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Update: Hands On – 24″ Stainless Steel Whisk – Extract, All Grain and Whirlpooling

Toward the beginning of 2013, HBF Reader [8 Ways to Connect with HBF] Kirk encouraged me to look around for a suitable whisk for stirring up the mash.  This was a new idea for me.

Others chimed in that this works well as a mash paddle or spoon replacement, making quick work of breaking up dough balls.  I found this 24″ stainless whisk and decided to pick one up myself.

It’s a full 24″ long

I use a 10 gallon Igloo Cooler for my mash tun.  As you can see this is plenty long enough to get to the bottom.

This is a nice sturdy whisk.  I came up with about 2.2 mm for the wire thickness.

Sticker collection update.

This works great for stirring up the mash.  I’m using it here to stir up the mash for a BIAB brew session of More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit [See: Brewing Pliny the Elder].

This whisk also works great for stirring in DME and LME.  In this picture, I’m brewing a Zythos IPA Extract Kit.  After incorporating the LME in this recipe, like a super hero, with this whisk.  I poured in the DME and Maltodextrin called for and let it sit there for a little bit.  This, of course caused a substantial clump to form.

 After a little bit of whisking

After a little more whisking.  This whisk makes easy work of stirring in extract.  It also feels like it’s doing a better job of thoroughly mixing extract versus a spoon.

It’s hard to catch it in a picture but this thing makes it easy to get a kettle whirlpool going.  I’ve always had a hard time getting any sort of a whirlpool going with a spoon or mash paddle.  The whisk is circular, so it’s always working with you in the task of starting a whirlpool.  This just makes it downright easy.

This works amazingly well in the mash tun, to stir in extract and to get a whirlpool going.  It can generally be had for a very reasonable price.  Because of the affordability and it’s effectiveness, I think that every full batch (5 gal+) homebrewer should consider picking one up.  This is a solid member of our Top Finds list and would be added to the Super Top Finds list if that list existed… :).  As of this update in August of 2015 this continues to work well and be one of my go-to pieces of equipment.

Some of the Reader Feedback We’ve Received…

Scott: I used this for the first time yesterday with 11.5 pounds of grain and it worked like a champ! No dough balls at all – mixes the grain so quickly!

Facebook Friend Kirk: I used mine yesterday. I have dubbed it the Dough Ball Decimator!

Ricky: I got one of these the last time it was posted. They work great. You stir your mash differently. You can’t really muscle your mash the same way. It works better despite this. It’s much easier to break clumps up. A little two handed whisking gets everything is evenly mixed.

Facebook Friend Andrew : I have used one for my last 2 yeast starters to mix the DME before boiling… Amazing.

Jared: After following your site for quite some time now, and purchasing many items because you let me know about them, I just received the 24″ whisk. I can’t believe how awesome this thing is just by pulling it out of the shipping package! I am so excited about this I might just have to brew this weekend even though I don’t really have the time. Not only would this piece be awesome for the mash, but dissolving LME and DME and keep it off of the bottom. What a great piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it!

Aaron: I have this exact same French Whip and love it, works way better than the old mash paddle I used before. It really cuts through the grain and helps ensure no dough balls etc. Definitely recommend this above any other stirring tools I’ve used!

Facebook Friend Wayne: I discovered using one of these about 3 years ago. Don’t know how I ever got along without it. Never have a problem with doughballs. Just make sure you get one that is stiff enough.

Update International FW-24 Stainless Steel French Whip, 24-Inch

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Hands On: TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table

review TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Tabl

I picked up Trinity’s EcoStorage Stainless Table toward the end of 2014.  I wanted a sturdy, easy to clean table for around the brewery tasks and storage.  This table is all stainless construction, NSF certified, has 150 lb capacity per shelf, features adjustable feet levelers and the shelf is fully adjustable.  48″ wide, 35.5″ tall, 24″.

cln_img_9607NSF Certification sticker.  The stainless surface table top can be cleaned and sanitized.

cln_img_9610Trinity logo on the left side of the shelf

IMG_9603A look down the table.  This is between my tub sinks and a storage rack

review TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel TablA storage rack on the left and my Utilatwin sink on the right.  After adjustment, this ended up at a good height next to my sink.  A couple inches higher.  A good height to set things as they are cleaned.

cln_img_9630Works great with my Keg and Carboy Washer [Review].  It’s nice have an easily cleanable surface and having this right by my sink makes it easy to fill and empty things like the Carboy Washer.

I originally heard about this table from HBF Reader [8 Ways to Connect with HBF] Jeff.  Jeff purchased it himself and shared some pictures and feedback  Thank you Jeff!

