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Stainless Top Digital Scale – 11 lb Capacity… $8.99!

This digital scale has a stainless top, back lit LCD display, measures in lbs/ounces and grams/kilograms and has the (in my opinion) required tare function.  Tare lets you zero out the scale with the empty measuring vessel on so that you have an accurate weight that does not include the vessel.

The 11 lb capacity is large enough to weigh grain (in two batches) for an all grain batch and the 1 gram accuracy is good enough for measuring hops.  This could also handle batches of specialty grains, DME and the like.

11/25/15 3:30 PM Central: This highly rated scale has dropped to just… $8.99.  That’s the best historical Amazon price I found.  Shipping is also free with Prime For a qualifying $35 order.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  If you’re not a Prime Member, check out our Amazon Fillers Resource Page and Recent Amazon Items Tag to help you put together a $35 order.

Threatened by competitor! Digital Kitchen Scale

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First Look… Anvil Brewing Equipment Brew Kettle!


The Anvil line of products, is… “a premier line ofanvil-brewing-equipment-palmer-approved-sm brewing equipment, designed and built by the geniuses at Blichmann Engineering, with help and inspiration from John Palmer! The entire suite of products work in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one, and at a great value to you the homebrewer. You can rest comfortably knowing that Anvil equipment is backed by two of the biggest names in the homebrew industry. Anvil Brewing Equipment: Inspired by Palmer, Built by Blichmann, and Made for You!”

The lineup includes kettles, propane burners, false bottoms, scales, thermometers and more.

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Hands On: MoreBeer’s Expandable CO2 Manifold System

morebeer co2 manifold review

MoreBeer’s gas CO2 manifold system comes in a variety of sizes including 2, 3, 4 and 6 way variants.  An add-on is also available that allows you to add more runs to the manifold as you have need.

I have long extolled the virtues of this system.  This is one of a few things in homebrewing that can actually grow with you.  Example – I could not add 4 gallons to my 6 gallon extract kettle.  I had to replace it.  This system actually grows with you.  Here is a hands on look.

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Inkbird Dual Stage Digital Temp Controller

Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat, 2-stage, 1000w, w/ Sensor

ITC-308 Dual Stage, Pre-Wired Digital Temperature Controller by Inkbird

Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller.  Controls both a heating and cooling device.  Alternatively, it can control a heating or a cooling device.  Displays in Fahrenheit and Centigrade.  Maximum output 1000 watt at 110v.  Dual Display shows both measured and set temperature.

Use to control fermentation or kegerator temperatures.


Inkbird Pre-Wired Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat 110V, 1000W for Fermentation Kegerator

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Last Call… Ingredient Tap Handles – Stacking Sales


Mashed In makes beautiful custom beer tap handles from actual brewing ingredients including Hops, a variety of grains and more.

I have four of these tap handles. cln_img_0248 They are awesome.  You can see a picture of these in my recent post on brewing Big Little Guy IPA.

These tap handles are marked down $5 to $34.99 (CAD).  Promo code HBFSAVE10 saves you another 10% on individual handles (does not apply to 4 handle set).  Shipping is free… worldwide.  Additional gear including Cider and Cold Brew Coffee handles as well as custom coasters are also available.

Check them out – Mashed In Custom Ingredient Tap Handles

A couple notes of clarification… 1. These are made with real brewing ingredients, whole cone hops and malted barley and 2. Prices are in CAD Canadian Dollars.  These ship from Canada worldwide at no additional cost.  Paypal is accepted and paypal will handle the USD (or whatever) to CAD exchange.

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Hands On: More Beer’s Plate Filtering Setup

More Beer’s Beer and Wine Plate Filter Kit in action

First… Why would you want to filter your beer?

  1. You want to drink your beer soon.  During conditioning, a lot of what we’re doing is waiting for stuff to fall out of suspension.  Filtering hastens that process.
  2. You want to transport your kegged beer.  Transporting your beer stirs up anything that’s in the bottom of the keg.  Filtering means you don’t need to worry about stirring a bunch of stuff up.
  3. Clarity.  You’re interested in having great clarity for a particular style of beer.
  4. You have a problem with your beer.  Filtering down to the sterile filter level may remove off flavors.  That’s a maybe.

The process for filtering beer is basically…

  1. Assemble the unit and hook up tubing.
  2. Run 1 gallon of water through the plate filter.
  3. Run Star San through the filter.
  4. Filter your beer.

Instructions say to expect the whole process to take about 45 minutes.  I’d say that’s about right.  The process was a breeze.  I was able to multi task and get other things done around the brewery during this process.

Here is the complete unit with tubing and disconnects

The fasteners on this plate chiller tighten by hand.
Notches are designed to make assembly quick.

One side removed

The center ring.  This takes two filter pads.  One on each side of this ring.

Pads are available in rough, polish and sterile.  You need to work sequentially through these.  Sterile is only recommended in the case that your beer has flaws.  That filter strips quite a bit of out of your beer.  I only used the rough filter in my test.  I was very happy with the clarity that the rough filter produced.

The whole thing sandwiched together

I fermented this 5 gallon batch in a 10 gallon Cornelius keg.  You can see that inside the deep freeze.  I hooked the filter directly up to the fermenter and sent the beer right to the receiving keg.

Here’s the used filter.

Here’s what’s left in the fermenter.

This beer was just sitting on the muck in the bottom of my fermenter

This setup does what’s it supposed to do.  It’s easy to set up and easy to use.  It adds a little bit of time to the kegging process, but you can do other things during that process.  It’s nice to have the option to filter when the situation presents itself.Here’s the bottom of the keg after the beer was consumed.  As you can see… no trub at all.

Beer and Wine Plate Filter Kit FIL45B – $69.99 Shipped

Beer and Wine Filter Pad (Rough) – Pack of Two FIL46 – $3.69

Beer and Wine Filter Pad (Polish) – Pack of Two FIL47 – $3.69

Kleen Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Growler

Klean Kanteen 64-Ounce Insulated Growler With Swinglok Cap

Klean Kanteen 64-Ounce Insulated Growler With Swinglok Cap by Kleen Kanteen

64 Ounce Stainless Steel Growler with large (1.75″) opening.  Flip top lid.  Vacuum insulation means that your beer will stay cold for a long time.  Since it’s made from Stainless Steel, there’s no worrying about broken glass.  That makes it great for the park, beach or pool.


I have this growler and it is… beautiful.  It’s really well made and it just looks great.  I have the dark amber version.  I aim to do a review but haven’t gotten to that yet.  Above you will see a picture of my First Looks post for the Thermapen Mk4


Klean Kanteen 64-Ounce Insulated Growler With Swinglok Cap

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