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Mark II Keg & Carboy Cleaner… As a Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump!


The Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer [Review] can clean a lot of your homebrewing gear.  Kegs, Carboys, Speidel Fermenters, Tubing, Small Parts & Pieces, Buckets, Keggles and more.

A small hardware purchase can convert your Keg and Carboy Washer over to an efficient ball lock draft line cleaning pump.

Cue drumroll.  And… It’s this thing…

Free shipping Stainless steel Carbonation Cap w/ 5/16" Barb, Ball Lock Type, fit soft drink PET bottles, Homebrew Kegging
Stainless steel Carbonation Cap w/ 5/16″ Barb, Ball Lock Type, fit soft drink PET bottles, Homebrew Kegging

It’s a stainless steel ball lock carbonator cap that is typically intended to use with 1L and 2L PET (soda type) bottles for force carbing and transporting beer (soda, etc).  Why does it include a barb?  I have no idea, but it comes in really handy for this purpose.

cln_img_9641A photo of just the carbonator capcln_img_9644A carbonator cap would typically work with a gas QD and this does.cln_img_9642However, it also works (easily) with a liquid QD.  Not sure why it’s designed like this, but it is and this is another important feature.cln_img_9646To adapt the Keg and Carboy Cleaner for Ball Lock draft lines just attach the stainless carbonator cap to a length of 1/4″ ID tubing (the shorter the better).  Attach the unused end to the smaller of the two included barbs (intended for cleaning tubing) and whammo… you’ve got a line cleaner.  I didn’t use any clamps.  Things held together fine and disassemble for easy cleaning.

cln_img_9654I use a piece of 1/2″ ID silicone tubing over my faucets to return cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing solution back to the Keg and Carboy Cleaner’s basin.  Recirculating means you can run this for a long time (according to your cleaner’s recommendations).  You may also save money by using less cleaner and sanitizer.

This has the advantage of cleaning everything in your draft system.  It cleans the faucet, the shank, the quick disconnect and the tubing.  Some line cleaning pump designs I’ve seen have you removing the beer nut and placing the hand pump apparatus directly on the shank.  That’s some work disassembling and reassembling and it also skips the line and quick disconnect.

cln_img_9657Here is a photo that should hopefully give you an idea about flow rate.  If you look at my original Draft Line Cleaning Pump Build, you’ll see that I don’t believe you need a gushing fire hose-like flow rate.  The important thing, in my book, is touching all parts and constant flow.  Along those lines, if you’re looking for your draft cleaning pump to resemble a pressure washer, I’d suggest looking for something different.  I spent no time on trying to increase flow for this build.  It’s going to depend on your line length and where you place the Keg and Carboy Washer in relation to the top of your shank.

cln_img_9660A look at the 1/2″ ID tubing over my Perlick faucetcln_img_9666The Keg and Carboy Washer can be a bit unwieldy to pick up when full.  You can drain a good bit of liquid off by redirecting the discharge tubing to a bucket.

cln_img_9649I have added this switch to my Keg and Carboy Washer setup.  It allows me to easily turn the pump on and off without plugging and unplugging it.  This switch appears to be similar although not the exact same part number… [GE 52149 Handy Switch Grounded White].  You may want to add a GFCI Adapter and for safety, always read and follow manufacturer’s warnings.

1312Alternative for Pin Lock, Sankey and Ball Lock Systems.  I know of no similar Pin Lock style carbonator cap.  You get nearly the same benefit by replacing that with a 1/4″ Male Flare to 1/4″ Barb Fitting.  Remove your MFL Pin Lock QDs and attach to this fitting.  The only thing you’re missing is including the Pin Lock QDs in the cleaning process.  This would also work for Sankey and ball lock setups, you just need to have 1/4″ MFL lines.

Prior to getting a Keg and Carboy Washer myself, I consistently heard great things about it.  I can confirm the praise.  This is a great piece of equipment that saves me time.  The additional ability to clean lines with little additional expense sweetens the deal further.  The Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer is one of our Top Finds.