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo:  A picture of the table with a keggle on top for size reference.  Click the photo to enlargeTRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo: Underside of the bottom of the table.TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo: Bottle tree and bucket sitting on top.

from Jeff: “I’ve been looking for some stainless steel tables for months now, but I was very leery about cheap non-sturdy tables. After receiving my Trinity work table today there is no question in my mind that it is 110% restaurant quality stainless worktable. I couldn’t ask for a more sturdy table. I could easily stand on this table (at 200lbs) and feel secure, however the instructions say not to. To my surprise, as I was putting the table together (super simple) I flipped table over I noticed fantastic reinforcements on the bottom. I’ve attached a picture of both!”

Follow up from Jeff: “I’ve used my table consistently since purchase, multiple times a week for brewing, bottling, cleaning, food table for parties, etc. Six months later, there is no question in my mind that this table was worth every cent!”

from Stephen: “I have the 24″ model that I have turned into a grain milling station and have to agree these tables are AWESOME!”


This is a well built heavy duty table.  The all stainless build also looks great.  I’m glad to have it for storage, as a general work area for brewing tasks and more.  This is a great table!

Although mine isn’t in my brewing area, this would also make a good brew day work table too.

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-Inch

Also available in a smaller 24″ size…
TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 24-Inch

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Reader Tip: Reusable Fine Mesh Bags for Specialty Grains and Hops

Thanks to HBF Reader Pete for this tip!  There are 8 Ways to Connect with HBF

Premium Quality - Almond Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Food Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Strainer Fine Mesh - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon - Zimtal

13″ by 13″ fine mesh bag.  Guaranteed for 1 year.  According to the description replacement bags are sent with free shipping.  75 micron professional food grade nylon.

Pete says [Also: Reader Feedback Tag]: “I typically brew extract and use these bags for both the steeping grains and also for hop adds.  They do fine in the boil and are really strong.”

8/23/15 1:32 PM Central: This are selling for $8.99 (55% off of list).  Shipping is free with Prime or a qualifying $35 order.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Premium Quality – Almond Milk Bag – XL – 13 ” X 13 “

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PRD (Portable Refreshment Device) Jockey Box – $179.99 + Free Shipping

Portable Refreshment Device (PRD) - Single Tap Sport Jockey Box - See more at:

Home Brew Stuff’s Portable Refreshment Device (PRD) Single Tap Jockey Box has been marked down to $179.99.  Since nearly all orders at HBS ship for free with a $59… this ships for free.

Comes with.. cooler, 50′ Stainless Cooling Coil, Self Closing Chrome Faucet, Shank, Beer Line and fittings.  You can also serve ice water using this puppy.

Reader Feedback Received… from Twitter Follower – connect with HBF on Twitter – @BraidAndBeard – “Report: This thing is amazing. Holds about 16 lbs of ice. Water and beer are both deliciously cold.  Party nearly sucked down the entire 5 gallon keg, which was not on ice at all. Very happy with it.”

Portable Refreshment Device (PRD) – Single Tap Sport Jockey Box – $199 + Free Shipping

Also Consider… Mini Jockey Box – $99 + Free Shipping

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Great Deal: CO2 Regulator – $35.49 – Putting Together a Kegerator

This has been sold out for about a month.  It’s available (at least as of this posting) to order again.  At $35.49, this is a great deal on a CO2 Regulator.


Dual Gauge (one high and one low) primary CO2 regulator.  Single output with barb and valve.  PRV valve and tool-less pressure adjustment knob.

Twitter Follower – connect with HBF on Twitter –  @BionicBrewing says… “I’ve been testing this one, the lhbs carries it. Good basic regulator and you can’t beat the price.”

843618 – Primary CO2 Regulator – Economy – $35.49

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62 Quart Stainless Kettle

Bayou Classic 1060 - 62 Quart Kettle

62 quarts/15.5 Gallons.  Stainless kettle and lid.  20 gauge SS.  Measures 15-1/4 by 15-1/4 by 18-3/4 inches.

HBF Reader Jason Says: “I’ve been brewing 5 gallon batches on the 44 quart version of this pot and looking to upgrade for 10 gal batches. I absolutely love my Bayou Classic pot! Solid construction with no flexing and it’s stainless, so it cleans up easily and will essentially last for decades with good care. It was super easy to install the ball valve with a step drill bit and it’s one of the most affordable SS pots on the market without being made of cheap, thin metal.”

Bayou Classic 1060 62-Quart Stainless-Steel Stockpot

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Portable Kegging Kits on Sale at Keg Connection

Portable Kegging Kits on Sale at Keg Connection

Portable Kegging Kits on Sale at Keg Connection

Keg Connection has three portable keg dispensing setups marked down.  They start at $89.95 and contain everything to serve your keg on the go.  Choose from Sanke/Commercial and Homebrew options.  The Keg Kit in a Can Kit packs everything into a 50mm Ammo Can.  These bundle with flat rate shipping.

Twitter friend Dan Says… “Thank You Keg Connection for awesome dual 5gal keg setup. Great price! Great service! @homebrewfinds should spread the word about you. #homebrew”  Will do!

Check it out – Here

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