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5 x Mangrove Jack’s M44 West Coast Yeast – $19.99

Mangrove Jack’s M44 US West Coast Ale Yeast.  I’ve been using M44 for beers that I would normally use US-05 with great results.  This has become my go to dry yeast for pale ales and IPAs.

About… “A top fermenting ale strain suitable for American style ales. This yeast produces an exceptionally clean flavour, ideal for when you want the hop character to really punch through.  Suitable for American style pale ale, American double IPA, American style imperial stout and more.”

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $19.99. Shipping is an additional fee, but there is a lower fee for each additional item shipped.  Example – shipping for me for one set of 5 packs is $3.85, while shipping for two sets is just 90 cents more or $4.75. Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

5 Pcs of Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series M44 US West Coast Yeast, 1 Pc/6 US Gal

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Mangrove Jack’s Dry Yeast at William’s Brewing


Free Pair Insulated Stainless Pints with William’s Brewing Order

As of this posting, William’s Brewing is offering a free set of William’s Brewing Insulated Stainless Steel Pint Glasses when you place an order of $125 or more.  The pair is a $29.98 value.

Just apply coupon code STAINLESS2 at checkout and the pints will be added to your order.

Free Pair William’s Insulated Stainless Beer Glasses – remember promo STAINLESS2

Some Items to Consider: Intertap Towers – from $24.99| Intertap Faucets and Shanks | $300 Electric Brew System – Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil | FOUR VALVE 1/4″ GAS DISTRIBUTOR (Great Deal at $7.50/trunk) – Additional Manifold Sizes and Accessories | Intertap Single Tower, Complete – Stainless faucet, tower and more – $89.99 US-05 or S-04 – $2.99 | Full Selection Dry Yeast | OVERSIZE KEG LID SEALING ‘O’ RING | MARK II WORT PUMP from $69.99 | OXYGEN REGULATOR – Made in the US | MEAD KIT… $7.99, – you provide honey | Keg King Ball Lock Keg | Keg King Kegerators – Designed for Homebrewers | EZ-STIR PLATE – Made in the US, 5L Erlenmeyer Capable | Ready Made Spunding Valve | THERMOWELL FOR PLASTIC CARBOYS – for larger mouthed carboys

Visit William’s Brewing – Web Only Clearance Sale

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Hop Sale at Label Peelers

As of this posting, Label Peelers is discounting their entire entire selection of hops by 40% or more.  List prices are a bit on the high side, but, with the sale, prices are very good.

No coupon or promo code is required.  Discounts are reflected on each product page.  Check Label Peelers for availability.

This sale includes every single variety, including AmarilloCascade, Centennial,  CitraGalaxy,  Mosaic, Simcoe,  Sorachi Ace and lots and lots more.

Full Hop Selection at Label Peelers

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Bell’s Brewery General Store – Ingredient Sale – Yeast, Malt, Hops & More

Bell’s Beer General Store has discounted a number of ingredients and beer ingredient kits as part of a Summer Ingredient Sale.  Selections include Dry Yeast (Safale, Lavlin, Lallemand, Muntons), Select Malts, Select Fruits (including Cherry and Raspberry Puree), Select Ingredient Kits and more.  No promo code is required.  Check Bell’s Brewery Sale Page for complete selection.  Note that there are multiple pages of sale items.

Summer Ingredient Sale at Bell’s

Shipping Discount… Use Coupon Code 50SHIPPING for $5 off your shipping cost with a $50 purchase or Use Coupon Code 100SHIPPING for $10 off your shipping cost with a $100 purchase.  Also: See Bell’s Sale Items & Hop Selection.  Also… Bell’s has great prices on Candi Sugars and Syrups

More from Bell’s: Sale Items · Hops – Great Prices and SelectionBell's Homebrew Supplies

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Reverse Osmosis Water System for Brewing Water – $113.99 + Hands on Review


Portable Universal 5-stage Reverse Osmosis RO Purification Water System with DI Deionizing Mixed Bed 0PPM postfilter by Reverse Osmosis Revolution


5 Stage Filtering, Reverse Osmosis.  75 GPD.  Delivers approximately 3 gallons of RO water per hour.  Made in the USA.

Using RO (Reverse Osmosis) or DI (Distilled) water allows you to build your brewing water profile from the ground up, creating exactly the profile you’re looking for.  See My Review of this great filter.

5/23/17 6 AM Central: This great RO system is selling for $119.99.  Apply coupon code DAB82RVI at check and the price drops another $6 to $113.99.  Shipping is an additional fee.  Price, shipping and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Portable Universal 5-stage Reverse Osmosis RO Purification Water System with DI Deionizing Mixed Bed 0PPM postfilter, made in USA


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Nylon Draw String Bag [BIAB, Hops] – $6.99 + Free Shipping

Nylon Bag – multiple sizes available.  Use for biab, hops and more.

5/22/17 9:45 PM Central: This has dropped to $6.99.  That’s a 36% discount from list and the best historical third party Amazon price I found. Shipping to most US addresses also is free. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Pinfox Reusable Fine Mesh Nylon Bag Food Strainer Filter for Home Brewing, Nut Milk, Coffee – multiple sizes available

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100 Campden Tablets – $4.66 + Free Add On Shipping


Campden Tablets (potassium metabisulfite).  100 Tablets.  Prevents Wild Yeast, Bacteria Growth, and Oxidation in Wine

Campden tablets are also used to remove chlorine and chloramine from brewing and wine making water.  See: Clearing Chloramine – Mr Wizard from BYO Magazine Also: Free Trial Issue of BYO Magazine

4/22/17 3 PM Central: These are selling for $4.66. Shipping to most US addresses is also free, with a qualifying order, as part of the Amazon’s Add On promotion. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  See Recent Amazon Finds and our Amazon Fillers Resource Page to help you put together an order that qualifies for free shipping

Campden Tablets (sodium metabisulfite) – 2 Oz(100 Tablets)

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