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Grainfather w/Connect Controller – save $200 + FREE Hop Spider & FREE Glassware

The Grainfather with Connect Controller – via William’s Brewing

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The Grainfather is a 110 volt compact self contained RIMS mashing, boiling, and cooling system for mashing 5 gallon batches of beer. What is unique is that no special circuit, plug, or wiring is needed – this runs on any 110 volt 20 amp rated plug with a GFCI.  It features a 6 watt recirculating pump, for the mashing stage, and a separate counter flow wort chiller that you insert into the Grainfather when it is time to cool the 5 gallon batch after the electric powered boil. The boil is handled by a 1600 watt heating element.

For the initial mashing stage, you load the Grainfather with crushed grist (up to 18 pounds) per your recipe, set the thermostat to your desired mash temperature, add water, and let it go. Because it is a RIMS system, you can easily do multiple temperature rest mashing if desired – just adjust the temperature upwards with the thermostat whenever you want to go to another temperature rest. In addition the manual thermostat control, the Grainfather Connect Bluetooth control is also included.

After the mash cycle is done, you lift the grain basket partially so you can manually sparge by pouring water over the grain basket into the Grainfather below. You need to heat your own mash water, either by heating 5 gallons or so to boiling with the Grainfather before mashing and storing it in a stainless boiling pot, or heating when it is time to sparge with a separate brew pot on a stove. What we did was heat our sparge water in the Grainfather by getting it to boil in the Grainfather, then transferrring to a stainless boiling pot, and putting a lid on the pot. We then heated the pot briefly on a stove to raise it from 160° F. to the 168° F. needed for sparging,

After manual sparging, the grain basket is removed and you set the 1600 watt electric element to boil. It takes about 60-80 minutes to come to boil depending on ambient temperature. Hops are added manually during the boil per your recipe plan.

When the boil is over, you insert the included counter flow wort chiller to chill the wort which requires an external supply of cold water to run.  Our tests found this counter flow chiller extremely efficient, we chilled a 5 gallon batch of Double IPA to pitching temperature (about 78° F.) in 25 minutes, and only used 20 gallons of 70° F. water. It was so efficient that we just ran the end of the wort pipe from the counterflow directly into our fermenter.

After brewing, you run about 3 gallons of water (ideally saved from the chill) through the GrainFather again with a bit of PBW or other cleaner to clean the pump, lines, and counter flow chiller.

The Grainfather comes with a 1 year warranty.  We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee on everything we sell, even if you have used it (although this does not cover return shipping). It is 27″ tall with the recirculation tube attached, the cylinder body is 12″ in diameter, and 15″ in overall diameter when you consider the pump and thermostat.

A Grainfather app which allows you to upload recipes, and times your brew, is available free for Android and iOS. For iOS, go to iTunes and search for Grainfather, for Android, go to Google Play (the Android App has just been updated!). The included Connect Controller includes Bluetooth connectivity.


Note from HBF: I have a Grainfather (without connect controller) and I love it.  It’s my go-to brewing system.  I’ve have had or currently have multiple full scale and small scale systems and find myself coming back to the Grainfather again and again.

For a short time, William’s Brewing is discounting the Grainfather with Connect Controller by $200 and… offering a free hop spider.  Stacks With: Free Pair of Nucleated Can Glasses

The Grainfather with Connect Controller

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Genesis 6.5 Gallon Fermenter & Cryo Hop Bundle Sale at William’s Brewing


About the Genesis Fermenter from William’s Brewing: “The Genesis™ is a 6½ gallon fermenter made of BPA free HDPE and features gallon markers and a wide 5½” threaded lid with sealing gasket, stopper, and airlock. It can be used with or without its unique sterile liners, although the disposable liner eliminates the need to sanitize and clean, a huge labor savings, in addition to eliminating headspace.

The Genesis™ is the first fermenter with zero headspace, if used with its BPA free sterile disposable liner system. This makes it a perfect fermenter for the secondary fermentation of wine, as you can eliminate oxidation from air contact. Included with the Genesis is the lid, stopper, airlock, gasket, and two sterile barrier liners. 29” tall with airlock, 10½” wide, 10½” deep. Made in U.S.A.”

