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StirStarter Stir Plate Bundle – everything you need to Stir Plate Starters

homebrew stir plate

This deal gets you everything you need to start making stir plate starters…

  • StirStarter Stir Plate – I’ve used the StirStarter for years and years.  It has worked very well for me.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you.
  • StirStarter Magnet Keeper – use to hold your stir bar in place or easily remove a stir bar
  • 1″ Magnetic Stir Bar
  • 2,000 mL/2L Erlenmeyer Flask
  • 1 lb of Muntons DME – I use metric for easily figuring how much DME I’ll need.  Divide the number of milliliters you need by 10 and you have the number of grams of DME you’ll need.  1 liter (1,000 milliliters) = 100 grams of DME
  • Carboy Cap (fits 2L Flask)
  • and Yeast Nutrient

Why a Stir Plate? The constant motion of a stir plate integrates oxygen, puts yeast in constant contact with nutrients, relieves built up CO2 and generally helps yeast to grow more rapidly.  That also means smaller starters.

Bell’s Brewery General Store has the whole bundle marked down to $71.20.

This also bundles with Bell’s discount Shipping Promo.  Use Coupon Code 50SHIPPING for $5 off your shipping cost with a $50 purchase or Use Coupon Code 100SHIPPING for $10 off your shipping cost with a $100 purchase.  Also: See Bell’s Sale Items | Cascade Lbs on Sale

StirStarter Bundle With 2L Flask and More – $71.20

More from Bell’s: Sale Items · Hops – Great Prices and SelectionBell's Homebrew Supplies

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Set of 3 Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Containers – $2.26 + Step by Step Yeast Rehydration


Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Twist and Seal Food Storage Containers.  Set of 3.  2 Cup Capacity.  Twist tight, leak proof.  Microwave and freezer safe.  Made in the USA.

Use for general storage around your home brewery. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Twist and Seal Food Storage Containers, 2-Cup, Clear, Set of 3

yeastSince these are microwave safe you could also use them to rehydrate yeast.  See: Step by Step: Rehydrating Dried Yeast Using Rubbermaid TakeAlong Containers

4/30/16 10:30 PM Central: These have dropped to $2.26.  That’s the best historical direct from Amazon price I found. Shipping is also free, with a qualifying order, as part of the Amazon’s Add On promotion. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  See Recent Amazon Finds and our Amazon Fillers Resource Page to help you put together an order that qualifies for free shipping.

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Twist and Seal Food Storage Containers, 2-Cup, Clear, Set of 3

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GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast – Conan Strain – $6.99 + Ingredient Sale


From the product description: “The Vermont IPA strain from Giga has a strong, growing following if you search the web. The problem is the supply has not been able to keep up with demand. MoreBeer! worked with Giga to get all they could produce and was able to offer this product via mail order for the first time.”

Some Heady Topper clone recipes suggest this yeast.  Although the official description doesn’t say this… many believe that this is the Conan strain of yeast.

This is a double pitch (200 Billion cells) pouch.  Read more about that and this strain on the product page.

Idea: Brew MoreBeer’s Brewmaster Series Pliny the Elder Recipe [See: Brewing Pliny] and use GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast as your yeast or use this yeast with MoreBeer’s Heady Topper Clone Recipe – “Topped With Hops” available in both all grain and extract.

Product Description – Here – Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here to see if this is still available.

GigaYeast Double Pitch – Vermont IPA Yeast GY054 – $8.99 $6.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast – $4.99 + 20% Off Blonde Kit

Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast

Home Brew Supply’s Daily Deal is Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast for just $4.99.

About: Isolated from a small Belgian brewery, this strain produces beers with moderate esters and minimal phenolics. Apple, bubblegum and plum-like aromas blend nicely with malt and hops. This strain will finish dry with a hint of tartness.

An ice pack is included and this does qualify for flat rate shipping.

Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast – $4.99

Also at HBS20% Off Swingin’ Blonde Ale for HBF Readers

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Yeast by Thomas Henry Huxley (1874) for Kindle – $0

Yeast by Thomas Henry Huxley.  Note that this is a short historical title that was first published back in 1874.

Also Consider: Yeast: The Practical Guide to Fermentation by Zainasheff and White for up to date information on yeast and fermentation.

4/27/16 4 PM: This historical title is selling for $0.  If you see a different price or if it’s free to borrow for Kindle owners that are Prime members, the price has changed.  Check out the product link for up to the minute pricing.

Kindle Edition books can be viewed on your Kindle Device or on free reader applications available for your iPhone, Android or Windows smart phone – and  for your web browser via Amazon’s Cloud Reader.  This dynamic link will take you to the appropriate reader for your current platform.

Yeast by Thomas Henry Huxley, Kindle Edition

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Reader Tip: East Coast Yeast BugFarm and Newark Ale Available

Thanks to HBF Reader Rich for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]


East Coast Yeast specializes in artisanal yeast blends and pure yeast strains of long forgotten and difficult to find yeasts.

Availability of ECY is sketchy at best.  It’s my understanding they are a small operation.  When pitches become available they generally sell out quickly.

love2brew is one of a very few homebrew shops that stock ECY at all.  They just announced the availability of a limited amount of East Coast Yeast.  As of this posting, ECY01 BugFarm, ECY10 Old Newark Ale and ECY34 Dirty Dozen Brett Blend are available.

This search sorts by availability – Available strains will show up first.  Shipping is free with a $75 order.

AlsoGigaYeast DIPA · Imperial Organic Canned Yeast – MoreBeer | Great Fermentations

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StirStarter Stir Plate… $42 Shipped

StirStarter Stir Plate eBay

StirStarter Stir Plate for $42 + Free Expedited Shipping via eBay.  Includes Stir Plate, Stir Bar and “keeper magnet” (helps you retrieve stir bar after use).

I’ve used the StirStarter for years and it has worked very well for me.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

More Info

From the description…

“Here’s good news for all you beer home brewers. YOU don’t make beer; your one-celled friends called yeast do all the work! That’s why happy, healthy yeast is the cornerstone of good brewing practice. You can make sure your yeast is ready for action in the fermenter with a magnetic stir plate. I built one and like it so much I have decided to build more and sell them to the home brewing community at a fair price. I call my version the StirStarter.

Home brewing discussion forums are full of details on how to make your own stir plate with used spare parts like hard drive magnets, computer fans and old cigar boxes. It’s a fun weekend project and if you’re mechanically inclined it might even work!

But if you’re not ready to invest the time and effort to build and perhaps troubleshoot your own creation, let me do the job for you. I am a registered professional electrical engineer and I have spent many hours improving the design of the StirStarter. My eBay seller status, 100% positive feedback and obsession with customer service means you can buy with confidence!

The StirStarter comes complete with stir bar, operating instructions and a “keeper” magnet to lock the stir bar in place so it won’t end up in your fermenter when the yeast is pitched!

For detailed product specifications, yeast starter info and helpful construction hints if you want to build your own, do a Google search on the word StirStarters.

The StirStarter will be shipped via Priority Mail after the receipt of your order. The StirStarter is guaranteed forever. If it fails to perform for ANY reason, ship it back to me for repair or replacement at no charge.”


Check it out – Here – if that has ended, check the seller’s Other Items to see if it has been re-listed

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