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Taprite Regulator Sale at Brew Hardware


Brew Hardware has marked down several Taprite regulators – including both Primary and Secondary models.

Primary regulators are designed to connect directly to your CO2 tank.  Secondary regulators are designed to be fed off of your primary.  That allows you to add additional trunks and line pressures without replacing your primary.

Made in the USA: As of this posting, Taprite’s about page says that.. “Taprite products are proudly made in the USA”.  Check site for current country of origin claims.


TAPRITE T752HP-02 DUAL PRESSURE TANK MOUNT CO2 REGULATOR MFL OUTPUT$99.00 $84.99 – This is a 2 pressure regulator – A two pressure regulator gives you the ability to keep kegs at different pressures.  This is a requirement to maintain two distinct carbonation levels.  It’s also handy if you want to force carbonate a keg more quickly, at a higher pressure, while maintaining your standard serving pressure on a keg that’s already being served.

TAPRITE DUAL PRESSURE REMOTE MOUNT CO2 REGULATOR$109.00 $90.99 – 2 pressure regulator with remote mount if you want to keep your CO2 tank outside of your kegerator

TAPRITE DUAL PRESSURE SECONDARY CO2 REGULATOR$99.00 $85 – 2 pressure secondary – add additional pressures by hooking this up to an existing primary

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.

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100 EMD ColorpHast Precision pH Strips – $24.99, w/Comparison & Tip


EMD colorpHast 4 -7 precision pH strips.  These are more accurate and easier to read than most pH test strips.  Use these to check the pH of your mash and of your finished beer.  These offer the same advantages of a pH meter [See: pH tag for past meters] without the cost and maintenance that goes along with a meter.

Tip… Cut these in half the long way.  You’ve saved 50% and they are still easy to read.

As of this posting, these are selling for $24.99 for a 100 pack. Compare: at MoreBeerPrice and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

COLORPHAST PH STRIPS 4-7 – 100 PACK – $24.99 – 12.5 cents per strip when you cut them in half

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Carboy Volume Calibration Decals – from $2.25


Vinyl decals for marking volumes on your glass or plastic carboy or bucket fermenter.  You get 6 gallon markers – 1″ by 1″ along with six additional 1/2″ by 1/2″ triangles and four additional 1/4″ x 1/4 triangles.  You can use those to mark 1/2 gallon and 1/4 gallon increments as needed.  The vinyl is outdoor rated.  The waterproof adhesive is said to last at least 7 years.

These are $3 each.  If you buy 4, you’ll automatically receive a 25% discounting making them $2.25 each.  Details on that promotion can be found on the Vinyl Decals landing page.

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Discounted Older Stock Omega Labs Yeast – from $3.25 [Limited Supply]


Brew Hardware carries Omega Yeast Labs line of yeast.  Omega includes 150 billion cells (vs a more typical 100 billion cell homebrew pitch).

Discounted Omega Labs. Brew Hardware has discounted several strains of Omega Labs Yeast, starting at $3.25.  This search sorts by price ascending.  Note that this is older stock.  From Brew Hardware.. “The lab recommends using these packs within 3 months of the packaging date. Any pack listed at full price will be shipped within the 3 month window. Packs between 4 and 6 months old will be marked DISCOUNTED and the amount of discount will increase to the 6 month mark. We will never ship a discounted pack if it is over 6 months old.”

Conan Strain. OYL-052 DIPA  About: “Ale strain isolated from a famous double IPA brewed in Vermont. Produces a unique ester profile reminiscent of peaches. This strain complements an aggressive use of hops”.  There is a common thought that this is mostly likely the Conan Strain that’s used for The Alchemists Heady Topper.

Full Omega Yeast LineupOmega Labs Yeast at Brew Hardware

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.

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10 Gallon Cooler to Mash Tun Conversion Kit – $68 + Hands on Review

cooler conversion kit

This Brew Hardware kit includes everything you need to convert a 10 gallon Igloo or Home Depot Rubbermaid Cooler to a Mash Tun.