  • No Sterilizing or Chemicals Needed*
  • No Cleanup*
  • No Headspace (great for wine secondary ferments)*
  • Space Efficient, only 10½” wide
  • Solid handles for lifting safety
  • *(when used with its sterile liner)

For a limited time, get 5 one ounce packs of Cryo™ Hop Pellets in a bundle with the Genesis for only $69.99. Cryo hops feature double the alpha acid and essential oils per ounce as regular pellets, and included in this bundle are 1 oz. of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic, and Ekanuot.  Check product page for current price and availability.



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William’s Brewing: FREE Nucleated Can Glass Set

As of this posting, coupon code FREECAN gets you a William’s Brewing Nucleated Beer Can Glass when you spend $75 or more at William’s Brewing.  Note that you do not need to add the pint glasses to your cart.  Just apply promo code FREEPAIR and the free hops will be added to your order.

Free William’s Nucleated Beer Can Glass – remember promo code BEERCAN

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Mark III Gas Regulator – $46.99

mark iii gas regulator

Mark III Gas Regulator via William’s Brewing.  About: “The Mark III Regulator by Keg King provides a reading of keg dispensing pressure, as well as an accurate indication of cylinder gas level. By turning the chrome center knob, you can adjust the dispensing pressure from 0 – 60 PSI. The Mark III features gauges housed in rubber to protect them from dings, as well as a large 2½” diameter diaphram so it can both handle several kegs at once if needed, and the large diaphragm also lets you have precise control over the dispensing pressure (which you adjust with the center knob).”

More Info

“Threaded ¼” flare outlet fits our D03 Gas Connector (no need to adapt your ¼” gas tubing to fit the 5/16″ wide hose barb found on other beer regulators). Includes a safety relief valve, but does not have a check valve built into the bottom inlet. This regulator includes two nylon tank sealing washer, and will accept nylon or fiber tank sealing washers.

The high pressure gauge threads are traditional right hand, as are the threads for the lower flare outlet fitting. You can unscrew these and install any standard 1/4″ male NPT check valve (such as our items I91 and Q87).”


As of this posting, this is selling for $46.99.  Check site for current availability.


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12″ Kettle Screen 1/2″ NPT – $4.99 at William’s Brewing

from Williams Brewing: “Turn any pot into a mash tun. This all stainless straining screen screws into the threaded back inlet of the Polarware Brew Pot and other pots with 1/2″ female NPT bulkheads, allowing you to mash or strain out whole hops from the boil (these tend to clog when using a lot of pellet hops). 12″ long..” [keep reading]

As of this posting, these are just $4.99.  Check product page for up to the minute price and availability.


Stacks With: This sale at William’s Brewing – that saves you up to $50, depending on order total.

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20% Off Hops – with 8 pack purchase via William’s Brewing

William’s Brewing has announced the availability of select varieties of 2017 crop whole hops.  This is the first I’ve seen 2017 hops.  To sweeten this announcement, they are also discounting hop orders of 8 or more packs by 20%.  The applies to new crop hops, pellets and cryhops.  Mix and match as you’d like.

Buy 8 or more hop packs (1 oz, 2, oz and 6 oz sizes available – dependent on type and variety) and William’s Brewing will automatically discount your hops by 20%.  No coupon or promo code is necessary.  Check William’s Brewing for up to the minute availability.

20% off Hops at William’s Brewing | Whole Hops

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Oak Infusion Spirals – from $3.49

About from William’s Brewing:”This Oak Infusion Spiral® fits into any beer, wine, or spirit bottle, and lets you infuse individual bottles with oak character. Ideal for adding barrel character to select beers and wines, and it can be broken in two for less oak exposure. Soaking the spiral in bourbon or other spirits will also add unique character and complexity. 2.5″ long, weight .16 oz. Unlike chips and powder, this is easy to recover when the bottle is opened, and can be reused. Made of American Oak, with a char level of 3.”

As of this posting, these are selling for $4.49.  The price drops to just $3.49 if you buy 6 or more.  That’s a bargain.  Check William’s Brewing for up to the minute price and availability.


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