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Recipe: Anchor and Kite Brewing’s Dreamsicle Ale


Many thanks to Wes via Great Fermentations for this special Guest Post!  Read more about Wes below.

Anchor and Kite Brewing’s Dreamsicle Ale

Hello, and welcome to a very special recipe blog post on making a creamsicle beer! This beer was the brainchild of Jeremy Railey, a local homebrewer whose home brewery goes by the name of “Anchor and Kite Brewing”, an homage, he told me, to his relationship with his girlfriend. Jeremy has been a customer of ours for a few years now, and has run some ideas by me regarding different recipes. When he told me about his intentions of making a creamsicle beer, which he calls “Dreamsicle,” I was intrigued to say the least. A few brainstorming sessions and a test batch or two later, and I was convinced Jeremy was onto something. I asked him if he’d like to brew a batch on the Electric BrewEasy system, and he was down for the cause.

We brewed the beer, and I left it in his hands for fermentation and treatment. Flash forward about a month, and Jeremy brought me a bottle of our brew that’s as close to creamsicle as anything I’ve ever had! It has a delicious orange and vanilla flavor that tasted like a treat straight from the freezer section of the local grocery! After giving samples around to some of our employees, we decided we should do a blog post for this recipe.

Dreamsicle basically uses our Charisma Cream Ale recipe for its base, with a few tweaks. Some lactose is added to the beer to give it a sweet creaminess, and flaked oats are used to increase body, mouthfeel and head retention. Add some orange zest, float an orange (or two clementines) in the boil, and the addition of some homemade vanilla extract (made by you!) will make the ultimate creamy orange dream beer…you know, a Dreamsicle Ale!

Anchor and Kite Brewing’s Dreamsicle Ale, Creamsicle Beer Recipe (for final volume of 5.5 gallons)

Estimated O.G. = 1.059
Estimated F.G. = 1.020
Estimated ABV = 5.1%
Estimated bitterness = 6-8 IBUs

Here are some special brewing notes from Jeremy about the process of brewing Dreamsicle Ale, some extra things you will need, and how to prepare and use them:

  • You’ll need 5 navel oranges or 8-10 clementines. First, 2 days ahead of brew day, you’ll zest 2 oranges or 5 clementines and place it in the freezer. We’ll come back to that.
  • Once the boil starts you’ll cut a slit in 1 orange or 2 clementines and float the fruit in the wort for the duration of the boil.
  • Next, the remaining oranges or clementines are zested directly over the boil starting at 30 min. The idea is that the citrus oil and zest will be added slowly, thus preserving the flavor.
  • Remember the zest you froze two days ago? Toss that in right after flame out.
  • 3 Madagascar or 2 Mexican vanilla beans soaked in Vodka. (Scrape the vanilla bean guts into a Grolsch bottle with Vodka and soak for at least one week. Toss the bean husks in there as well. Shake it daily.) Vanilla “extract” is added at bottling/kegging.

Grain Bill
4.25 lbs. American 2-Row
4.25 lbs. Pilsner Malt
1 lb. Flaked Rice
1 lb. Flaked Oats
0.5 lb. Carapils
0.25 lb. Aromatic Malt

0.5 oz Liberty hops (4.6% AA), added at the beginning of the 60 minute boil
0.5 oz Liberty hops, added with 1 minute left in the 60 minute boil

2 packs (or make an appropriate starter) Wyeast 2112 California Lager, Wyeast 2565 Kolsch , or Safale S-05 dry yeast.

Brewing Process

  • Mash at 150F for 60 minutes. A mash-out at 168F for 15 minutes is recommended, but not necessary. Drain, sparge, and proceed with a 60 minute boil, following the hop schedule and special instructions from Jeremy found above.
  • Chill to 64-66F, pitch yeast, and allow to ferment at 66F for 2 weeks before bottling or kegging. Add vanilla extract to beer right before bottling or kegging.
  • A secondary fermentation for one week to improve clarity and reduce sedimentation is optional.

Extract Version: Replace American 2-row and Pilsner malt with 6 lbs of light dry malt extract, and replace flaked rice with 1 lb of rice syrup solids. Steep the specialty grains at 150-155F for 30 minutes using a muslin grain bag. Remove the bag, allowing the grains to drain into the boil kettle. Turn off the flame and dissolve the extracts and the rice syrup solids in the kettle. Turn the flame back on, bring to a boil and proceed as normal, following the hop schedule and special instructions from Jeremy found above. Note that the gravity may be slightly higher on the extract version, but should still make a very similar, and excellent, creamsicle beer!

About the Author Wes has had an intense interest in brewing craft beer for ages. His brother, a brewer at Hair of the Dog in Portland Oregon, as well as the head brewer at Alameda Brewhouse, a local brewpub, first introduced Wes to craft beer during summer trips to Oregon when he was younger. After graduating with a degree in Communication from Indiana University, Wes went to Korea to teach English. Unable to find a good beer in the country, Wes soon turned to home brewing to produce his much-loved ales. Upon returning to the states, his interest took off, and he continued brewing incessantly while taking biology and chemistry classes at IUPUI. As of 2014 he has been brewing for seven years. Known around Great Fermentations as a serial brewer, he produces a vast array of different beers, as well as wine, mead and cider.

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