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GrowlerWerks: Force Carbonating and Serving with the uKeg Growler

from GrowlerWerks:

GrowlerWerks Force Carbonation

The uKeg 64 (half-gallon) and uKeg 128 (one-gallon) can be used to force carbonate homebrew & other beverages. Force carbonating a half-gallon of homebrew to 10 psi would require about 8g of CO2. Then, another 8g of CO2 would be required to dispense that beer from the vessel while maintaining the desired pressure. Thus, a total of 16g of CO2 is needed. Similarly, 33g would be needed to sufficiently force carbonate and dispense a one-gallon batch, without needing to remove the cap to replace the cartridge, and expose your brew to harmful oxygen.

The uKeg cap is interchangeable and will fit either the uKeg 64 or uKeg 128. We’ll also be offering extra 16g and 33g cartridge holders so larger CO2 cartridges can be used to both force carbonate and dispense in one swoop. The uKeg 64 will ship standard with an 8g cartridge holder, and the uKeg 128 will ship standard with a 16g cartridge holder. Additional sized cartridge holder accessories will be available via our website following our Kickstarter campaign and before uKeg rewards ship in May & June.

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uKeg Pressurized Growler for Fresh Beer via KickStarter

from GrowlerWerks:

The uKeg Pressurized Growler for Fresh Beer

Keep good homebrew from going bad… Introducing the uKeg, a growler system that keeps beer fresh and cold, and goes wherever you go. With vacuum insulation, an ergonomic handle, a bar-style tap and an innovative carbonation system, the uKeg offers a stylish way to enjoy craft beer on your own time. Be confident that your favorite beer will be fresh, whether poured from your refrigerator or from your tailgate at the beach. Cheers!

Save money by taking advantage of our Kickstarter pre-order.  Both 64 and 128 ounce (1 Gallon!) sizes are being offered at a discount.  Check it out – Here

GrogTag: 20% Off CrushTag for Homebrew Finds Readers

from GrogTag:

CrushTag Wine and Beer Labels

Keep Crushin’ It!

GrogTag wants to thank you loyal Homebrew Finds Followers by giving you a special 20% off deal over at our sister site for winemakers,! Don’t worry homebrewers, there’s some goodies over there for you, too!

More designs, new products, and a fresh 20% off discount – it’s all happening at CrushTag!

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GrogTag: New 12 Label Packs + 20% Off CrushTag

from GrogTag:

GrogTag 12 Pack Beer Labels

GrogTag now supports your 12-pack!

Because sometimes you only need to bottle 12 at a time, we have rolled out a new order size for our labels – The 12-pack.

Grab 12 of your favorite Beer or Wine Labels for your next batch of homebrew!

GrogTag is saving the last one for you. Check us out and get yourself 10% off when you enter HBF in the discount code field of the checkout screen.

GrogTag … at least your beer will look good!

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Related:  For a limited time, CrushTag is offering a whopping 20% Off to HBF Readers Site Wide.  That applies to – custom Wine Bottle LabelsTasting Mats and Custom Signs.  It also applies to some crossover items like CoastersCustom Bottle CapsCarboy and Tank Labels and Beer Labels.  Check out CrushTag - Use Discount Code HBF to get 20% Off

GrogTag: New Anatomical Design + 10% Off Site Wide

from GrogTag:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.44.56 PM

Let’s get Anatomical!

Just in time for Halloween, we have released our latest design, Anatomical.  If you are looking for a label that shares your love of beer, Halloween, and body parts (and who isn’t), then we have the label for you!  Anatomical allows you to customize not only the background color, but has an option to adjust your “Gore Level”!  Dial up the blood level on these piles of body parts, or just opt for the silhouette version if you are weak of heart …

Our Anatomical design joins our growing list of graphics that are available across multiple formats.  Choose from Beer Labels, Coasters, Metal Signs, and more!

GrogTag keeps their stick on the ice.  Check us out and get yourself 10% off when you enter HBF in the discount code field of the checkout screen.

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GrogTag: Customizable Oxygen Absorbing Bottle Caps + 10% Off Site Wide

from GrogTag:


Let your homebrew stand out this year with printed, customized Bottle Caps!  

Our giant selection of professionally crafted designs will help you elevate your homebrew game – or upload your own photo and make it your own.  Either way, GrogTag has your back!

GrogTag keeps it all in.  Check us out and get yourself 10% off when you enter HBF in the discount code field of the checkout screen.

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Announcing… CrushTag Winemaking Labels

from GrogTag:

Crushtag Google Plus

Announcing CrushTag – the premiere labeling site for winemakers!

The makers of GrogTag, the homebrew label site, launched this month with a complete line of products for all your home winemaking label needs.  Designed solely for winemakers and featuring products like wet-strength paper labels, reusable vinyl labels, coasters, bottle collar hang tags, and metal signs – all with professional and customizable design templates!   CrushTag is the premier destination for people looking to brand their wines.

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