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Four Pin Lock Kegs – $179.96, $44.99 per keg

Used Pin Lock Kegs Homebrewing

Set of four used pin lock kegs from Adventures in Homebrewing for $139.96.  That figures to $44.99 per keg.  A set of new orings are also included for each keg.  Note that singles are also available for $49.

Set of Four 5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs Used – $179.96 – $44.99/keg

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AIH Summer Wheat Beer Kit Special – from $17


Adventures in Homebrewing‘s Annual Summer Wheat Kit is back.  Summer Wheat is described as… “Crisp, refreshing, and highly sessionable for those hot summer days. This American Wheat is lightly hopped, and finishes with a slight sweetness from the wheat.”  The kit is available in both extract and all grain versions and starts at just $17.

Summer Wheat Beer Special – Extract – $20

Summer Wheat Beer Special – All Grain – $17

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Reader Tip – New Selection: 12 Extract Kits that Ship for Free – Summer Beers

Thanks to HBF Reader Mujtaba for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

adventures in homebrewing free shipping

Adventures in Homebrewing has 12 recipe kits that are on sale with free shipping.  That selection has just changed and currently features summer beer recipes.  Prices start at just $25.99 and include free shipping to the lower 48.  Also check out AIH’s Sale Items Page.  That selection changes often and currently includes 65 items.

Recipes available as of this posting (subject to change)
  • Sand Dune Cream Ale
  • Backyard Pilsner
  • Must be the Season of the Wit
  • AIH Session IPA
  • Black Dog Lager
  • Dortmunder Gold
  • AIH Summer Shandy
  • Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale
  • Fruit Wheat
  • More Fun Blonde
  • Fat Rye
  • East India Pale Ale


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Last Call: 3 Gallon Pin Locks… $49

3 Gallon Cornelius Style Pin Lock Keg (Used)

Used 3 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs via AIH.  Adventures in Homebrewing has announced limited availability of these kegs at $49 each.

3 gallon is a great size for splitting 5 gallon batches, small batch brewing, small space kegging and on the go serving.

Word from AIH is that they are almost out of these kegs.  These are a great deal!

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg Pin Lock Used (Coke) – $49

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New at AIH: ZChiller – Spiral Star Design Counterflow Wort Chillers – Made in the US

aihzchillersZChillers are made in the US by Packless Industries located in Waco, Texas.

Adventures in Homebrewing has picked up the ZChillers line of wort chillers.  ZChillers are double tube counter flow wort chillers.  The interior tubing is a Spiral Star Design.  This spiraling increases the surface area of copper that’s in contact with your wort.  It also increases turbulence.  More movement across more surface area means your wort chills quickly.

Three versions are available starting at $159.99.  ZChillers come with your choice of no fittings, 1/2″ NPT and Male Garden Hose Fittings.

zchiller star cross sectionHere is a look at a cross section of the same style as used in ZChillers.  You can see the Spiral Star Design.

Three Models Are Available…

Standard ZChiller – 9″ diameter, 3.5″ tall, made from 102″ of copper tubing. Our original design created with small-batch homebrewers in mind. Compact, efficient, and recommended for batches of 7.5 gallons or less.

Large ZChiller – 9″ diameter, 5.125″ tall, made from 154″ of copper tubing. Our most versatile chiller, the Large ZChiller can handle much larger batches that require a higher degree of cooling while at the same time retaining the ability to be used for small batches as well. If you want flexibility and true brewing freedom, this is the chiller for you.  [Hands on Look]

Square ZChiller – 8.75″ side length, 7.25″ tall, made from 134″ of copper tubing. Distinctive design delivers cooling rates comparable to the Large ZChiller with a brand new look to spice up your brewing rig. If you’re looking for a unique chiller with a bit of flash that can handle a variety of batch sizes, look no further.


Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs – $59.99

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used Adventures in Homebrewing

Used 5 Gallon Cornelius Style Ball Lock Kegs.  Pressured tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.  Stainless steel construction.  25″ tall and 8.5″ diameter.  Orings and poppets are changed as needed to ensure kegs hold pressure.  Also a new set of Orings is included with each keg.  These are on sale for $59.99.

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used – $59.99 + Free Orings

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Reader Tip: 60+ Wine Kits that Ship for Free

Thanks to HBF Reader Mujtaba for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]


Adventures in Homebrewing has a selection of 60+ wine kits that are being offered with free shipping to the contiguous US

60+ Wine Kits that Ship for Free