image makes that clear, but on a quick first look I thought they were larger.

We recently held a FastFerment Conical Fermenter Giveaway.  Entry to the contest was gained by submitting a picture of what you received or purchased for yourself around the Holidays.

I thought it would be fun to share some of those.  So, here are some of the pictures we received along with reviews (when available).  These include the Twitter handle of all who entered.

Thanks for entering the contest and for sharing these photos!  Note that these represent only a part of the ones we received.  More than I wanted to include in a single post.  Look for a Volume II in the near future.  Do you have a photo, deal tip or process tip you want to share?  Get it on over to me.  You can use the Submit a Tip Link or send me an email.

B6rjLtnIcAApoi2via @Snoballz 15 Gallon Bru Gear Kettle and Bayou Classic KAB6 Propane Burner

24" Mash Tun Whiskvia @SutliffAveBrews “Best tool I’ve come across for mash or malt extract, massive french whisk!”  24″ Stainless WhiskReview

B6rdjHuCYAAGdHkvia @jasonpiroth Membership in the National Homebrewer’s Association.  It’s a great deal.

StirStarter Stir Platevia @uSlackr - StirStarter Stir Plate!

Dual Scale Refractometervia @Vodie0212 – Dual Scale ATC Refractometer

Braumeister Electric Brewing Systemvia @alschmidutz - Braumeister Electric Brewing System

Stainless Mini Keg Growlervia @basszombie666 – Stainless Mini Keg Growler

Heat Stickvia @neckbeardbeer “Love this Heatstick I got after seeing it on Homebrew Finds”1000 Watt Heat StickReview – Includes Temp Trials

B6uUnffCMAALFWTvia @barrooze – CDN DTQ450XReview, FastWeigh MS-600, RT301WA (Right Side), not 100% sure on the IR Thermometer, maybe this one

RT600C Thermometervia @millerchrisa – 2 ThermoWorks RT600CReview

Captain Crush Grain Millvia @ericpburt – Captain Crush Grain MIll - Review

ThermoWorks Thermapenvia @Mlmcadam  ThermoWorks ThermapenReview

B6twYzdIUAAT4i-via @72westie Speidel FermenterReview, The Ultimate Book of Beers

B6trm6SCAAAL9rsvia @GnJohan Craft Series Cider kits via AIH – Currently on sale for $25

Anchor Hocking 5-Ounce Measuring Glass, Smallvia @DSBZJ – Anchor Hocking 5 Ounce Measuring Glasses – multi-purpose – tasting glasses, measuring, apparently a little Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey? :)

all grain mill storage homebrewvia @joetothemo (the FastFerment contest winner!) - 2 Vittles Vault Airtight Grain Storage Containers and a Cereal Killer Grain Mill – Currently $99.99 Shipped

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Stainless, NSF Work Table – Reader Feedback and Photos!

I received a tip on this table from HBF Reader Jeff earlier today.  Come to find out, Jeff just purchased this exact table.  I asked him for some photos and thoughts about it.  He kindly obliged.  Thank you Jeff!

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchA picture of the table with a keggle on top for size reference.  Click the photo to enlarge

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchUnderside of the bottom of the table.

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchBottle tree and bucket sitting on top.

from Jeff: “I’ve been looking for some stainless steel tables for months now, but I was very leery about cheap non-sturdy tables. After receiving my Trinity work table today there is no question in my mind that it is 110% restaurant quality stainless worktable. I couldn’t ask for a more sturdy table. I could easily stand on this table (at 200lbs) and feel secure, however the instructions say not to. To my surprise, as I was putting the table together (super simple) I flipped table over I noticed fantastic reinforcements on the bottom. I’ve attached a picture of both!”

I have been eyeing stainless tables myself for quite some time.  After seeing the pictures and hearing Jeff’s feedback on the quality, I ordered one of these just prior to putting this post up.

Trinity EcoStorage 48″ wide, 35.5″ tall, 24″ Deep NSF Certified table.  All Stainless Steel Construction, adjustable shelves and adjustable feet levelers.

Use for a brew day or brewery area work table.  The built in shelf is handy for brew area storage and organization.  Also, the NSF certified stainless surface can be sanitized.

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-Inch

Also available in a smaller 24″ size
TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 24-Inch

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5 Shelf Shelving Unit, 4,000 lb capacity

Thanks to Google+ Friend Rod for this picture and his experience with these shelving units!

Rod says that these shelves were easy to put together and sturdy.

Edsal UR185L-BLK Black Steel Heavy Duty 5-Shelf Shelving Unit, 4000lbs Capacity, 36″ Width x 72″ Height x 18″ Depth

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