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36″ Mash Paddle… $14.99


Home Brew Stuff offers this 36″/3′ Wood Mash Paddle for just $14.99.  It ships as part of Home Brew Stuff’s Flat Rate Shipping Promo.

36″ Wood Mash Paddle – $14.99

Tip: Save money by taking advantage of $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping.  Nearly everything qualifies.  Combining items you’ll need in the near future with this order, saves you shipping vs placing multiple orders.

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Hand Made – Michigan Hard Maple Mash Paddle for… $16.49

This 28″ Hand Made Mash Paddle made from Michigan Hard Maple is selling for $16.49.  This just came became available again.  It has been out of stock since the end of July.

Twitter Follower @zip100473 says:  I have one of these. It’s not huge.  Perfect for ten gallon mashes. High quality IMHO. Really great price.

840741 – Hard Maple Mash Paddle - $16.49

Great Deal: Discounted Bubbler PET Carboys Today (8-27-14) Only

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Ends Soon: Set of 8 FastRack Racks… $99 (Save $48.96)

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Hand Made – Maple Mash Paddle for… $16.49

28″ Hand Made Mash Paddle made from Michigan Hard Maple for… $16.49.

840741 – Hard Maple Mash Paddle – $16.49

Hand Carved Maple Hardwood Mash Paddle – $41.99

Product Description - Here.  Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Hand Carved Maple Hardwood Mash Paddle (36″) AG438  $41.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order - Filler Items

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day.  Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here - to see if this is still available.

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36″ Stainless Mash Paddle – $21.94, New Record Low

Over this past 6 months this 36″ Stainless Mixing Paddle has averaged $47.38.  It’s spiked up to much higher than that… $60 to $100.  It’s down to a new record low Amazon price of  $21.94.  It ships free with Prime or with a qualifying $35 order.

Excellante 36-Inch Standard Mixing Paddle – $21.94 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

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Hand Carved Walnut 36″ Mash Paddle – $49.99 Shipped (Save $19.96)

Back in February More Beer had this has had carved walnut mash paddle on sale for $59.95.  That was a savings of $10.  It’s been off sale for a while, selling for the regular price of $69.99.  They’ve just marked it down by nearly $20 to $49.99. 

Hand Carved Walnut Mash Paddle (36″) AG437 - $69.95 $49.99 + Free Shipping

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Great Deal: 24″ Stainless Brewer’s Whisk – Extract, All Grain and Whirlpooling – $9.49

The last time we had this brewer’s whisk on HBF it was selling for $12.27.  It had just dropped from $15.22.  As of this posting, it’s down to $9.49.  You have to go back nearly a year to find a lower price.  Shipping is free with a $35 order.

This is a great piece of equipment.  Check out my hands on review Here

This whisk is great for: 1.  Stirring in extract.  It easily breaks up clumps, 2.  Stirring the mash and 3.  Starting a whirlpool.  If you’re a homebrewer, I think you should consider owning one of these babies.

Update International FW-24 Stainless Steel French Whip, 24-Inch - $9.49 + Free Shipping with $35 order

In addition to our own experience with this whisk, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from other brewers.  Here are a couple of those comments…

Jared 2/27/2013After following your site for quite some time now, and purchasing many items because you let me know about them, I just received the 24″ whisk. I can’t believe how awesome this thing is just by pulling it out of the shipping package! I am so excited about this I might just have to brew this weekend even though I don’t really have the time. Not only would this piece be awesome for the mash, but dissolving LME and DME and keep it off of the bottom. What a great piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it!

Aaron 2/14/2013I have this exact same French Whip and love it, works way better than the old mash paddle I used before. It really cuts through the grain and helps ensure no dough balls etc. Definitely recommend this above any other stirring tools I’ve used!

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