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6.9 Cu Ft Deep Freeze – $158 @ Home Depot + Reader Feedback


6.9 Cubic Ft Deep Freeze from Home Depot.  You could use this to put together a Kegerator [See: Kegerator Tips & Gear] or a temp controlled fermentation chamber.

AlsoInkbird Dual Stage Temp Controller

Magic Chef 6.9 Cubic Ft Freezer (model HMCF7W2) from Home Depot marked down to $158 as a Special Buy.  In store pickup at your local Home Depot is free.  Includes storage basket.

Feedback from HBF Reader Brian: “I bought one of these to be my keezer. Important to note: you can put 4 5gal ball-lock kegs staggered in the bottom and one 2.5 or 3gal on the hump, or two if you put your gas on outside. I mounted my taps on the hump side to give easy clearance to get all the kegs in/out.”

Magic Chef 6.9 cu. ft. Chest Freezer in White – $158 + Free In Store Pickup

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Ball Lock Keg Jumper Post – Clean Draft Lines… $5.99 – Back in Stock


via Brew Hardware.  This custom fitting is designed to allow you to connect two ball lock QDs together for the purpose of cleaning your draft lines more quickly and easily.

About this fitting

from Brew Hardware: “Maybe this is a strange idea but that’s how we roll. This custom made fitting allows you to connect a liquid ball lock coupler/disconnect to both sides. It’s made so that the poppet is depressed to get full flow through both lines. Why?  If you’ve got a multiple faucet kegerator, you’re probably used to cleaning your lines one tap at a time. There are a lot of different ways to run cleaner through the lines whether it be pumping, or maybe even dispensing BLC or other cleaners through by pressurizing a spare keg. The BEST way to clean lines is to use a pump because cleaner in motion works better than static. Here’s how we do it. We use a chugger pump fed from a spare pot or cooler and the output of the pump goes into the first faucet (simply clamp the hose on to the nozzle). The serving line goes to this ball lock jumper fitting, then into the serving line of the next faucet. On the outside of this faucet you can either run it back into your cleaner reservoir or continue to daisy chain to as many faucets as you have.

The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to take your disconnects off the lines or take them apart for cleaning. The cleaner goes through everything. You can also use it with only one QD attached which would then just hold the poppet open for you.” [keep reading]


HBF Reader [8 Ways to Connect with HBF] Josh Says: “I use two of these, along with my Mark II Keg Washer, and silicone tubing between my Perlick faucets, to make a loop through all three of my taps in order to recirculate BLC for a good 30 – 60 minutes. Works great!”

We’ve featured these a couple times in the past and both times they have sold out relatively quickly.  They are back in stock and available to order as of this posting.

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.


Draft Line Cleaning PumpsMark II Keg & Carboy Cleaner… As a Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump • Building A Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump

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Flat Rate (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) options are available.

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RT600C Thermometer – Updated and on Sale – 3 Colors + Hands on Review


ThermoWorks makers of the nearly universally lauded Thermapen – have just released an updated version of the RT600C.  It’s now available in charcoal, white and yellow.  In addition to the new color choices it now includes a new calibration trim function.

Features: Highest accuracy in its class, to ±0.9°F (±0.5°C), Range from -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C)
IP65 waterproof rating, 5-6 second Super-Fast® probe, 4.7-inch probe length for deeper reach
5,000-hour battery life, 2-year warranty.

I have the RT600C [Review] Thermometer.  This is a great home brewing thermometer that I can confidently recommend.  It’s accurate, has a quick response time and it is waterproof.  Waterproof as in… toss it in the dishwasher kind of waterproof.  Take the temperature of your strike water, mash, sparge water, starter wort and lots more.


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More About the RT600C

The RT600C digital pocket thermometer has been Rated #1 by a leading Cook’s Magazine. This ThermoWorks digital pocket thermometer reads temperatures in just 5 seconds. A Super-Fast® digital thermometer, the RT600C is currently in use in thousands of restaurants, food plants, labs and is carried by health inspectors worldwide. It’s the perfect instant-read thermometer, and the affordable choice for home or commercial use. Now in 3 colors!