Mark’s Keg & Carboy Washer can be found at…

Carbonator Cap: Free shipping Stainless steel Carbonation Cap w/ 5/16″ Barb, Ball Lock Type, fit soft drink PET bottles, Homebrew Kegging – Note that this ships directly from Asia


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How To: Easily Convert Your Keg and Carboy Washer into a Draft Line Pump

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Update – Hands On: Sinbo DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer + Sealing Mylar Bags

Sinbo’s DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer is billed as a light commercial vacuum sealer.  It’s “snorkel” design gives it some amazing capabilities.

First… Why would you want a Vacuum Sealer for homebrewing?

Vacuum sealers are indispensable for storing hops.  You can save money by getting in on bulk hop buys.  Use your vacuum sealer to break these up and to preserve freshness.  Other uses include: storing base grains, partial dry yeast packs and storing and preserving other beer ingredients.

Here’s a look at what comes in the box:  The Sinbo DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer, 30 bags (notice they are not standard channeled vac bags, they are smooth walled), a replacement sealer strip and a user manual.

The unit when closed

The unit when open

Top down view

Top right side

Top left side

Before powering on the unit, you press down on both sides of the unit to lock the bag in place.

Coiled power cord compartment under the unit.  The first time I used this, I remarked to myself how crazy short the cord is.  As I was going to get an extension cord, I thought to myself, I wonder why they didn’t make the cord longer, they could have just coiled it up underneath.  At that point I decided to look on the bottom and… bazinga.  The cord is plenty long and as a nice and easy to use storage compartment.

Size vs my FoodSaver GameSaver Bronze

Side by side.  The Sinbo seems to be about about half the size.  Part of that is explained by the FoodSaver’s built in roll storage which the Sinbo does not have.

My 35 lb Capacity Digital Scale shows the GameSaver Bronze weighing in at 2,945 grams

The Sinbo DZ-280 weighs in at 2,480 grams.  One of the first thoughts I had after unboxing this was… it feels heavy for it’s size.  It’s maybe half the size of the GameSaver, yet it only weighs in at 465 grams less.  It feels substantial and well made.

One of the huge features of this vacuum sealer is it’s snorkel design.  Here’s the snorkel.  It’s retractable.  That’s a key part feature.  It allows this vacuum sealer to seal bags that aren’t necessarily designed for use with home grade vacuum sealers… non-channeled, smooth walled bags including… Mylar bags.

The 30 bags that are included aren’t what you’d generally call standard vacuum sealer bags.  They are non-channeled and smooth sided.

Sealing Mylar Bags:

First… Why Mylar Bags?
Mylar bags are generally considered to be superior to consumer grade vacuum bags because of their much lower oxygen permeability.  You can also save and re-use Mylar bags that you receive with hop purchases.  You end up getting a better quality bag for the equivalent of free.

Power off the unit and extend the snorkel

I’ve saved Mylar bags for a while now.  Here I’m re-using a bag that I got when I brewed Northern Brewer’s 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA.

Place the snorkel in the bag, slide it all the way in and lock the lid in place.  I’ve found that it’s important to make sure the bag lays flat in the unit.  Pulling on the sides of the bag after the lid is latched seem to helped to accomplish this.  You also need to take this time to evenly distribute contents in the bag.  The contents essentially take the place of the channeled bags that are required for other vacuum sealers.

To start the vacuum process, turn on the power.  The Sinbo DZ-280 is more of a manual unit than the FoodSavers I’ve had.  This unit will continue to pull a vacuum until you stop it.  To stop the vaccuum, hit the sealing bar on the top of the unit.  You actually want to hit that quickly, two times in a row, holding it down the second time.  The first time stops the vacuum and retracts the snorkel.  The second time completes the seal.  You’ll hear an audible beep when sealing is complete.  Seal time is configurable.  The manual suggests 3 to 4 seconds, but you may need more.  I found 5 to 7 to work pretty well for Mylar bags, depending on thickness.

