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Ends Soon: 30% Off Gladiator Shelving Unit at Home Depot

Home Depot is discounting this beefy looking shelving unit from Gladiator - Model # GARS774SZG4 - by 30% to $139.30.  Site to Store Shipping is free.

Check it out - Here

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6 Pack of Snapware Containers – $6.50, $1.08 Each


This six pack of 2.8 Cup, Airtight and Stackable Snapware Containers is selling for $6.50.  That figures to $1.08 each.  Shipping is free with Prime or a qualifying $35 order.

Use for storing… things around your brewery.

Airtight Mini Square 2.8 Cup 4X4X4 (6-Pack) – $6.50 + Free Shipping with $35 order

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3 Compartment Storage Box… 64 Cents

This three compartment container from Wal-Mart is intended for… Crayons. Of course, few things are safe from being re-purposed for homebrewing.  Case in point…

This Baby Bottle Drying Rack:

Becomes This:

The three compartment container looks as if it would be good around the brewery to store and organize small parts and pieces.  It’s marked down to 64 cents.  Shipping is free with a $50 or site to store shipping is free.  Check it out – Here

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Small Parts Cabinets for Brewery Organization – $14.99, New Record Low

This 44 drawer small parts cabinet from Akro Mils has fallen to $14.99.  That’s about $5 less than the last time it appeared on HBF and also constitutes a new record low Amazon price.

Akro Mils 10744 44-Drawer Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Red and Gray - $14.99 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

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Save $40 on FoodSaver V3431 with Fresh Starter Kit + Recent Hop Finds

FoodSaver has the V3431 with Fresh Starter Kit marked down $40.  It’s retailing for $129.99.  When you add it to your cart it will drop to $89.99.  Shipping is free.

Check it out – Here

Why would you want a FoodSaver for homebrewing?
Vacuum sealers are indispensable for storing hops.  You can save money by getting in on bulk hop buys.  Use your vacuum sealer to break these up and to preserve freshness.  You can also store specialty grains in vacuum bags or using the mason jar attachment.  Other uses include: storing base grains, partial dry yeast packs (see the tips page) and storing and preserving other beer ingredients.

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6 Pack of 30 Quart Storage Bins – $33.04, $5.50 Each, New Record Low

This highly rated 6 pack of 30 Quart Storage Tubs has recently sold for as much as… $79.99.  They have dropped to $33.04.  That’s a new record low Amazon price.  Add on nearly any filler item and they also ship for free.

Sterilite 19859806 30-Quart Ultra Latch Box, White Lid See-Through Base with Titanium Latches, 6-Pack – $33.04 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

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Reader Tip: 30% Off Gladiator Shelving Unit

Thanks to HBF Readers Nick and John for this tip!

Home Depot is discounting this beefy looking shelving unit from Gladiator - Model # GARS774SZG4by 30% to $139.30.  Site to Store Shipping is free.

Check it out – Here

Also from Home Depot6.8 Cu Ft Deep Freeze – $158

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