Improved Accuracy
The RT600C is a super accurate pocket thermometer that’s accurate to ±0.9°F – up to 212°F. This accuracy is only found in professional thermometers. The RT600C has been thoroughly tested against NIST-traceable standards.

The RT600C digital pocket thermometer is faster than any other thermometer in this price range! The reduced tip is only 1/16″ diameter and complies with USDA meat thermometer requirements. Fully speed-tested in the ThermoWorks Standards Lab to ensure the thermometer reaches within 1°F of the final temperature in only 5-6 seconds (at any temperature in the range).

Long 4.7-inch Probe
Reach into the center of roasts and keep hands away from hot surfaces with the 4.7-inch probe. Store the RT600C when not in use with a convenient probe cover which doubles as an extension handle for an even longer reach.

Longer Battery Life
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer uses a reliable CR2032 battery with circuit improvements to reliably allow for 5,000 hours of continuous thermometer use between battery changes.

Max/Min Function
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer saves the highest and lowest temperatures since your last reset. The thermometer is great for checking dishwasher, fridge or freezer temps. When you pull your roast or turkey from the oven, insert the instant-read thermometer and leave it while the meat rests so you know the highest temperature reading. Max/Min records the high and low over a period of up to 1 hour, when the auto-off shuts the unit down. Max/Min will start with new values when the thermometer is turned back on.

Auto-Off after 1 Hour
If left on, the RT600C digital pocket thermometer will automatically shut down after 1 hour; still long enough to make the Max/Min function useful. What good is Max/Min memory if the thermometer turns off too soon? If you need to record Max/Min for longer than 1 hour, see the RT600B, that does not have an Auto-Off feature, for recording over longer periods.

Tough Commercial Design
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer has been designed with minimal food and grime traps. Rubberized button panels are sealed and withstand temperatures to 190°F (for commercial dishwasher testing). No welded or braised joints on the thermometer probe that would shelter microbes or create likely breakage points. The RT600C is designed to survive short term, shallow immersion – you can wash the thermometer under the tap or use it with wet hands. Rated to IP65. NSF approved for use in commercial food applications.

The RT600C comes with a two-year coverage on material and workmanship including any failure in the thermometer circuit. Includes online, email and phone access to the ThermoWorks technical service group.


TRUE Weldless Bulkheads from Brew Hardware

Here’s a video from Bobby at Brew Hardware talking about their newer line of TRUE Bulkheads.

The bulkhead is available in a number of configurations.  The 5/8″ Barb version is included in their Cooler Conversion kit, that I recently purchased.  If you’ve dealt with other weldless kits you’ll know that typically a certain finesse is required when installing.  These look like you can actually tighten them down.  I”m really looking forward to moving over to this for my mash tun.

Reader Feedback from ‘jwin’ (a comment on this post)… “Bobby_M has the best products. I only use his hardware including his awesome heatstick. Bulkheads, Shanks, Thermowells, Sight Glasses. All great all innovative. Just got his Variable Length Weldless Bulkhead for my Coleman extreme xl mast tun. 10g barleywine anyone?”

Check it out: Bulkheads | Cooler Conversion Kit

Flat Rate (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) options are available.

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Brand New Replacement Keg Lids… $14.50 Shipped + Reader Feedback

These have been re-listed…

New Replacement Corny Keg Beer Homebrew Lid With Pull Release Valve

Brand new replacement corny keg lid – fits standard ball and pin lock kegs – with pull release valve.  To me, manual PRV lids like this one are preferential to pin lock (no PRV) style lids.  Both styles typically vent automatically for safety.  The manual PRV also gives you the ability to vent the keg without an additional tool.

These are selling for just $14.50 and include free shipping.

Reader Feedback [8 ways to connect] from Samuelarno (a comment on a previous post about these lids): “Ordered two of these and they arrived today; I was pleasantly surprised to note that both include a tab on the bottom side of the lid for hanging mesh bags of dry-hops, oak chips, etc. Very impressed.”