Whammo.  8 ounces of hops sealed an essentially free Mylar bag.

The other side of the bag.  It’s worth noting that you can use the Sinbo DZ-280 in seal only mode.  At times, I used that feature to add a second seal to bags.

Since the Sinbo DZ-280 can work with smooth sided bags, you can re-use many bags in this machine.  Here is 8 oz of Carapils sealed… in the bag that it came in.

Close up

Part of the base grain for More Beer’s Firestone Walker Pale 31 Kit vacuum sealed…. in the bag that it came in.

8 Ounces of hops sealed in the included bags

I also tried small amounts of hops.  This is around .25 ounces sealed in the bag that the hops originally came in.

Reader Feedback from HBF Reader Bill: “I bought one of these after your review. I absolutely love it. I just repackaged my hops from last year, and packaged some of my fresh hops from this year. This unit made a great seal, effectively sucked the air out of the bag. I got mylar bags cheap, and my hops look almost as good as the ones sold commercially!”

The Sinbo DZ-280‘s ability to seal non standard bags is a huge selling point.  I think that’s a big money saver and also convenience factor.  Also the ability to natively seal Mylar bags is unparalleled.  To get this feature you typically have to purchase a larger commercial grade unit that costs several thousand dollars.  This is more of a manual machine vs the more common FoodSaver type machine.  That gives you some more control in the process.

Sinbo DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer with 30 FREE bags

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Hands On: TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table

review TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Tabl

I picked up Trinity’s EcoStorage Stainless Table toward the end of 2014.  I wanted a sturdy, easy to clean table for around the brewery tasks and storage.  This table is all stainless construction, NSF certified, has 150 lb capacity per shelf, features adjustable feet levelers and the shelf is fully adjustable.  48″ wide, 35.5″ tall, 24″.

cln_img_9607NSF Certification sticker.  The stainless surface table top can be cleaned and sanitized.

cln_img_9610Trinity logo on the left side of the shelf

IMG_9603A look down the table.  This is between my tub sinks and a storage rack

review TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel TablA storage rack on the left and my Utilatwin sink on the right.  After adjustment, this ended up at a good height next to my sink.  A couple inches higher.  A good height to set things as they are cleaned.

cln_img_9630Works great with my Keg and Carboy Washer [Review].  It’s nice have an easily cleanable surface and having this right by my sink makes it easy to fill and empty things like the Carboy Washer.

I originally heard about this table from HBF Reader [8 Ways to Connect with HBF] Jeff.  Jeff purchased it himself and shared some pictures and feedback  Thank you Jeff!

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo:  A picture of the table with a keggle on top for size reference.  Click the photo to enlargeTRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo: Underside of the bottom of the table.TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-InchReader Photo: Bottle tree and bucket sitting on top.

from Jeff: “I’ve been looking for some stainless steel tables for months now, but I was very leery about cheap non-sturdy tables. After receiving my Trinity work table today there is no question in my mind that it is 110% restaurant quality stainless worktable. I couldn’t ask for a more sturdy table. I could easily stand on this table (at 200lbs) and feel secure, however the instructions say not to. To my surprise, as I was putting the table together (super simple) I flipped table over I noticed fantastic reinforcements on the bottom. I’ve attached a picture of both!”

Follow up from Jeff: “I’ve used my table consistently since purchase, multiple times a week for brewing, bottling, cleaning, food table for parties, etc. Six months later, there is no question in my mind that this table was worth every cent!”

from Stephen: “I have the 24″ model that I have turned into a grain milling station and have to agree these tables are AWESOME!”


This is a well built heavy duty table.  The all stainless build also looks great.  I’m glad to have it for storage, as a general work area for brewing tasks and more.  This is a great table!

Although mine isn’t in my brewing area, this would also make a good brew day work table too.

TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-Inch

Also available in a smaller 24″ size…
TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 24-Inch

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Hands On: Brand New, 5 Gallon Keg from AIH

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg

A while back Adventures in Homebrewing introduced brand new 5 gallon ball lock keg made to their specifications.  It’s marked down to… $75.  That’s a stellar deal for a brand new ball lock,  I purchased one to give it a try.

Ball Lock, Stainless Steel, Double Rubber Handles.  Specs say these are 25″ tall and 8.5″ in diameter.  NSF and ISO 9001 Certified.

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewA look at the top of the keg.  This is a double handle rubber top and rubber bottom keg.  This designed is generally preferred to single handle strap designs as it’s easier to carry, stackable and the two handles mean the keg can be inverted for draining after cleaning or sanitizing.

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewStamp on the side of the side of the keg reads… Max WP 130 PSI [900 kpa], Cap 5 US GAL [19].  Guessing WP = working pressure,

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball LockMy keg came from the first batch that was in the process of being NSF certified.  Since then that process has been completed.  This photo (stock image from AIH) shows NSF and ISO 9001 certification stamps.

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewBottom of the keg

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewThere was a little bit of what I would call rubber residue.  Not a lot, but some.  Guessing this will wear or scrub off.  Maybe this is common for brand new kegs, I’ve never owned one before this.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfInside of the keg.  Looks great.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock Keg PartsParts and pieces.  Left side is liquid, right side is gas.  The lid oring is white.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a white silicone.  It doesn’t feel like Buna-N.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegLiquid dip tube

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfClose up on the gas side

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfThe keg uses universal style poppets.

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegClose up of the lid.Homebrew keg reviewKegging a Pale AleNew Ball Lock Homebrew KegPressurized, sealed up and sprayed down with Star San to check for leaks.  No leaks in sight.Adventures in Homebrew Ball LockIn my kegerator

I’ve had this keg since January of 2015.  This is the nicest 5 gallon keg I’ve owned.  It’s high quality, looks great and works great.  Their quality rivals my Cornelius-type brand kegs and (since all my other 5 gallon kegs are used) the condition of this keg is superior.  I’m also glad AIH went to the time and expense to get it NSF certified.

At it’s current sale price of $75, I’d call it a stellar value.  Shipping is additional.  Play around with different quantities as minimum shipping charges make those costs a bit odd.  It usually doesn’t cost much more to ship a second, third or fourth keg.

From  Facebook Friend Michael… “Have one from their Black Friday sale and am very happy with it. It’s a Steal!”

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock – $75!

These are also available in a 2.5 gallon version.  Although 2.5 gallon kegs are smaller, they generally sell for more than their 5 gallon counterparts.  AIH has these on sale for $75 too.  The smaller size is good for splitting 5 gallon batches, small batch or small space brewing/kegging and easily taking your homebrew on the go…

AIH New Double Rubber Handle 2.5 Gal Keg – $75!

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Hands On: Rubbermaid Commercial Product 1 Gallon Bouncer Pitcher

Review Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG321800CLR 4-Quart Bouncer Measuring Cup

There are several equipment purchases that I look back on and say… I’m really glad I got that, it’s made a big difference.  Sturdy, Food Safe One Gallon pitchers fit that bill.  I went from a mish-mash of too small plastic pitchers, found around the house, that bent under the weight of wort, dripped and leached who knows what into my beer to two commercial quality 1 gallon pitchers.  What a difference.

I started out with pitchers similar to these those work well, but have a couple of drawbacks.  I still use those for some purposes.   A while back, May of 2013, I picked up Rubbermaid Commercial’s 4 Quart Bouncer Pitcher.  Here’s a look at that.

Here’s the Rubbermaid commercial pitchers quart markings.  Clear sides make it easy to see what you’re measuring.

