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1″ x 5/16″ Stir Bar… $3.61 Shipped

SEOH Magnetic Stir Bar Octahedral 1 x 5/16 new

1″ by 5/16″ Stir Bar by SEOH.  Encapsulated in FDA approved PTFE with Alnico V Magnet Core.

Use with your stir plate and erlenmeyer flask to make yeast starters.  Yeast count dramatically increases in a stir plate starter vs a non-stir plate starter.  The constant motion incorporates air, keeps yeast in contact with nutrients and expels CO2 for solution.  This all leads to higher yeast counts.

5/21/15 8:42 AM Central: These are selling for just $3.61 with free shipping.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

SEOH Magnetic Stir Bar Octahedral 1 x 5/16 new

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GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast – Conan Strain – Back in Stock

Availability on GigaYeast’s Double Pitch IPA Strain has been touch and go.  It’s available again as of this posting.  Put together a $59 order and it ships for free.

Idea: Brew MoreBeer’s Brewmaster Series Pliny the Elder Recipe (See: Brewing Pliny) and use GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast as your yeast.  This is something I would like to try.

GigaYeast's Vermont IPA Strain

From the product description: “The Vermont IPA strain from Giga has a strong, growing following if you search the web. The problem is the supply has not been able to keep up with demand. MoreBeer! worked with Giga to get all they could produce and was able to offer this product via mail order for the first time.”

Some Heady Topper clone recipes suggest this yeast.  Although the official description doesn’t say this… many believe that this is the Conan strain of yeast.

This is a double pitch (200 Billion cells) pouch.  Read more about that and this strain on the product page.

Check it out – Here

AmScope 1000x Microscope for Yeast Counting, Banking, Farming and Propagation

AmScope M100C-LED Compound Monocular Microscope, WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces, 40x-1000x Magnification, LED Illumination, Brightfield, Plain Stage

M100C-LED Compound Monocular Microscope by Amscope

  • FIVE Magnification Powers Up to 1000x
  • 45 degree Inclined 360 degree Rotatale Monocular Head
  • Single Lens Condenser with Disc Diaphragm
  • Metal Framework and Built-in LED Illumination

Use to count yeast and aid in the process of banking and propagating yeast for your homebrew.  At up to 1000x magnification you’ve got plenty of magnifying power.

AmScope 40x-1000x All-Metal Student Cordless LED Field Biological Compound Microscope with All Optical Glass Lenses

RelatedYeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (Brewing Elements)

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Homebrew Clubs & Small Breweries – East Coast Yeast Barrel Pitches + Free $25 Gift Card

East Coast Yeast

Free $25 Gift Card – Spend $125 at love2brew and get a free $25 gift card.  This applies to nearly everything site wide – including oft excluded Blichmann gear.  The only exception is… gift cards.  This also bundles with free shipping on most orders of $75 or more.

Some ideas: Chugger Pump, New:Chugger Max Pump, East Coast Yeast (love2brew is one of the few shops that has access to ECY – includes 1 Barrel Pitches – take your pick of hard to get strains including BugFarm, Blichmann Gear, Recipe Kits, New: Nighthawk Imperial Black IPA, Sorachi Saison, BeerBox Kit

Visit love2brewuse promo code FREE25 at checkout to get the free Gift Card

That promo applies to 1 Barrel Pitches of ECY

East Coast Yeast’s Mission is: “To provide new, fresh, liquid cultures for your special brewing projects. Specializing in artisanal yeast blends and pure yeast strains long forgotten.”

East Coast Yeast can be tricky to find in stock.

Love2Brew has teamed up with ECY to provide customized 1 Barrel Pitches of most/many/all of their strains (including the very difficult to get BugFarm).

from Love2Brew:  One Barrel (BBL) pitches are designed for large scale brewing with Homebrew Club projects in mind. We’ve teamed up with East Coast Yeast to offer you this exclusive program allowing you to order a 1 BBL pitch size of your choice! With 20 offerings including all your favorite sour blends these yeast blends are made fresh for your project. Once your order is placed ECY will begin production and as soon as it is complete love2brew will ship them out to you and your club!

For added value we have designed a space above to enter the Starting Gravity of your large batch. With this information ECY can tailor the yeast cell count to optimum levels for your brew so a yeast starter will not be required! The 1 BBL yeast pitches (Ales, Bretts, and mixed) will have cell counts for a minimum of the recommended 1 million cells/ml wort/degree Plato. This is the only yeast offering available anywhere with that level of customization and service!

Check it out – Here

love2Brew carries many East Coast Yeast Strains in typical homebrew batch size pitches – This search sorts by availability.  Available strains will show up first.

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(12) 125 mL LDPE Lab Containers and Closures

azlon lab jars

12 LDPE Lab Jars and Closures by Azlon

  • Narrow-mouth lab bottle for substance control and containment
  • LDPE body for flexibility, elasticity, and impact, stress-cracking, and moisture resistance, and is lightweight
  • Cylindrical shape for a wide variety of applications that require solution containment
  • Polypropylene screw cap secures contents to help prevent spills and evaporation

Azlon 301685-0004 LDPE Narrow Mouth Lab Sample Bottle with 28mm Polypropylene Screw Closure, 125mL Capacity (Pack of 12)

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Omega Yeast Lab – 13 Strains in stock – Including Vermont DIPA and SaisonStein’s Monster

Omega Yeast Labs

Omega Yeast Lab includes 150 billion yeast cells per pitch.  50% more than the typical homebrew yeast pack.  The line includes some unique and interesting strains including…

RiteBrew must have recently gotten a shipment of Omega Labs Yeast.  British All VIII, Brett Blends 1 and 3 and the Lacto Blend have just come back in stock.  Everything but the Hefeweizen (including the sometimes hard to get Vermont DIPA) is in stock as of this posting.

Check out the lineup – Here

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RiteBrew Picks:

5 Liter Erlenmeyer – $37.50 Shipped

 Click to view larger image Have one to sell? Sell now 5000ml Glass Erlenmeyer Flask for Homebrewing

5 Liter Erlenmeyer Flask for $30.  Shipping is $7.50.

Description: “A brand new borosilicate glass flask for beer brewing.  Directly boil your wort in your flask, completely sanitizing your entire yeast starter. This test jar typically takes a #13 rubber stopper. Step up your yeast culture quickly and easily with this intermediate flask! Can be used for other scientific stuff too, but we prefer brewing beer!”

Check it out – Here

Also Consider: StirStarter XL • 5L Erlenmeyer from MoreBeer • 2L Erlenmeyer

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