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New Replacement Corny Keg Beer Homebrew Lid With Pull Release Valve – $14.50 + Free Shipping

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Reusable Fine Mesh Bags for Specialty Grains and Hops

Premium Quality - Almond Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Food Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Strainer Fine Mesh - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon - Zimtal

13″ by 13″ fine mesh bag.  Guaranteed for 1 year.  According to the description replacement bags are sent with free shipping.  75 micron professional food grade nylon.

HBF Reader Pete says [Also: Reader Feedback Tag]: “I typically brew extract and use these bags for both the steeping grains and also for hop adds.  They do fine in the boil and are really strong.”

Premium Quality – Almond Milk Bag – XL – 13 ” X 13 “

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Update: Hands On – 24″ Stainless Steel Whisk – Extract, All Grain and Whirlpooling

Toward the beginning of 2013, HBF Reader [8 Ways to Connect with HBF] Kirk encouraged me to look around for a suitable whisk for stirring up the mash.  This was a new idea for me.

Others chimed in that this works well as a mash paddle or spoon replacement, making quick work of breaking up dough balls.  I found this 24″ stainless whisk and decided to pick one up myself.

It’s a full 24″ long

I use a 10 gallon Igloo Cooler for my mash tun.  As you can see this is plenty long enough to get to the bottom.

This is a nice sturdy whisk.  I came up with about 2.2 mm for the wire thickness.

Sticker collection update.

This works great for stirring up the mash.  I’m using it here to stir up the mash for a BIAB brew session of More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit [See: Brewing Pliny the Elder].

This whisk also works great for stirring in DME and LME.  In this picture, I’m brewing a Zythos IPA Extract Kit.  After incorporating the LME in this recipe, like a super hero, with this whisk.  I poured in the DME and Maltodextrin called for and let it sit there for a little bit.  This, of course caused a substantial clump to form.

 After a little bit of whisking

After a little more whisking.  This whisk makes easy work of stirring in extract.  It also feels like it’s doing a better job of thoroughly mixing extract versus a spoon.

It’s hard to catch it in a picture but this thing makes it easy to get a kettle whirlpool going.  I’ve always had a hard time getting any sort of a whirlpool going with a spoon or mash paddle.  The whisk is circular, so it’s always working with you in the task of starting a whirlpool.  This just makes it downright easy.

This works amazingly well in the mash tun, to stir in extract and to get a whirlpool going.  It can generally be had for a very reasonable price.  Because of the affordability and it’s effectiveness, I think that every full batch (5 gal+) homebrewer should consider picking one up.  This is a solid member of our Top Finds list and would be added to the Super Top Finds list if that list existed… :).  As of this update in August of 2015 this continues to work well and be one of my go-to pieces of equipment.

Some of the Reader Feedback We’ve Received…

Scott: I used this for the first time yesterday with 11.5 pounds of grain and it worked like a champ! No dough balls at all – mixes the grain so quickly!

Facebook Friend Kirk: I used mine yesterday. I have dubbed it the Dough Ball Decimator!

Ricky: I got one of these the last time it was posted. They work great. You stir your mash differently. You can’t really muscle your mash the same way. It works better despite this. It’s much easier to break clumps up. A little two handed whisking gets everything is evenly mixed.

Facebook Friend Andrew : I have used one for my last 2 yeast starters to mix the DME before boiling… Amazing.

Jared: After following your site for quite some time now, and purchasing many items because you let me know about them, I just received the 24″ whisk. I can’t believe how awesome this thing is just by pulling it out of the shipping package! I am so excited about this I might just have to brew this weekend even though I don’t really have the time. Not only would this piece be awesome for the mash, but dissolving LME and DME and keep it off of the bottom. What a great piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it!

Aaron: I have this exact same French Whip and love it, works way better than the old mash paddle I used before. It really cuts through the grain and helps ensure no dough balls etc. Definitely recommend this above any other stirring tools I’ve used!

Facebook Friend Wayne: I discovered using one of these about 3 years ago. Don’t know how I ever got along without it. Never have a problem with doughballs. Just make sure you get one that is stiff enough.

Update International FW-24 Stainless Steel French Whip, 24-Inch

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