This kit includes…

  • 12″ stainless steel domed false bottom with upgraded large ID connection elbow
  • One piece (Brew Hardware custom designed) machined bulkhead with interior barb
  • 2 piece stainless ball valve – can be upgraded to 3 piece
  • Required length of high temp silicone tubing
  • Does not include cooler or barb/camlock.  Barb and camlock fitting options are available under accessories on the right side of the screen.

from Brew Hardware: “What makes our kit different than the competition? Ugh, now we have to brag just a little. The bulkhead we include in this kit is custom machined out of hex bar stock to our exact specifications making it extremely simple to install and leak free from day one. It’s not a bunch of off the shelf parts made with half a roll of teflon tape. We also use a high flow elbow connector at the false bottom which also features a custom made smooth bore retainer. Long story short, we’ve held off on offering cooler false bottom kits for a long time until we had all the high end components described here.” [full product description]

Options are available both for an Igloo 10 gallon cooler and for Home Depot’s 10 gallon cooler.   A complete converted option is also available.  That includes the cooler along with your choice of connection fittings.  This is Flat Rate Shipping (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) eligible.

This is the conversion kit I use and it’s… awesome.   tn_img_0322-300x225Check out my Hands on Review.

This has been sold out for a while, but is available again as of this posting.


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Ready Made Spunding Valve – $36.99 via Brew Hardware

spunding valve

Ready made Spunding Valve from Brew Hardware

A Spunding Valve has lots of applications…

Spunding Valve Uses
  1. Pressurized fermentation.  Ferment in a 5 or 10 gallon corny keg and use your Spunding Valve instead of an airlock.  This allows you to ferment at your desired pressure.
  2. Dry hop under pressure.  This allows you to dry hop earlier while reducing oxygenation.  Active yeast are more likely to metabolize oxygen that’s introduced during dry hopping during active fermentation.  Since CO2 is not exiting beer as vigorously under pressure, wanted compounds, flavors and aromas are more likely to stay in your beer under pressure.
  3. Naturally and accurately carbonate beer right in the keg.
  4. An airlock replacement.  Keep the valve wide open for non-pressurized fermentations.  Only do this if you have plenty of head space.  This wouldn’t make a great blow off tube.
  5. Keg to keg transfers.  Use the Spunding Valve to allow excess gas to exit the receiving keg as you transfer under pressure.  Helps you achieve a slow, controlled and pressurized transfer.
  6. Fix over-carbonated beers.  Use the same general process as for carbonation (skipping the addition of fermentable sugar).  Use a carbonation chart to determine proper pressure for the temperature the keg is at.  The Spunding Valve allows excess pressure to vent until the new carbonation level is achieved.  You can agitate the keg to fix carbonation more quickly.
  7. Test for keg leaks.  Pressurize your keg to serving pressure.  Put the Spunding Valve on (with the pressure set well above your serving PSI) and note the reading.  The gauge should remain steady.  If pressure drops, you know you have a keg leak.  It’s worth noting that this checks the entire keg including gas body o-ring.  That spot is hard to check and other way as it’s only in function when the gas QD is on.  When the gas QD is on… it’s difficult to spray and check for bubbles underneath the gas QD.  Thanks to Scott Janish for this tip!
  8. As an airlock for long term aging of beers.  Airlocks can run dry over time.  A Spunding Valve will not.


If you’ve been eyeing our Spunding Valve Build, but don’t want to put it together yourself, here’s your chance.  As of this posting, Brewer Hardware has this for $36.99.

Brew Hardware has had some trouble keeping this in stock.  As of this posting, it’s back in stock and available to purchase. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.


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Fermentation Heat Wrap – $16


via Brew Hardware.  Fermentation heat wrap for just $16.

About… “This simple heating wrap has a lot of surface area for nice even heat around any carboy or bucket. Wrap it around and secure with either tape or a large rubberband/bungie cord. This unit does NOT have a built in thermostat so you will need to use a controller of some sort such as the STC-1000, Johnson A419, or the new Inkbird controller that we offer.” [keep reading]

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.


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Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat, 2-stage, 1000w, w/ SensorInkbird ITC-308 – Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller