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Announcing: The Anvil Foundry Brewing System!

Thanks to HBF Reader Chris for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

From Great Fermentations:

Take your All-Grain brew day to the next level, while not breaking the bank, with the ANVIL Foundry™ all-grain brewing system. The most versatile all-in-one brewing system available on the market, it comes in both a 10.5 Gallon size (for 5 Gallon Batches) and a 6.5 Gallon size (for 2.5-3 Gallon Batches). Buy it standalone, or order it with the optional recirculating pump kit to help increase your efficiency and get clearer wort output.

Features include triple element low watt density heaters for blazing fast heating speeds, unique high flow grain basket, double wall insulation, easily switchable between 120v and 240v, and Linear Digital Power Control and Solid-State Switching for Fine Tuning your mash and your boil. Stainless steel immersion chiller ALSO INCLUDED. You won’t find a more powerful feature rich product on the market; we dare you!

Check out the Anvil Foundry Brewing System at Great Fermentations

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Introducing: Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer!

Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer CAN100

Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer via MoreBeer

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The Cannular is a manual can seamer that is easy to use, reliable and beautifully simple.

Whether you’re a brewery looking to offer canned beer to go or a homebrewer wanting to keep your creations fresh and fully protected from light, the Cannular is the answer. This bench top unit is one of the most compact and easy to use can seamers you’ll find. The Cannular only requires one person to operate, and each can takes roughly 5 seconds to seam. With a two-person team, one filling and one seaming, the Cannular becomes a suitable option for nano breweries doing small canning production runs.

The beauty of the Cannular lies in how truly simple it is to operate. With only three points of operation, it only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the machine. The seaming process is as follows:

Place lid atop the can and place the can on the platform
Turn the platform lever clockwise to raise the can to the seamer
Press the button to turn the machine on and begin spinning the can
Push the seaming lever away from you and hold for 1-2 seconds
Pull the seaming lever towards yourself and hold for 1-2 seconds
Press the button to turn off the machine and stop spinning the can
Turn the platform lever counterclockwise to lower the can
That’s all there is to it!

The Cannular was designed to be compact, durable, and safe to operate in a wet environment. The platform assembly is made from 304 grade stainless steel, so no matter how messy your canning gets, there’s no need to worry about rusting or degradation. The body of the unit is made from hammered sheet metal and bolted together with stainless steel screws. Rubber feet help keep the unit from slipping and sliding while in use. Additionally, the Cannular features built-in brackets near the feet so you have the option to mount the machine to your counter or benchtop. The Cannular runs off of 24v DC power via the Anderson socket located on the back. This lower voltage was chosen specifically to make the unit as safe to use in a wet environment as possible.

As noted above, the Cannular comes with a 24v DC Anderson socket located on the back of the unit. It does not, however, include a cord and plug. When purchasing the unit, you’ll have the option of pairing it with either a power supply with 110v plug, or with a 6 ft. long cord with Anderson plug and alligator clips. The power supply is straight forward, and allows you to plug the unit into a standard 110v power socket. The alligator clips give you the option to power the unit from a battery, and can even be used with an 18v cordless power drill battery. This is certainly the most affordable option for powering the Cannular, and we’ve found that upwards of 200 cans can be seamed on a single battery charge.

Why Cans?
So why can when you can bottle? There’s no doubt that canning has become a more and more popular format for packaging beer among craft breweries over the last several years, and with good reason. Aluminum cans aren’t just more environmentally friendly than bottles, since cans require less energy to transport and recycle, they’re also much better at protecting the quality of the beer. Whereas bottles allow in light, which leads to skunking, aluminum cans offer 100% protection from UV and other wavelengths of light that are harmful to beer. There’s still great debate surrounding whether cans or bottles are better at keeping beer fresh, but if done correctly, cans are theoretically the superior option. When a crown cap is crimped onto a bottle, the lining of the cap can form an imperfect seal on the bottle, allowing small amounts of oxygen in, as well as small amounts of CO2 out. Over time this can result in oxidation of the beer and lost carbonation. Seamed cans, on the other hand, form a much better seal that can prevent these issues. Of course, it’s important to make sure that the can is purged of oxygen before being filled, and that the can lid is sealed atop foam to eliminate oxygen from the headspace. Aside from all the “sciency stuff”, cans are just plain safer. Take your beer backpacking, camping, or poolside and rest assured that broken glass won’t ruin your day!

Power: 250W
Rated Speed: 3300 RPM
Gearbox Ratio: 9.8 : 1
Power Plug: Anderson Type 40A
Can Height: 45-170mm (1.8 – 6.7 inches)*
Can Diameter: 35-75mm (1.4 – 2.9 inches)*
Dimensions: 14″ L x 9″ W x 19.5″ H
Weight: 40 lbs


As of this posting, MoreBeer has this for just $399.99. Maybe that seems expensive, but when it comes to can seamers, in my opinion, it’s a bargain.  Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses. Price, promotions and availability can change quickly.  Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this this post was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit the product page.  Check the product page for current price, description and availability.

Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer CAN100

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Announcing: Kegland DuoTight Push-In Fittings & EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing at MoreBeer!

Duotight Push-In Fittings & EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing

MoreBeer has picked up Kegland’s lineup of DuoTight Push In Fittings and EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing…

From MoreBeer:

Duotight and EVABarrier will revolutionize how you connect your draft line! We love Duotight push-in fittings for their quick connection, reliable seal, and versatility. Easily connect and disconnect your draft lines — no need to use hose clamps or cut your tubing to remove it! Thanks to the double EPDM O-ring design, Duotight fittings offer a superior connection and seal than similar push-in fittings. They’ll hold tight even when your lines are turning a tight corner, and they’re pressure rated up to 100 psi. These little guys come in a ton of different options to serve a multitude of functions — use them as tailpieces on shanks and keg couplers, replace the swivel nut and barb on your flared ball lock or pin lock disconnects, or add in-line shut off or check valves to your draft lines. And with a few tees and ball valves, you can put together a gas manifold for a fraction of the price of a typical brass or aluminum manifold.

EVABarrier is the tubing of choice to be used with our line of Duotight fittings. This high-quality double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss and microbial growth. Plus, it’s BPA and PVC free! The outer barrier gives the tubing a nice stiffness that makes it extremely kink resistant and perfect for use with push-in fittings. The inner wall is an excellent gas barrier, keeping oxygen out and CO2 in. The internal surface of the tubing is extremely smooth, making it difficult for bacteria and microbes to cling to. All sizes of EVABarrier can be used for either gas or beverage line, but be sure to check the recommended lengths for beer lines.

Bring your draft system into the 21st century with Duotight and EVABarrier!

DuoTight Push In Fittings & EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing at MoreBeer!

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Introducing: Hi Razz – Raspberry Hibiscus Saison, Featuring Omega Yeast Saisonstein’s Monster via Brewers Reserve Series

Great Fermentations Brewers Reserve line of recipe kits features a rotating selection of limited edition recipe kits.  From Great Fermentations: “Our Brewer’s Reserve series, features a premium line of beer kits released every two months. Each kit features unique and delicious flavor combinations that are sure to be a hit. They’re also LIMITED, so make sure to get them while you can, because when they’re gone, that’s it!”

As of this posting, they have released Hi Razz Raspberry Hibiscus Saison.  About from Great Fermentations: “HI Razz is a delicious and refreshing raspberry hibiscus saison. This recipe features a simple yet delicious base that includes red wheat and caravienne malts, challenger hops to balance the beer, and additions of hibiscus and raspberry puree for flavor and color. Perfect for the warm weather to come!  FEATURING OMEGA YEAST
HI Razz features Omega Yeast’s Saisonstein’s Monster; a true genetic hybrid of their French and Belgian saison strains. All the greatness of a Belgian saison strain, with the temperature forgiveness of the French!”

Brewer’s Reserve Kits at Great Fermentations – changes regularly, check current selection

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Announcing: Auber Cube 240V/30A Controller now at Brew Hardware



More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The Auber Instruments Cube controller is a feature rich tabletop style controller capable of providing precise temperature control as well as boil intensity control for boil kettles. It can handle up to a 6000 watt element. The heart of the system is the EZboil “brain” that is unsurpassed by any other industry PID. We’ve been recommending Auber controllers for years and finally started stocking units for your convenience. This is essentially a single vessel controller, suited very well for BIAB vessels but it could also be used for a budget multi-vessel controller if you’re willing to swap plugs between elements.

In Mash Mode, set a target temperature by twisting the input knob and pressing in the knob to set it. An advanced PID algorithm will run the element as aggressively as possible without overshooting to get you brewing as fast as possible. When the temp is reached it will sound an internal alarm and start an internal mash timer.

In Boil Mode, the unit will run the element 100% output to ramp to a boil quickly but as soon as it approaches boil, it will sound an alarm and automatically ramp the power down to whatever power setting you’ve entered. This avoids boilovers without having to watch the kettle like a hawk.

This economical version of the Cube controller has two auxiliary 120 volt outlets that are each controlled by panel-mount on/off switches. This is typically used to control a pump or two. Due to this feature, the power input for the entire controller is 4-wire (hot, hot, neutral, ground). This package includes the L14-30R receptacle for power input but not the cable or the male plug. See an accessory cable in the list on the right.

The standard temperature probe we offer with this controller is 4″ long and has a built in weldless bulkhead. The hole required in your pot is 9/16″. The sensor cable is quick disconnectable from both the controller box via XLR plug and also on the probe end so you can move your kettles easily for cleaning without removing the entire probe.



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Announcing: Blichmann Spunding Valves!

Blichmann Engineering has introduced two Spunding Valve Builds.  An NPT version and a tri-clamp version.

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Reap the benefits of fermenting under pressure! Pressurized fermentation is a great option for creating lager-like flavor profiles at room temperature, without the hassle of temperature control. And you’ll complete your fermentations faster and easier than traditional fermentation methods. What’s more, you can even capture carbonation for naturally carbonated beers! The Blichmann Engineering™ Spunding Valve is purpose built for homebrewers to control your pressures with exacting precision. Research by Blichmann Engineering™ and White Labs shows significant reduction of esters (fruity flavors found in most ales) and low levels of diacetyl, by fermenting under pressure. Start fermenting under pressure easily with the Blichmann Spunding Valve!

  • Ferment under pressure to produce clean, low ester, lager-like beers.
  • Extremely fine adjustments from 0 to 35 psi, and superb pressure stability.
  • Suitable for vessels up to 42 gal (1BBL batch size).
  • Perfect for naturally carbonating your beers.
  • Use for counter-pressure transfers.
  • NPT model is perfect for the Blichmann Engineering™ Cornical™ Unitank.
  • Integral blow-off barb fitting adds a visual indication of fermentation if desired.


Spunding Valves have loads of uses!  Check my post Build a Spunding Valve for lots more information and step by step directions, if you’re interested in building your own.

Great Fermentations is quick to pick up Blichmann gear.  They currently have both versions.  Prices start at $69.99 and both fall under GF’s flat rate shipping promo.  Check site for current availability and pricing.

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New from MoreBeer: Lupulin Leg Drop – Hopslam Clone and 200+ items on sale, up to 50% off

MoreBeer has released clone recipe kits for Bell’s Brewing Hopslam.  Recipes are available in both all grain and extract versions.

from MoreBeer: “Lupulin Leg Drop has leapt off the turn buckle and it’s about to lay the smackdown! Inspired by Bell’s Brewery Hopslam® Ale, this burly IPA calls for a royal rumble of 6 different hop varietals, including kettle additions of Crystal, Mosaic, US Fuggles, Centennial, and Amarillo®, and following up with a massive power bomb of Simcoe dry hops. This cadre of Pacific Northwest hops give the beer a resounding citrus character backstopped by tropical, grapefruit and floral notes. With a giant helping of liquid and dry malt extract, boosted by 12 oz of honey, this beer is strong enough to challenge Andre himself!”

Lupulin Leg Drop Hopslam Clone at MoreBeer

Also, from MoreBeer:

Over 200 Products On Sale, Some Over 50% Off!

Some sweet deals to be had while supplies last!
We just lowered the prices and added a ton of new products to our sale & clearance page. Everything from ingredients to amazing deals on camlocks and other brewing hardware is on sale. Don’t wait on taking advantage of these deals because they are only valid while supplies last.

To view our Sale & Clearance page, click here!

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MoreDeals! at MoreBeer:

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Announcing: Spike Brewing Equipment FLEX Fermenters!

spike flex

Spike Brewing Equipment has just introduced their new line of Flex and Flex+ Conical Fermenters!

From Spike Brewing Equipment:

We’re excited to bring you a small batch, 5-gallon fermenter that will open doors to quality, flexibility and functionality you can’t find anywhere else!

You all asked for this product and we heard you. Spike designed this with our customers in mind!

With all sanitary welded, 1.5” tri-clamp fittings and over 20 available accessories, you’ll be able to control temps, carbonate, pressure transfer and more all from one vessel!

While creating the FLEX, we made sure that you can grow into it and purchase accessories and upgrades as you go. Below is what you’ll get with the standard FLEX.

Check out the full lineup… FLEX Fermenters at Spike Brewing Equipment!

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Announcing: Spike Brewing Equipment Shorty Conical Leg Extensions


Spike Brewing Equipment has announced new shorter leg extensions for their conical fermenters.

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The shorty leg extensions are 9” long (compared to 18”). They were specifically designed to be used with the 2” sight glass in the vertical arrangement. This was the major design criteria that Engineering noticed.

The long leg extensions were specifically designed to bring the racking port to a height where the conical can be gravity drained into a 5 gallon corny keg. However they are pretty long for those people that do not need to gravity transfer but want the conical high to use a sight glass for example.

*We recommend a bracing shelf when using the leg extensions for added stability*

**Not for use with the CF30**

Shortly leg extension specs: 
-9″ long
-Top threads for attaching to conical legs
-Bottom threads for attaching leveling feet and casters

Long leg extension specs: 
-18″ long
-Top threads for attaching to conical legs
-Bottom threads for attaching leveling feet and casters



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Announcing: Chugger Pump Repair Kits at Brewers Hardware

Brewers Hardware has introduced a Chugger Pump Repair Kit that includes a replacement impeller, o-ring and thrust washers.

Chugger Pump Repair Kit at Brewers Hardware

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