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New: Clear Draught System!


Midwest Supplies has started carrying the new Clear Draught System.  This is one of two products that I purchased at the trade show at NHC this year.

The idea behind this system is something that I’ve been an advocate for years.  It is similar, in function, to the Cask Widge Float that I’ve written about in the past.

The main idea is… Your liquid dip tube is replaced by a standard gas dip tube.  A piece of flexible tubing goes over that and connects to the all stainless float system.  The float stays on top of your beer so that you’re always drawing from the top.

The benefits to drawing from the top of your keg are: 1. Beer at the top of the keg clears first, 2.  Beer at the top of the keg carbonates first and pulling from the top of the keg means you’re not pulling trub out.  I think that’s an amazing idea, and it’s why I shelled out for it.  Mine is in a keg of 1 Hour IPA right now.

Check it out – Here

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First Looks: Blichmann G2 BoilerMaker Kettle!


The recently announced G2 Kettle is available in 7.510152030 and 55 gallon sizes.  The BoilerMaker G2 is designed and manufactured in the US.  It includes a Sight Glass w/Laser Etched Volume Markers, Adjustable Angle BrewMometer Thermometer, Linear Flow Valve and tool-less dip tube.  The G2 also features a 1.2 height to diameter ratio.

I had a chance to unbox my new Blichmann G2 BoilerMaker kettle last night.  Here are some photos along with my initial impressions.

cln_img_4415Here’s the box

cln_img_4420In case at any point you thought to yourself “I should probably drop this box”, there is a handy sticker that reminds you not to.

cln_img_4441A look at the kettle straight out of the box.  The new “Linear Flow Valve” comes installed, the Brewmometer Thermometer is not installed upon delivery.

cln_img_4465Here is the Blichmann Engineering name plate and BoilerMaker G2 name plate.  They’ve really stepped it up a notch here vs the G1 as the G1 just has a sticker.  This has no functional importance, but it does look cool.

cln_img_4467Just above the Linear Flow Valve, there is a small plate that reads… “Made in the USA”

cln_img_4448Here’s a look at the sight gauge

cln_img_4449This picture shows the laser etching for the sight glass

cln_img_4537The included Allen wrench allows you remove the top portion of the sight gauge for cleaning

cln_img_4545A brush is included to clean the sight gauge.

cln_img_4423A look inside the kettle.  The included dip tube is on the left hand side.

cln_img_4435A close up of the installed dip tube.

cln_img_4510The dip tube is a tool-less design, meaning, no tools are required to install or remove it.  From what I can gather, it’s the same as the G1.  Works great and it’s easy to use.

cln_img_4477When a first unboxed the G2, I went directly to the Linear Flow Valve.  After turning it a bit, I thought, yeah… it’s pretty cool.  After figuring it out, I can tell you that it is… revolutionary.  Keep reading.

cln_img_4478The Linear Valve’s Cool Touch Handle

cln_img_4483The side of the Linear Valve, emblazoned with a Blichmann Logo B.  Note that the Linear Valve can be configured at any angle.

cln_img_4522This is the revolutionary part.  That’s light you see through the Linear Valve’s body.  After a while, I started looking through the manual to see how the Linear Valve comes apart.  What would I need to do to clean this?  What tools are required?  The valve simply unscrews and the entire inner workings pop out.  No tools.  When the thing just came off, it was a near jaw dropping moment for me.  I’ve got my fair share of 3 piece ball valves that can be taken apart for thorough cleaning.  How often do I take those apart for thorough cleaning?  I wouldn’t use the word… often.  The Linear Valve comes apart so easily that it will be cleaned every time I use the kettle.

cln_img_4515The inside of the linear valve.  There isn’t much to it.  Easy to clean and sanitize.

cln_img_4518Side view of the inside of the Linear Valve

cln_img_4536The valve body

cln_img_4484New handle design

cln_img_4492New lid handle design

cln_img_4505The lid handle is designed to fit in the kettle handle.

cln_img_4567G1 and G2 10 Gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettles Side by Side

cln_img_4553The G2 with Bremometer installed

The G2 line is available at a number of retailers including Great Fermentations, More Beer, Midwest Supplies and Adventures in Homebrewing

Shopping Tip: Blichmann gear is price controlled.  You’re not going to see a lot of difference from retailer to retailer, other than shipping fees and taxes.  For this particular purchase, I went with Adventures in Homebrewing because they are currently offering free shipping and I received the equivalent of 5% back via their rewards program.  That offer also applies to the TopTier Stand (and any options you include on the TopTier page) and the Tower of Power – Check it out – Here

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These are part of my Brew Day Box.  Also – Check out my Hands on Review

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Hands On: Hand Forged, Made in the US, Bottle Opener

Here’s a look at Beerloved’s Hand Forged Bottle Opener.  The opener is made in the US from forged steel and a copper rivet.  It includes a leather lanyard and draw string muslin bag for storage and transport.

Hand Forged Bottle Opener and Leather Lanyard
Close up of the Front Side.  The metal on this just looks beautiful.  From the product description: “The steel develops a very unique surface texture that comes from being heated to 2000 degrees and then hammering it to shape”
 Close up on the front side of the polished copper rivet.  

 Back of the opener.  Click for a larger view.  You can see an imprinted anvil and… “Made in USA”

 The included muslin drawstring bag

 The opener about to do it’s thing…. open a bottle

This bottle opener is… a work of art.  It works, feels and looks great.  If you’re in the market for an awesome bottle opener or a gift for a craft beer lover or homebrewer, Beerloved’s Hand Forged Bottle Opener is a great choice.

Check it out – Here

Beerloved is a small California based, family owned business.  They seek to support local artisans, small businesses across the US and to support the craft beer culture and movement.  Read more about Beerloved.  Beerloved has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you don’t love you purchase, you’ll get a refund.  Orders of $100 and more ship for free.

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