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6 Pint Polypropylene Lab Jars and Closures – $20.92, New Record Low


This 6 pack of polypropylene lab containers and lids has sold for up to $40.27 in the last month.  In that time it has averaged $36.06.  Several price drops have brought it down to a new record low Amazon price of $20.92.  That figures to $3.49 each.  These can be used up to autoclave temps.

Uses include: Yeast rehydration, yeast washing and slurry storage. Also an easy vessel for making and storing sanitized water.  I use similar containers to rehydrate yeast.  Check out Tip 1 on our Tips Page for more info on that.

Bel-Art 109130000 Polypropylene 1 pint Scienceware Wide Mouth Mason Jar (Pack of 6) – $20.92 + Free Shipping with $35 order

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tn_91fuzivs6tl._sl1500_-300x257Great Deal on 60 lb Grain Storage, New Record Low


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15% Off Hop Union’s Alpha Analytics Testing for AHA Members


AHA Members can use discount code AHA15 to get 15% Off Hop Union’s Alpha Analytics Testing.

If you’re not a Member of the American Homebrewer’s Association, I think you should consider joining.  Here’s Why

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Ends Today 9/23/14: 12% Off 12 Items

tn_91fuzivs6tl._sl1500_-300x257Great Deal on 60 lb Grain Storage, New Record Low


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Reader Tip: Etekcity pH Meter – $7.50… Shipped

Thanks to HBF Reader Stewart for this tip!


Digital pH Meter from Etekcity for $7.50.  It ships for free.  This does ship directly from Asia so shipping will take a while.

Etekcity High Quality Digital Pocket Pen/PH tester/Pen Type PH Meter/Water Quality – $7.50 + Free Shipping

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PH-009 Digital pH Meter… $11.88

The highly rated PH-009 Digital pH Meter from Etekcity is selling for $11.88.  It ships free with Prime or with a qualifying $35 order.

Etekcity PH-009 IA High Quality Digital Pocket Pen Type PH Meter & Digital Tester Hydro – $11.88 + Free Shipping with $35 order 

Also ConsiderThermapen Open Box Sale - Citra Pellet Hops - $18.49/lb

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Reader Tip: White Labs “Big QC Day” Discounted Testing Services

Thanks to HBF Reader Grant for this tip!

White Labs “Big QC Day” allows you to get two of your homebrews tested at a reduced price.  $139 for two beers (normally over $500).  You’ll get results for Diacetyl, alcohol content, calories, color, real and apparent attenuation and microbiological contaminants.

Check it out – Here

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12 Stainless Portion Cups – $6.65, Record Low, 55 Cents Per Cup

This highly rated pack of (12) 2 1/2 Ounce Stainless Steel Portion Cups has recently sold for as much as $10.86.  They have dropped to $6.65.  This figures to 55 cents per cup and is a record low Amazon price.  

These are very similar to the cups that I use in my Brew Day Box.  I use those to portion out hops and other boil additions.  Others use these type of cups for pH and gravity sample containers.  They are a great size and don’t take a lot of room since they nest together.  The ones I have cost about $1.50 each plus shipping.

Adcraft OYC-2/PKG Stainless Steel Sauce Cup, 2-1/2 oz. (Pack of 12) – $6.65 + Free Shipping with $35 order

EDIT:  Thanks to the commenter on this post for this additional option…
Individual Condiment Sauce Cups- One Dozen – 2½ Oz. Ounce – $5.84 + Free Shipping with $35 order

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Milwaukee Instruments MA871 Digital Refractometer – $112.62 Shipped (Save $37)

Milwaukee Instrument’s highly rated MA871 Digital, ATC Refractometer has just dropped $37.33 from $149.95 to $112.62.  Shipping is free.  

This is a great deal for a digital refractometer.  For ComaprisonAtago PAL-1 and Hanna 96801

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This highly rated Dual Scale Refractometer refractometer is a Top Find.

Gravity to Brix Accuracy
Typical refractometers use a linear 4 x gravity to Brix conversion.  That’s fine and dandy up until around 1.049.  At that point this linear scale starts to become inaccurate.  Brix 11 does equal 1.044, but Brix 12 does not equal 1.048.  It is 1.049.  It’s only 1 point off here, but up at Brix 24, it’s up to 5 points off.  Brix 24 equals 1.101 not 1.096.

All this to say that this model of refractometer uses a more accurate, non-linear gravity to Brix scale.

From the manufacturer: “This is the only inexpensive Wort SG to be corrected. The only other corrected refrafractometers in existence are the BREWfractometer and the BREWfractometer Extreme.”

Refractometers can be used to measure gravity throughout the brewing process.  You can also estimate the alcohol content of your beer if you forget to take an OG with the use of a refractometer and a hydrometer.  Check out Northern Brewer’s Refractometer Calculators.

Magnum Media DUAL SCALE 0-32% Brix and 1.000-1.130SG Wort Refractometer RSG-100ATC Beer Home Brew - $23.99 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

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