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10% off AIH Customer Favorite Kits – Extract & All Grain – Stacks w/Free Shipping


Adventures in Homebrewing is discounting their top customer favorite recipe kits by 10%.  This applies to both extract and all grain kits.  No coupon code is required.

Check it out 10% Off Customer Favorites – Extract | All Grain

This sale bundles with AIH’s short Free Shipping Promo (that ends soon).   That gets you free delivery to most US addresses

8 Gallon, Ported Stainless Kettle – $49.99 + Free Shipping

One Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot

8 gallon/32 Quart Kettle from Adventures in Homebrewing.  The kettle includes includes a lid and 1 welded 1/2″ NPT port.  That port allows you to install a ball valve without a weldless kit.  It’s also threaded on the inside.  That means you can install a bazooka screen or pickup tube.

As of this posting, this is marked down $20 from $69.99 to $49.99.  Check AIH’s site for up to the minute price and availability.  Also… Sale Items at AIH and Roundup: Free Shipping Promos at AIH

This sale bundles with AIH’s short Free Shipping Promo.   Get free delivery to most US addresses

One Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot || More Sizes: Brew Pots at AIH

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Mangrove Jacks Dry Hopped American Pale Ale – 6 Gallon Kit – $20, Half Off + Free Shipping Promo

Mangrove Jacks Dry Hopped (with Mosaic and Chinook hops) American Pale Ale.  6 gallon/23 liter kit

About from AIH…

Mangrove Jack’s American Pale Ale with Dry Hops Recipe : 6 Gallon Kit

An American pale ale with a nod to the founders of craft brewing. This beer has a full malt character with hints of biscuit and a balanced bitterness. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Chinook hops to give it a punchy tropical fruit, yet earthy and grapefruit character.

  • ABV Approx: 4.4%
  • Bitterness: 2.5/5
  • IBU: 25-35
  • Colour: Burnished Gold
  • Makes: 23 L
  • Yeast: M15 Empire Ale
  • This recipe requires an additional 2.2 pounds of dextrose.

A breakthrough in the traditional beer kit. Each of our Brewery Pouches has two sides. One side has been cold filled with some of Europe’s finest brewers’ extracts. The other, contains a high quality yeast strain to give you the desired aromas for your chosen beer as well as the instructions on how to brew your beer. All of these kits are cold filled into a pouch, instead of a can, to retail all the delicate flavours and aromas which are lost using the traditional canning process.

As of this posting, AIH has this marked down 50% from list to just $20.  It also bundles with AIH’s short free shipping sale.  That gets you free shipping to most US addresses with a $49 order.  Check AIH for up to the minute pricing and promo availability.

American Pale Ale with Dry Hops Brewery Pouch || Free Shipping at Adventures in Homebrewing


10% Off at Adventures in Homebrewing! with Facebook Share + Free Shipping

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There aren’t a lot of details on this.  Guessing it works with most things site wide, including sale items.  Check out AIH to see if this is still going on.

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Update: This discount should also bundle with AIH’s Short Free Shipping Promo

Free Shipping at Adventures in Homebrewing! – works with sale items

As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing is offering free shipoing site wide (with a few exclusions) when you place a $49 order.  See AIH’s terms and conditions for full details, but this does bundle with many of their existing sale items!  No promo code is needed.  Applies to lower 48 US states.

Free Shipping at AIH! || Sale Items

Some picks: Brand New 5 Gallon Kegs || Brand New 2.5 Gallon Kegs || Chugger Pumps || Perlick 630SS Faucets || Kegging Systems (applies to all except 4 keg setups) || Brew Pots (from $19.99, excludes keggles) || 220k BTU Burner (on sale for $79.99) || 10 Gallon Mash Tun/HLT All Grain System | Mangrove Jacks 6 Gallon Dry Hopped Pale Ale – $20, marked down 50% from list | Cornelius Fermenter Lid

Note: This discount should also bundle with AIH’s 10% Off Site Wide Promo (with facebook share)

Wyeast PCC Strains Available – British Strains + 10% Off Site Wide via Facebook Promo

Adventures in Homebrewing has Wyeast’s first quarter Private Collection yeast strains available.  Selections include… British Cask Ale Yeast, Burton IPA Blend and English Special Bitter.

Wyeast Private Collection Yeast Strains

Also at AIH… 10% Off Site Wide Sale

AlsoYeast Starters & Fermentation | StirStarter Stir Plate | Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

stirstarter stir plateGreat Deal: StirStarter Stir Plate

Reader Tip: GrainFather Connect Controller Pre-Order!

Thanks to HBF Reader Jesse for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

The Grainfather Connect Controller is high tech upgrade to the control box of your Grainfather.

from AIH… “Connect Control Box brings future automation together with the classic fun of brewing to enhance your brew day. This high level of automation allows you to multitask (or just kick back) while brewing and have alerts inform you of when you’re needed again.”  [full description and features]

As of this posting, the Connect Control Box is available for pre-order

I’ve had a Grainfather for a while and… I love it.  It’s really made brew days a breeze.

The Grainfather is an electric all grain brewing system.  Mash temperature is precisely controlled with an electric heating element.  A pump recirculates throughout the mashing process ensuring even temperatures.  At the end of the mash, The Grainfather becomes your electric brew kettle.  The Grainfather includes a counterflow chiller.  8 Gallon system for indoor or outdoor brewing.

The Grainfather