Liter markings.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Division

BPA Free

NSF Certified

Easy peel off label.  That’s a pet peeve of mine.  This actually comes off clean.Made in USA

Thick, heavy duty plastic.  This pitcher feels sturdy.  My assumption is that these are called Bouncers because you can bounce them off the floor.  Have not tried that on purpose yet, but I do plan to mistakenly drop this at some point.  :)Bus Tubs HomebrewThree of my favorite brew day things – commercial bus tub for carrying gear and ingredients and catching drips, Rubbermaid Commercial Pitcher and my Brew Day Whisk.    Taken while brewing Brain Eater Pale Ale,

High Temps.  This pitcher is designed with commercial kitchen use in mind.  It’s made for both hot and cold use -40 to 212 deg F.

Two Pitchers.  If you are vorlaufing/recirculating, you’re going to want two pitchers and even if you’re not two pitchers are handy.

What I use this pitcher for.  Vorlaufing/recirculating, collecting water, topping up water, collecting wort from my mash tun, holding utensils on brew day, as a cleaning vessel for smaller items, mixing up PBW and Star San, general measuring.  I’m sure there’s more.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG321800CLR 4-Quart Bouncer Measuring Cup

I can highly recommend this pitcher to you.  I’ve been using it on brew day and beyond for years.  It’s on a short list of my favorite upgrades.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG321800CLR 4-Quart Bouncer Measuring Cup

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Hands On: American Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale

Here’s a Hands On Look at American Weigh’s Model AWS-100 Digital Gram Scale.  The scale has 1/100th gram resolution making it great for accurately weighing hops, small amounts of specialty grains and water salts.  It has a 100 gram (3.52 ounce) capacity.

cln_img_6812The front of the box.  Reads: Hundredth of a gram accuracy (0.01 g), 100g Maximum Capacity, Flip-Open Protective Cover, Includes two AAA, 10 Year Warranty.

AWS-100 Side of the box.  Reads: Capacity 100 g, Readability .01g, Power Two AAA, Platform Size 2.5 x 3″, Auto Off 60 Seconds No Activity.

AWS-100Front of the scale when closed.  The protective cover is a nice feature.  You don’t want to store a scale with any weight or pressure on the platform.  The built in cover keeps that from happening.

AWS-100Back of the scale

AWS-100Front of the scale when open

AWS-100 Quick User GuideClose up of the inside of the protective lid built into the AWS-100.  This includes a handy Quick User Guide.  Click the picture above to zoom.

100g Calibration WeightI purchased this 100 gram Calibration weight at the same time I got the AWS-100.  It’s worth picking up one of these.  You’ll see why next.

AWS-100 100 gramsThe 100 gram weight reads 100.12 grams.  The manual states that “calibration and adjustment are performed at the factory.  However, the weighing range can shift slightly during shipping”.  If the scale is weighing within an acceptable tolerance the scale should be left alone.  If it is outside of tolerance, it should be calibrated.  The manual says that the tolerance for this scale is .02 grams.  .12 is 6 times acceptable tolerance.  Calibration is required.

AWS-100 CalibrationTo calibrate you hold the mode button until CAL appears on the screen.  Press Mode again and it prompts you to put a 100 gram calibration weight on the platform

AWS-100 calibrationPut the weight on and the… wait :) and the scale will pop up pass.  I’m guessing it calibrates itself using the weight and then re-tests the weight to ensure that it’s within tolerance.  If it is… whammo… pass.

AWS-100 100 gramReads 100.01 with a 100 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 100 gramThis is a different 100 gram weight.  It reads right at 100.

A note on accuracy: I don’t have lab quality weights.  Slight variances in accuracy tests could be a reflection of either the scale or the weight or both.  My guess is both are generally to blame.  If 1/100th (one one-hundredth) of a gram is an issue for what you’re doing… you’re going to need a lab quality scale.

