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Lowes: 7 Cu Ft Deep Freeze – $170.10 + Recent Draft Deals

Lowes has the highly rated Idylis 7 cu Ft Chest Freezer Model ICM070LC discounted from $229 to $189.  Apply promo code 47000RRRRR2404R and it drops to $170.10. In store pickup at your local Lowes is free.

Check it out – Here

Lowe’s: Great Deal – Amprobe Digital Thermometer – $12 to $14.99, was $60

via Lowes.  This infrared thermometer was selling for $59.95.  It’s been marked down to between $12 and $14.99.  Your mileage may vary in this one, because I think pricing is locale dependent.  In store pickup is free.  For comparison, this is selling for $49.95 at Amazon – Here

$50 to $60 down to $12 to $15 makes this a great deal.

Since this is no touch, you can check the temp of yeast washing and yeast rehydration water and your starter wort without the risk of infection.  I find mine particularly useful for rehydrating yeast.  See Tip 1 on the Tips Page for more information on my yeast rehydration technique.

Infrared thermometers should not be considered a direct replacement for your standard thermometer.  A quality IR thermometer will give you a close approximation of surface temperatures.  Note that steam seems to throw off readings.  Uses include: Contained yeast rehydration water, chilled wort or starter temperature, kegerator, fermenter or fermenation area and beer tasting samples.  If you’re looking for a standard thermometer, consider the Top Find CDN DTQ450X.

Amprobe Digital Temperature Meter – $12 – $14.99 + free in store pickup

Lowes: 14.8 Cu Ft Chest Freezer – $359 (Save $140) + Layout Information

Lowes has the LFFN15M5HW Frigidaire 14.8 cu ft Chest Freezer on sale for $359.  In store pickup is free.

Extensive details on this deep freeze are available in this amazing HBT Thread.  Thanks to HBT-er (and HBF Reader!) thadius for this resource!

Frigidaire 14.8 cu ft Chest Freezer (White) ENERGY STAR – $359

Brewery Organization: 4 Tier Shelving Unit – $14.98

via Lowes.  4 Tier Plastic Shelving Unit for $14.98.  Shipping is $5.99 or in store pickup is free.

Note the disclaimer on the product page… “Items on shelves not included”  That’s important to note guys.  You don’t get all of the stuff pictured on these shelves.  They just can’t pull that off at this price.  :)

Blue Hawk 49-in H x 22-in W x 14-in D 4-Tier Plastic Freestanding Shelving – $14.98 + free in store pickup


Lowes is having some some great deals on storage containers.  I thought I’d put together a roundup.  

Note: Price and availability vary by zip code.  I’m getting reports of sporadic availability on the containers.  1 of the 3 is available in my local area.

Thanks to Twitter Follower James for this!  Follow HBF on Twitter - Here

Rubbermaid 10-Gallon Portable Cooler 318834 - $47.96 + free in store pickup

BELLA Contemporary Storage 72-Quart General Tote 421392 - $2.50 + free in store pickup

Thanks to Google+ Friend Will for this! Follow HBF on G+ Here

Centrex Plastics, LLC 50-Gallon General Tote 425307 - $5 + free in store pickup

Thanks to HBF Reader Jason for this!

Centrex Plastics, LLC 18-Gallon General Tote 361799 – $1 + free in store pickup

Lowes: 72 Quart Storage Containers – $2.50 + free in store pickup

72 quart storage containers for $2.50 + free in store pickup.  

Note: Price and availability vary by zip code

BELLA Contemporary Storage 72-Quart General Tote 421392 – $2.50 + free in store pickup

EDIT: Also available…
Thanks to Google+ Friend Will for this! Follow HBF on G+ Here

A 50 Gallon Tote for $5 with free pickup.

Centrex Plastics, LLC 50-Gallon General Tote 425307 – $5 + free in store pickup

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Reader Tip: 13 Compartment Organizer – $1.99 + Free Pickup

Thanks to HBF Reader David for this tip!

13 compartment organizer, could be used to store small parts and pieces around your brewery.  This is selling for $1.99.  Pickup is free at your local Lowes.

Stack-On 13-Compartment Storage Box – $1.99 + free in store pick up

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