AWS-100 50 gramReads 50.01 with a 50 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 20 gramReads 20.00 with a 20 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 10 gramReads 10.00 with a 10 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 2 gramReads 2.01 with a 2 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads 1 with a 1 gram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .50 with a 500 milligram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .21 with a 200 milligram calibration weight

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewReads .11 with a 100 milligram calibration weight.  Getting a reading on this light of a weight verifies that this scale is good for both hops and water salts.  It’s not really necessary (at least in my book) to get down to tenths of a gram for hops (although it’s nice to be able to do).  It is necessary to get down to this range for water salts.

AWS-100 Homebrewing reviewWeighing 28 grams (about one ounce) of calibration weights using the AWS-100.  Hops and water salts are a couple of things that I like to weigh in metric.  The other is… yeast starter wort.  That is very easy to formulate using liters and grams.  1 liter of water goes with 100 grams  DME.  If you need a .5 liter starter it would be .5 liter of water + 50 grams of DME.

AWS 100 nickel calibration weightTip: a US Nickel is right at 5 grams

AWS 100 sizeFor size reference… next to a 3 piece airlock

AWS 100 refractometerSize reference… next to the RSG-100ATC Dual Scale Refractometer

cln_img_6910Weighing a stainless sample cup (part of my Brew Day Box).  This is a good example of the beauty of the Tare Feature.  Notice that the scale reads 39.45 grams.

AWS 100 tareA press of the Tare button effectively zeroes out the scale.

AWS 100 hops scaleBecause the container is subtracted, I’m weighing just the contents.  That means I have 35.22 grams of Amarillo hops here.

aws-100 gram scale reviewOne thing I have wondered is… Can you weigh more than the capacity of a scale using the Tare Feature.  The answer, at least for this scale, is yes.  I put a 100 gram weight on the scale, Tared it and then put a 50 gram weight on the scale.

I've owned this since December 2014

I’ve owned this since December 2014

This is a great scale with excellent resolution and accuracy that is perfect for hops and water salts.

American Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale


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First Looks: Anova Touch Screen Heat Stick and Circulator

Review Anova Sous Vide for Homebrew

First Looks: Anova Touch Screen Heat Stick

Here’s a first look at Anova’s Precision Sous Vide Immersion Circulator.  This Anova Precision Immersion Circulator is 1,000 Watts, heats 4 to 6 gallons of water to 99 deg C (nearly boiling), mounts to the side of your kettle with a built in clamp, has a touch screen control for both temp and time (either F or C) and has a built in recirculating pump for keep consistent temps.  Everything that goes into the water is stainless steel, and it can be disassembled for cleaning.

Brewing uses could include: getting and keeping strike water at temp, direct use (with a filter bag in a mash tun or BIAB mash), maintaining temperature for sour mashes and getting to a boil more quickly (or helping to maintain a boil) for both all grain and extract batches.


  • 360 degree directional pump for maximum circulation
  • Touch screen display with °C & °F readouts
  • User-Adjustable temperature calibration
  • All stainless steel (wetted parts)
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning

Review Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewA look at that Anova and included manual in the boxReview Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewThe Anova Precision Sous Vide Immersion CirculatorReview Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewSetup and control is easy via the integrated touch screen.  This screen is for setting the option heat time.Review Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewSetting the temperatureReview Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewIt’s worth noting that although there is a time setting, it is not required.

Review Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewInstalled. This has an integrated mounting clamp that secures the heat stick to the side of the kettle.

Review Anova Sous Vide for Homebrew

You can see the water rippling from the flow of the Anova’s integrated circulator

Review Anova Sous Vide for HomebrewI completed a quick heating test with about 5 gallons of water in a 6-ish gallon kettle.  The water started out at 73 deg F.

Review Anova Sous Vide for Homebrew
The 5 gallons gained about 65 degrees in 51 minutes.

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator – 120V Circulator Cooker (Black)

A newer version is also available…
Anova Culinary Precision Cooker/Immersion Circulator (Black)

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Heating up Strike Water

from Twitter Follower Danny – “I have successfully heated up to 9.5G of water to 160F in my MT with this. Highly recommend” – photo on right click to enlarge.

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